[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 29
waking up in a hospital

i opened my eyes and i found my parents, the twins, and some of my friends looking down on me. majority of them were crying. i started to freak out. i didn't know where i was.

me: where's justin? where is he? i wanna see him.

i got up from where i was laying down. my mom started to freak out and she set me back to lay down. that's when i realized that i was in a hospital bed. there were machines with buttons and wires going through my skin. i didn't like it but all i kept thinking about was justin.

me: where's justin?

mom: why do you wanna see justin so badly?

me: i gotta tell him. i really need to tell him.

mom: tell him what?

me: i need to tell him. i have to tell him the truth. he's gonna be so happy when he finds out i'm not pregnant.

i looked at my mom. she knew i wasn't feeling good. she told my friends to take the twins and stay outside. so they did. when they left, my mom grabbed and squeezed my hand.

me: i gotta see justin. we were supposed to meet up an hour ago but he didn't come. i have to go to daisy's house to talk to him.

mom: mailyn, you've been in a coma for a week.

me: why? what happenend?

mom: you got into an accident.

me: but where's justin?

mom: we don't know. i haven't seen him in months.

me: i need to talk to him.

mom: okay, you can call him. we'll go outside and get you some food.

my parents left the room and i leaned over to grab the phone. when i got it, i dialed in justin's number. it went straight to his answering machine. that's when i started to cry. then stacey and steven came into the room.

stacey: are you okay?

me: where's justin? i gotta talk to justin.

steven: i haven't seen justin in so long. i don't know what happened to him already.

me: what do you mean? he's okay right?

steven: yeah he is but i'm just saying i haven't seen him in a while.

me: i gotta pee and wash my face.

stacey: we'll help you get up.

i never realized how so sore my body until i tried to get up from my bed. steven basically had to carry me out of my bed but even that hurt. stacey help put my feet on the ground because i couldn't move it. they helped me straighten up on the ground.

when i managed to stand up on my own and walk, i got into the bathroom. i was in so much pain. when i sat down on the toilet seat, i tried so hard not to cry. it really hurt. all my muscles were aching.

it took me a while to do my business. like a really long time. stacey kept knocking on the door making sure i was doing fine. when i walked over to wash my hands, i looked up in the mirror. i was shocked to see what i saw. i had bruised all over my face. i had a big cut near my collar bone and it was stitched up. i looked so ugly!

it took me probably a total of 10 minutes to use the bathroom and wash my hands. when i got out, my parents had a big meal for me. i was super hungry.

mom: mailyn, we're gonna be back later. hopefully you're okay.

my mom gave me a hug and kissed my forehead. my dad did the same. i got into my bed before i painfully and slowly crawled into bed.

mom: we'll be back later.

me: i love you momma. i love you daddy.

they opened up the door and smiled as they left the room.

jeremy, jerome, zaileen, and zack joined the room with stacey and steven. they looked soooo scared and made like i was on my death bed. i just wanted to cry but slap them.

jerome: you still love justin don't you?

me: of course. look, i'm in here because of him.

jeremy: let us talk to him.



i was asleep when i felt someone grab my hand. i looked over to my side and i saw justin's head down in the bed and i couldn't hear him crying. i was still in the hospital and today was my last day. i was getting out first thing in the morning.

me: justin, i love you.

justin: mai, what happened to you?

me: all i remembered was that i was supposed to meet up with you but you didnt show up. so i headed to daisy's house and that was it. i woke up in here and found out that i was in a coma for a week.

justin: oh.

me: why didn't you show up?

justin: i was with daisy.

me: but you agreed to meet up. if you showed up then i wouldn't be here in the hospital right now. what if i died justin?

justin: don't say that.

me: you know why i really wanted to see you so badly? me and max went to the clinic and i'm not pregnant. the doctor confirmed it.

justin: oh.

me: that's all you can say? "oh?" justin, are you still with daisy?

justin: yeah.

me: then why aren't you with her? why are you here crying because your EX-girlfriend is hurt? you should be with her right now. nothing stopped you from being with her so go.

justin: okay fine. yeah i admit that i put daisy before you guys but you should know how i am mailyn. out of all people, you should know already how i am when i have a girlfriend. i know this time i took it too far. i know if i keep doing this, there will be one day where i'm gonna run to you guys and you're not gonna be there for me. but i promise to you guys, to the whole world, to god...i thank all you guys everyday for being there for me and helping me through everything and i'm sorry for how everything is at the moment. but if our friendship-even my friendships with the others-ends because of daisy, i don't know already. i don't know where my life will go on from there.

me: i don't want this friendship to end. we've been friends for 11 years justin! we can't through all the away. who taught me to tie my shoes? you! who did i run to when vinny tried to rape me? you! who was there to helped me cope with kayden's death? you! we've been through so much together. i don't want that to be forgotten.


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