[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 27
byran comes back

i pulled up to my driveway on my way home from school when i saw my parents' car in the driveway. that's weird, they should be at work right now. i parked my car next to their's and i looked inside just in case someone's stole it or a killer was inside. i grabbed my keys from my backpack and unlocked the door. when i opened the door, i was someone i haven't seen for thte longest time.

me: BYRAN!!!

he started laughing and i started to run inside. he opened up his arms and i jumped and landed in his arms. he gave me a tight squeeze and set me down on the ground as my parents started to laugh.

remember byran? he's mailyn's older brother that moved to denver for college in the first story?

byran: so you've been doing good?

me: yeah.

byran: you're not going out and getting pregnant?

mom: byran! you should know that your sister's not like that!

ugh, that's not what you think. i just took three pregnancey tests yesterday and it all tested positive.

me: so how long are you gonna be here?

byran: just a week.

me: then we gotta get out as much as possible!

byran: i'm gonna be busy tomorrow out with me friends but tonight, i was thinking barbeque?

dad: great!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ever since byran moved, i haven't been keeping in touch with his friends. i used to be so close with them but i think byran was the one that kept us together. it was so cool though. i was the one hugging everyone.

so much for a little barbeque, this was the party to be at.

jerome: omg mailyn, i can't believe all these people knows your brother.

stacey: i got used to it.

jerome: yeah because byran is your ex boyfriend.

stacey: but i love you now.

me: i'm gonna leave you two alone.

it was getting hot so i headed outside into the backyard. i sat on the twins' playground and just rested my head. then i started to hear heavy breathing. i looked on the other side of the playground and there i saw justin and daisy making out. daisy's top was half open and justin's neck was all covered with her lipstick.

i just wanted to shoot the both of them. i can't believe this waas all happening. how can one little tiny microscopic thing lead to something this huge?

i can never forgive myself for this.


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