[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 30
i hate her guts

tonight was an all ager-rager event at the o-lounge and i so wanted to go but my parents didn't want me to go because i just got out of the hospital so they allowed my friends to sleepover tonight. i went to the store to buy some food because our kitchen was super empty and they like to eat a lot.

i was in the candy aisle getting chocolate for smores when i saw daisy with her cousin. i ran to the next aisle before they could see me. i needed to grab marshmallows anyways. i took a bag and threw it into my cart when i heard voices from the next aisle. i knew it was daisy and her friends.

daisy: do you think i should go to the clinic to get tested?

cousin: did you at least try getting a pregnancy test?

daisy: no. you better not tell my parents or even your parents!

cousin: of course i won't. does justin know though? like did you tell him about the symptoms?

daisy: he just thinks i've been really hungry and moddy because of my period. when i get morning sickness, he just thinks that i ate something bad the dinner before or that breakfast.

cousin: i think you should go get tested then tell justin.

daisy: but i'm scared. sometimes, it feels like he doesn't want me anymore. i know he still loves mailyn.

cousin: really? fxck that bxtch!!

i had enough. i had to fxckin` confront those bxtches! i left my cart where it was and ran to the other side. they were gone. i ran to the next aisle and i got a glimpse of daisy's hair. i followed them and they were heading outside. i saw justin's car and they hopped inside.

i didn't want to do anything in front of justin so i headed back inside to purchase the items in my cart.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

jeremy: i heard that all jabbawokeez and kaba modern and status quo and all them are there right now.

me: gosh, you guys are making me feel bad. you guys can be having the time of your lives but you guys are here stuck with me.

stacey: stop lying stupid jeremy.

jeremy: no one famous is even going. good thing you saved us lyn.

me: do you guys know if justin's coming?

steven: i called his phone and he wasn't answering.

me: me too. you know i saw him today. he was with daisy and her cousin.

steven: did you kick their ass?

me: fxck, i over heard them talking and her cousin called me a bxtch. i don't even fxckin` know her!

steven: cousin? you mean kelly?

me: i don't know her name. i just know they're cousins.

jerome: does she have black hair with red highlights? her eyebrows are kinda bushy and she has a cut my her lip?

me: well i saw the hair but i didn't really stare deeply at her face. she was wearing this green bracelet though.

zack: that's her.

me: how do you know?

zack: my ex.

me: gross.

zack: i gave her that bracelet.

me: why'd you guys break up.

zack: too clingy and such a stalker.

me: oh.

zack: i have her number. let's prank call her!

we all started cracking up and zack grabbed out his phone. he searched through his phone and called her then put it on speaker.

kelly: hello?

steven cleared his throat. he is soooo good at pranking calling people. one time, i thought i was getting arrested because of him.

steven started talking and he started to use his tranny voice. i love that voice. it cracks me up. and i love that way he can keep a straight face.

steven: hello, is this kelly?

kelly: yeah, who's this?

steven: this is assumption!

kelly: who? oh shaa?

steven: i said assumption!

kelly: who?

steven: i ain't gonna repeat it girl...but since i love my name so much, imma gonna say it one more time. assumption!!

kelly: assumption? what kind name is that?

steven: heyyyy! don't be hatin` on my name! what kind name is kelly? k-k-kelly-lee-lee-lick the lollipop!

kelly: so ugly. man, for real. who is this?

steven: how many times already? my name is assumption! assumption lumpitoc!

kelly: okay?

steven: so you single girl?

kelly: uhh, no.

steven: oh shaa! that's good because i'm single too.

kelly: really? who is this? is this robert?

steven: who the fuck is robert? this is assumption!

kelly: assumption lumpitoc?!

steven: that's right! you got it girl!

kelly: oh-em-gee, seriously, who is this?

steven: assumption! assumption lumpitoc! where's your cousin daisy?

kelly: you know her?

steven: hell yeah!

we were all cracking up. man, we had tears running down our face, screaming into the pillows. then we heard in the background on kelly's side daisy's voice.

daisy: hello? who the fxck is this?

steven: daisy?

daisy: yeah, so who the fxck is this?

steven: hey girl! it's assumption!!

daisy: assumption?

steven: assumption lumpitoc!

daisy: who the fxck is assumption lumpitoc?

steven: aww girl. you <i>better</i> not have forgotten me.

steven was going all out. he was moving his head and making hand motions like he was in front of them.

daisy: babe, tell this guy to fxckin` stop calling.

we knew it was gonna be justin.

justin: ehh, who the fxck is this?

we gave the phone to zack. justin already knows how steven sounds like when prank calling.

zack: hey! it's assumption!

justin: assumption? what kind name is that?

zack: hey! it's my name okay! what kind name is that? justin? justin. you're justin time for hep hep hooray!

justin: so filipino.

zack: hep hep! hooray!

justin: hep hep...goodbye.

zack: ahh you so boring justin time for horny time. i'm gonna go now. assumption lumpitoc out!

zack hung up the phone and we bursted out laughing. that's what i needed today. i needed to have fun. i didn't need to feel locked up when i have a boyfriend. i need to be free. but there school's almost done. we have one more month left until summer and justin and jeremy are graduating. will justin be with daisy forever and just leave?


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