[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 31
i want you out of my life

i was super tired. school was a drag. i had to stay after class after period for a while so i could get all the work i was missing. ugh, i hated it but i guess it's fair? i don't know.

so i was walking to the school parking lot when i saw the bus stop in front of the bus stop. i watched to see who would get off that bus then that's when <i>he</i> stepped off.

the shock made me drop all my work and he saw me. he started running towards me and stuck his hand out to help me out but i didn't want to even touch his hand. i didn't even want to look at him. his presence digusted me. i couldn't even bear looking at him.

so i gathered my stuff and i got up without saying anything. he is such a disgrace to man kind. i don't understand how he can still walk on this earth. i headed to my car [repaired btw] and omg, i just wanted to smack his face when he started talking to me. how dare he have the nerve to still talk to me after what he did to me.

max: okay, i understand that you don't wanna talk to me or even be in my presence. i just wanna say that i'm sorry after what i put you through. i don't know why i did that. i really wanted to do the totall opposite. mailyn, are you even listening?

i was but i didn't want him to know. i wanted to hear what he wanted to say but i made like i wasn't listening to him. i just headed to my car and he followed me.

max: okay, fine. but if you ARE listening, i'm really sorry. i wish i could just kill myself for making you feel like nothing to me. only if i could turn back time, i shouldn't have said that. mailyn, i really did like you. i still do. that's why i really wanted you to be pregnant to keep us together. mailyn...i love you.

i got in my car and just drove off leaving him. i looked in my rear-view mirror and saw him in the same spot he was in when he told me he loves me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i had to go back to the hospital to get the stitches of my head. i only had 5 stitches from when i hit the windshield. so i was waiting in the waiting room when i heard my name called. i got up to head into the room but i almost collapsed when i saw who said my name.

max: mailyn, we meet again.

me: whatever.

max: you finally said something. that's a start. only one word but that's a start.

i followed max to wherever he was taking me. he kept talking and this time, i didn't want to hear it but he just kept talking and talking and it was the only sound i could hear so i just started listening.

max: i hope i didn't scare you earlier. i do love you mailyn. c`mon, please don't tell me you didn't feel the same way. remember when we first met? you hated me? then i finally got you to crack. that's what i'm trying to do right now. i know i really hurt you and you want me out of your life, i want you to tell me that.

i know i had to tell him off but in a calm matter since we were in a hospital. i knew that he'd leave me along with i told him to.

me: okay max. leave me alone. i don't want you in my fxckin` life. i actually thought the time at the bus stop was the last of you. i can't believe you actually think i would crack after all what you said. wtf max? are you that stupid? i don't even know why you're fxckin` running back to me! you know you caused all my problems with justin. if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be here right now. i would be with him right now. i didn't get to go to his senior prom, i didn't lose my virginity to him, and we're supposed to make a year on his graduation day.

max: well i feel like that i took your whole life away from you. i'm sorry for that. i'll understand if you don't forgive me because i don't forgive myself also.

we reached the room and he guided me inside. he told me to sit and he looked at me with a sad face.

max: the doctor will be with you.

he walked out of the room with his head down and no dignity. i admit that he was such a low life but low life people have feelings too, so i kinda felt bad.

so an hour later, i was making my way out of the hospital when i noticed that someone was walking besides me. i used my peripherial vision and saw max walking with a backpack. i guess he was done with work?

me: hey max.

max: i thought you wanted me to leave you alone.

me: okay, so you're really gonna listen to me?

max: that's what you really want. i messed up your life so i don't deserve to be part of it.


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