[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 28
good news with a messed up ending

i waited in my living room for max to get to my house. last night, me and max decided that we'd go to the clinic to find out when i was due. i've been crying for the past three days and i hated every minute of it. i can't believe i was pregnant. from someone i've known for only 6 weeks. when i heard the doorbell ring, i knew it was him. i opened the door and saw max with no car.

me: where's your car?

max: mailyn, to tell you the truth. i don't have a car. that was my friend's car the whole time.

    i just wanted to cry. i missed justin's truck. i missed being in a car everytime we went out. i missed justin also. we couldn't take my car because byran was borrowing it. great, we have to take the bus. i haven't rode the bus in a year.

    the bus ride to the clinic was super long. i thought i'd have the baby before we even arrived. we got to the front desk and max asked for the doctor that helped his mom through her birth a few months ago. his name was dr. froolhemew. the secretary at the desk told us to wait in the waiting room. it didn't take long for dr. froolhemew to call us in. dr. froolhemew looked like he was in his early fifties. he was about six feet tall and was wearing a white apron. he showed us to his room and on our walk there, my heart was pounding.

dr. froolhemew: let's take a look. please lay down here.

    omg, i just lost my viriginty to someone i haven't known that much and now i have to show my vagina to someone i just met?

me: i don't really feel comfortable.

dr. froolhemew: okay. let me just ask you a few questions before we take a look.

    i nodded my head and gave him a smile because i knew he could tell i was nervous. me and max sat on the table as dr. froolhemew leaned against that bed thingy. dr. froolhemew took out a pen and grabbed a clipboard. that made me grabbed max's hand and squeeze it.

dr. froolhemew: okay. so when did you guys have sexual intercourse?

    i didn't want to answer that so i let max's big mouth go on. he was good at that.

max: it was two weeks ago.

dr. froolhemew: okay. so max, this might be uncomfortable but did you ejaculate?

    i looked over to max and i saw his face. he was starting to look really nervous. he looked worse than i did. his funny face calmed me down a little.

max: uhh, yeah.

dr. froolhemew: so mailyn, when was your last period?

me: uhh, it was seven weeks ago.

dr. froolhemew: okay, i'm glad you came to me. uhh, i gave a couple more questions and we'll take a look. okay?

    i was nervous as hell but i had to do it. i just nodded and smiled squeezing tighter onto max's hand.

dr. froolhemew: did you take a pregnancy test?

me: yeah i did. it showed that it was positive.

dr. froolhemew: do you remember what brand it was?

me: actually no but i remembered that max bought it for me.

dr. froolhemew: max, do you remember what brand it was?

max: no, sorry. i took the cheapest one.

dr. froolhemew: well i have a few pictures of different brands of pregnacy tests. tell me if it looks familar. max can take a look first and mailyn can go after.

    he handed max a little packet of different brands. he looked at every page and every picture carefully. he looked through it about five time then shook his head. he handed the packet to me and i did the same. i looked through every single detail and tried to even play back what happened when i took the test. i shook my head as handed the packet to dr. froolhemew.

me: sorry. i've seen it all before but not of it triggers "that's the one i used" in my head.

dr. froolhemew: well i'm gonna do one last test before you guys get to go.

me: what is it?

dr. froolhemew: i'll gonna need your urine. i'll take it to my lab and do some test on it. it will only take five minutes.

me: okay. we can wait.

    i headed to the bathroom with the little container dr. froolhemew gave to me. it took me a while to pee inside that stupid thing but i did it. after i handed it to dr. froolhemew, i headed to the waiting room with max. we just sat there in silence watching all of the pregnant women in the room.
    five minutes later, dr. froolhemew finally called us and we headed back to the same room. we sat down and i squeezed max's hand again when i saw dr. froolhemew looking at his papers.

dr. froolhemew: well i got some good news, or maybe bad news. depends on how you look at it. i found out that from your urine, mailyn, you are <i>not</i> pregnant. you just took a generic pregnancy test. that test you used wasn't really accurate.

me: are you sure?

dr. froolhemew: yeah. oh btw, i think you have your period. i found some tissue in your urine.

me: are you serious? thanks!

    i started jumping and i hugged max. i was so happy i wasn't pregnant. i don't what i would do if max was the father of my baby. he had no car, he had no job, and he doesn't know how to cook. he was the total opposite of justin.    
    we got out of the clinic and headed for the bus stop. i saw across the street was jack-n-the-box. i looked at my watch and it was 3:45PM. jeremy was finishing work in 15 minutes. i looked at max and gave him a smile. when we sat down at the bus stop, i looked at him with a serious face.

me: aren't you glad i'm not pregnant?

max: yeah.

me: max, you know you're a great guy but i don't think you're ready for a girl like me. i have a car, i got a stable job, and i can take care of myself. you need time to get yourself together. i'm sorry but i think it will be better if we went our separate ways now that we know i'm not pregant.

max: okay, good. i got a girl waiting for me. i was gonna leave you a month before you gave birth anyways.

    oh hell no. what a bxtch! he would have to pay child support anyways. whatever. he just pissed me off. i slapped him across the face and crossed the street. when i got to the other side, i waved at him.

me: have fun riding the bus!

<center><font size=+2>* * * * * * * * * *</center></font>

me: meet me at kfc?

justin: why can't you just tell me over the phone?

me: justin, this kind of stuff shouldn't been talked about on the phone. this is a face-to-face topic.

justin: kfc in an hour then.

    i had the biggest smile as i washed my face and my hands. it felt so good to hear justin's voice after two weeks of not talking. now i was gonna tell him what happened with max today. i just couldn't wait to tell him.
    50 minutes passed from when i called justin and i was already at kfc. i sat by the door so i could see who was going through it. i was getting hungry so i ordered a famous bowl. i didn't want to finish it myself because i knew justin would want some but when that ten minutes passed, i ate the whole thing. five minutes passed when i noticed justin wasn't here yet. fifteen minutes passed and that's when i called justin.

<i>ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. leave a long message aiight?</i>

    my heart started pounding. i started getting light headed. the room started spinning. a flashback of kayden popped into my head. i decided to call back again.

<i>ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. leave a long message aiight?</i>

    shxt, why wasn't he answering? i decided to call steven. after five rings, i started to get worried. did something happen to the both of them? but on the sixth ring, i heard steven's voice.

steven: sawp lyn.

me: are you with justin right now?

steven: no. why?

me: we're supposed to meet up but he's not here yet. i even tried calling his phone but he won't answer. i know he can't be with jeremy because i was just with him like an hour ago. he can't be with jerome since he's grounded.

steven: try calling his house.

me: i should. thanks steven.

steven: no problem.

    steven hung up and i dialed justin's house number. after three rings, i heard tommy's voice on the line.

me: hi uncle. do you know where justin is?

tommy: sorry no. he's been out all day though. i thought he'd be at work. why?

me: we were supposed to meet up almost half an hour ago.

tommy: i'll try call him and i'll call you back.

me: thanks.

    i was getting worried. no one knew where he was. maybe he's with daisy. he's with her twenty four seven now; but shxt, i don't have her number. i decided to go to her house. i knew where she lived. i left the restaraunt and started up my car. i left the parking lot and drove down the road to where daisy lives. he's probably over there. i decided to call justin one last time.

<i>ring. ring. ring. ring. </i>

    i heard a click on the other line then heard air and then another click. that bxtch hung up on me. i got so pissed off that i forgot i was even driving. i started focusing back on the road but that's when i started panicking. i wasn't on the road. i was on the grass next to the road. i tried to turn the steering wheel but it was jammed. i tried to unjammed it and it finally got out. i turned the wheel but it was too late. the last thing i could remember was people yelling and screaming.


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