[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 32
i wasn't invited

all day i kept hearing about this party going on tonight. it sounds fun because it was at the waikiki shell and everyone's talking about it so it has to be big. i was getting super curious and wanted to know who's party it was.

on my way to the school parking lot, i saw stacey and jerome all lovey dovey. i joined them and they were talking about the party too.

me: everyone keeps talking about that party. who's party is it anyways and why is it so big?

stacey: you don't know?

jerome: it's justin's party. you weren't invited?

jerome reached into his backpack and took out a piece of paper. he handed it to me and i read it aloud.

me: <i>come get hyphy at the waikiki shell on may 5 from 8pm to whenever because we got it until 7 in the morning! $3 to get in. </i> i wasn't invited!

jerome: oohhh.

he grabbed the invitation but i held tight onto it. he rolled his eyes and i hitted him and started complaining.

me: how can he not invite me? what a bxtch! i bet-ugh-daisy-gross-told me not to invite me.

jerome: you know about them?

me: what?! they're back together! ahh!

i started to clench my fists tight that i ripped a whole in that invitation flyer.

jerome: i need that!

me: i don't care. how can they get back together!?!? he wanted to get back together with ME!!

stacey: calm down!

me: i can't calm down! fxck! i wanna kill both of them!!

i started to jump up and down hitting the bottom of my feet on the solid concrete. then i started to pace back and forth. only if i had a punching bag...or even better, daisy's face.

speaking of daisy, here she comes dangling on justin's arm. everyone was crowding around them. probably asking about the party.

jerome: oh shxt.

out of no where, jerome grabs my arm as i watched daisy and justin. i see justin looking around and he sees me. i know he sees me because when he looked my way, he turned around and interupted daisy and headed the other way.

me: oh hell no!

i can see why jerome grabbed my arm. next thing you know, it was like a secret swat team because here comes out jeremy and steven [not really a "team"] and prevents me from killing daisy and justin.

me: let me go! let me kick her ass.

they carry me into jeremy's car and i see stacey laughing her ass off.

me: you're really loving this ain't you?

stacey: guarantee.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

i allowed my friends to go to justin's party. i wanted to know what happenend anyways. i didn't stay home though. i decided to go out. i had a wedding to go to anyways so i needed a dress.

i got to pearlridge and the parking lot was empty. i bet everyone is at the party. ugh!

i made my way to wet seal when i saw someone on a bench that looked familar so i sat with him.

me: hey.

max: uhh, should i leave?

me: no.

max: are you sure? because last time i talked to you, you said you wanted me out of your life.

me: just forget about it.

max: so what brings you here? it's totally empty.

me: i needed to get out. i have no one to be with right now.

max: besides me.

he gave me a big smile and a two tumbs up. i just smiled back and shook my head.

me: yeah. so why are YOU here by yourself?

max: i just felt like it.

me: ohh, so you're not really busy?

max: nopes. got something in mind?

me: yeah. there's this party going on at the waikiki shell. wanna check it out?

max: uhh, isn't justin the host of the party?

me: yeah.

max: and why didn't you go?

me: i wasn't invited.

max: really? then let's go crash it!

me: no!

max: i'm just kidding.

me: let's take my car!

max: okay but after, we gotta come back. i drove here.

me: you got a car?

max: yeah. it's actually mine.

me: oh. no problem.

before we left, i had to get my dress. max picked it out for me. he said that tan makes me look darker since i've been complaining i'm so light.

it didn't take us that long to get to waikiki. usually takes 15 minutes. only took us 5. there weren't any traffic. what do you expect? tonight was the party of the year...and i wasn't invited.

we passed by the shell and omg, even though we were still on the main road, not yet in the parking lot, we could here the music and screaming.

max: sounds like fun.

me: whatever. i can throw a better party and justin and daisy won't be invited. and you and me are gonna throw it.


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