[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 33
filfs, milfs, meet max

me: what if i died?

max: don't say that!

me: no really. what if i died? would you come to my funeral?

max: no.

i hit his stomach and he grunted from the pain. then he smiled.

me: why not?

max: because i'll die with you.

me: so corny.

max: oh.

me: but so cute.

max: oh.

he started to giggle and he leaned in to try to kiss me. i smiled and dogdged his kiss.

max: aww man.

me: wanna go with me somewhere?

max: i thought we were gonna plan the party?

me: yeah. at my friend's house.

max: so shame! who?

me: maria.

remember maria from the first story? she's the one who had summer school.

max: hawh, fine then.


maria: do you have a job?

max: yeah. i work at the hospital  mailyn was staying at.

maria: okay, is that what you wanna be when you grow up?

max: that and mailyn's husband.

maria: aww, that's so cute...but i still don't like you.

max: oh okay. that's alright.

me: hey! we're not even together!

maria: really? okay, i approve you.

max: haha okay. mailyn, i love her. she's cool.

me: she's single.

maria: hello!?! remember jacob!?

me: oh yeah.

max: awww man. [note the sarcasm]

we went on and talked about the party. we sat around the little coffee table making like it was a conference. i felt like a business woman. i was running everything and i had my little notepad and pen.

okay, back to the story....

the "conference" was interupted when stacey, jeremy and steven came in the house.

jeremy: so where the party at?

steven: we're gonna beat justin's party! it was so boring!

me: really?

jeremy: no. it was so fun...[i shot him an evil glare]...but it would be funner if you were there.

me: okay so i g-

steven: what the fxck is he doing here?

i didn't know what he was talking about. i gave him a confused look and saw him pointing. my eyes followed to where he was pointing to and it was max. oh crap, i forgot they all hate him.

max: oh okay. if you guys don't want me here, i'll leave.

me: you don't have to go.

max: nah, i'll go.

he got up and fixed his clothes before he waved at me and everyone else. he left the room pretty disappointed at him and also steven. when i looked out the window and he was out of sight, steven started laughing and sat down by me and put his arms around me.

me: that was stupid.

steven: i was just joking!

me: whatever.

steven: i hope you guys aren't back together.

me: what if we were?

steven: i'd kick his ass. don't tell me that you guys are!

me: we're not! i don't know why you're acting like this.

steven: because you don't belong with him. you and justin belong together!

me: well he moved on already. i can't do anything about it.

steven: yes you can. c`mon, i know your "love" for max and his "love" for daisy is all fake.

me: it's so stupid why you're getting mad.

steven: okay fine then. i'm not mad.

i just ignored him. i seriously had no idea why he was acting like this. i don't see anyone else having a problem with max. i didn't even want to sit by him anymore so i got up and walked over next to stacey and maria.

stacey: so where's the party at?

me: max has this uncle and his uncle has this mansion. max got permission from his uncle already and we can go check it out tomorrow after school.

steven: wow so max got money.

i couldn't take his attitude today. i hated it. me and steven never have problems. out of the six years i've known him, we only had five problems.

i just started to complain under my breath just so the girls can hear.

me: he's being to stupid. i don't know why he cares about me and max.

stacey: are you guys together?

me: no.

stacey: do you still have feelings for him?

me: i don't know.

maria: he's so cute though. i asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. he said mailyn's husband.

steven: you guys are so stupid, i can hear you.


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