[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 34
his family loves me


i was going through my old box with all the memories i had with mailyn. i took out the picture of me and her in second grade. on valentine's day, we had to partner up with a girl and we'd take a picture and decorate a picture frame for it. we chose each other.

my thoughts was interupted by my phone ringing. i looked at the caller id and it was daisy calling. i didn't feel like talking to her. i threw my phone on the other side of my room so i couldn't hear it. i went back looking through the box and found a recent gift she gave me. for our sixth month anniversary, she got this picture frame with a recording thingy. she put a picture of us in it and recorded herself saying i love you. i played it and i heard her say those words i'll never hear her say to me again. so i kept playing it and playing it and playing it. i felt a pain in my chest and started to cry...but my thoughts were interupted again. i heard my door open and i really didn't want it to be daisy. i wiped my eyes just in case it <i>was</i> daisy. i turned my head but found only steven and jeremy. i didn't care if they saw me cry. i've known them for seven years.

steven: bro, are you okay?

jeremy: no steven. he's crying because he's cutting onions.

steven: i don't see any onions.

i couldn't help but laugh. i love these guys. especially when they act stupid when i'm going through my "emo" phases.

me: oh i'm just thinking.

steven: about lyn?

me: yeah. i fxckin` miss her.

steven: you know she's been hanging out with that max guy again.

me: wtf? are you fxckin` serious? are they together?

steven: i don't know.

jeremy: if you fxckin` miss her, get her back!

me: if she's with max again then i can't do anything about it.

steven: yes you can! beat the crap out of him!

jeremy: i'd do that for kat.

me: but she doesn't like that.

steven: you know how they started talking again?

me: how?

steven: you didn't invite her to the party.

jeremy: yeah. when me and kat were outside, i saw them pass by in lyn's car.

me: i really did want to invite her but you know daisy.

jeremy: no, i don't know daisy. i'm already embarassed that my best friend is going out with her. c`mon, you don't have feelings for her.

me: i know.

jeremy: then why are you with her man?

me: her older brother will kill me if i hurt her.

steven: no worries. we got your back.

me: no really you guys. he'll really kill me. he's in a gang.

jeremy: yo, wtf foo`!

me: i know.

steven: that's fxcked up.

jeremy: c`mon justin. if you really love mailyn, there shouldn't be anything or anyone in your way from getting her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


me: i love this ho-mansion!

max: you haven't even looked inside.

me: i don't care. i love it already.

i was really excited when we rolled up tp the mansion. it was a light brown color with a pool! it had palm trees near the pool and a nice scenary of the house. from the outside, it looked like it had three stories.

max: c`mon, let's go inside! race you to the front door.

he got out of the car and i followed him.

me: wait, i don't even know where the front door is!

but i just followed him. he beat me though but i didn't care. when i got to the front door, i saw max shaking hands with this pretty young man. probably around his late twenties or early thirties. when i joined them, i smiled at the man.

max: mailyn, this is my uncle eugene. uncle, this is mailyn.

me: hi. sir, i appreciate you for letting me "rent" your mansion.

uncle eugene: call me uncle. "sir" makes me feel old. don't really call it renting, more like borrowing. renting you have to pay. and don't worry, i'm here only once a week.

me: okay, thanks.

uncle eugene: really for the grand tour?

me: yeah!

he opened up the fron door and i see the most beautiful thing i've ever seen and will ever see. i just wanted to kiss the marble floor. i didn't care, it looked clean anyways. the work looked so high class. i loved the white walls and wooden doors. i really love it.

uncle eugene: okay, i guess that you're loving it.

max: trust me uncle, she loved it when we were still in the car.

me: i approve and love!

uncle eugene: are you planning to spend any money for this party?

me: yeah. me and max are gonna pay for everything. plus some friends might pitch in a few bucks but it's up to me and max.

uncle eugene: don't worry about the money. food-well i'll have my kitchen cook everything. we'll supply the eating utensils and plates and cups and drinks. how about entertainment?

me: my friends are performing.

uncle eugene: i'll have the equipment set up.

me: are you sure? that's a lot of money,

uncle eugene: it's okay. i got everything covered. just worry about your outfit.

me: okay. i gotta go shopping then.

uncle eugene: let me pay for outfit too.

me: nah it's okay. c`mon, you're paying for everything. let me at least pay for my outfit.

uncle eugene: but it's your party, i want you to look your best. even max also.

me: let me pay for half please? i feel bad enough.

uncle eugene: anything for such a beautiful girl like you. i'm just so happy that max found someone perfect.


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