[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 26
the worst news of my life

i wanted to kill myself. here i was in my house home alone desperately waiting for max to get here. my period was late. it's been five weeks since i last got it. when i woke up this morning, i yelled at max and made him hurry to buy a pregnancy test. it's been half an hour since i told him to get it. does it seriously take that long to get a pregancy test? does he even know what a pregnancy test looks like?

the bell rang.

my heart jumped and i exited the kitchen to make my way to the front door. there he was. max with a little plastic bag with small boxes. i pulled him in and locked the door behind him.

max: okay, sure. i'm up for round three.

i slapped his forehead. i can't believe he was acting like this. today was the day to find out the truth if i was pregnant or not. he handed me the plastic bag and i looked inside. there were about three tests.

me: i only asked for one.

max: i bought three to make sure the results were accurate.

he gave me a hug and kissed my cheek, then my other cheek, then my forehead, then my nose, then eventually, he got to my lips. his lips felt different today. it felt more softer and it tasted fruitier.

me: what's up with the lips?

max: i was bored yesterday so i was playing with my cousin's trumpet and i was drinking jamba juice on my way here.

me: and you didn't get me one?

max: it spilt. i'm sorry baby.

me: hmm, whatever. it's time for me to pee on this tiny things.

for 15 minutes, me and max were talking about whose parents we should tell first if the tests resulted positive. we agreed that we should tell his parents first and then tell my parents along with his parents.

we set a timer because we had to let the tests set for 15 minutes. when the alarm was ringing, we headed to the bathroom where all three tests laid side by side.

i really didn't want to look so i had max look at it first. i squeezed his hands as i squeezed my eyes shut.

max: first test-positive.

i let out a little scream and that's when the tears started to burst out. he held me in his arms as as he read the second one.

max: second test-positive.

i was already holding onto his shirt crying in his arms. he held me super tight as he prepared for the last test.

max: third test, baby, you're pregs.

i just collapsed. max bent down to my level and lifting my chin with a finger. he gave me a soft kiss and sat down to hug me. we just sat on my bathroom floor crying together.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i couldn't sleep that night. i kept tossing and turning on my bed. i stayed in my room the whole day. my parents thought i was sick so they made me saimin. i wanted justin's chicken noodle soup.

i looked at the time. it was 4:42am. justin hasn't called me yet to ask me about max. justin has no clue. he doesn't know about the sex...and he doesn't know about the pregnancy. i think if i confess to justin about everything, it will get me to sleep, althought it was almost 5 in the morning.

justin: mailyn, i was waiting the whole day for your call. you so late.

me: i couldn't go to sleep.

justin: me too. so did you break it off with that loser max?

me: justin, something happenened today.

justin: what is it?

me: promise you won't get mad.

justin: how can i promise if i don't know what you're talking about?

me: i'm pregnant.

my body got all tense preparing justin to start yelling at me. but it was the total opposite. he was quiet.

me: are you gonna say anything?

he just hung up the phone. i started to cry again.

ten minutes later, i finally got to sleep. i actually cried myself to sleep. i was woken up by a sound on my window. at first i was scared that it was a burglar trying to break in. then i looked...the person i saw was worst than a burglar.

it was justin.

when we first got together, he'd sneak into my room just to kiss me good night or cuddle together. he stopped a couple of months later because my parents would let him sleepover only if stacey or zaileen were with us.

he hopped into my room from my window and slapped my face. i wanted to cry again but i had no tears. justin was crying though.

me: i know i'm stupid. i wish that i could kill myself for doing this to you. it's okay if you won't ever forgive me because i can never forgive myself.

justin: i seriously thought everything would go back to normal. it's the total opposite. everything got worst. mailyn, how could you do this to me?

me: i'm sorry justin. i have no idea what to say except sorry.

justin: too bad. i should ask for daisy back. she wasn't fxcked up like you. it's stupid how you started with a guy like me and landed with a guy like max. he's stupid mailyn. but i guess you don't care. i guess it's all about  the orgasms he gives you.

me: justin, i still love you though.

justin: shut the fxck up bxtch. i ain't playing for that anymore. after everything i did for us to be together from the start, you screwed me over. i hate you. i want you out of my life. don't ever talk to me again, don't ever look at me, don't even say my name.

i was bawling my eyes out. justin made his way to the window.

me: justin, don't say that.

justin: i mean every single word.

he was ready to climb down the ladder. he didn't even want to look at me. i don't deserve him to look at me. i was lower than dirt, i was an ass wipe.

justin made it safely on the ground. it looked like he walked here because i didn't see his car.

me: [to myself] he hates me. i don't blame him. i killed his heart. he's leaving me for good. he's almost out of my sight. as long as he turns around at least once, it means that he'll started having second thoughts.

i winced to see if i can still see him...and i did. he took a quick glance at my window. then he stopped and sat on the curb. from where i could see and from my knowledge, i knew he was crying. i still had a chance.


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