[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 25
waterpark started out perfect

it was like the old days. the whole milf and filf crew went out to cruise together. everything has been weird between all of us because of me and justin but since they noticed that we've been okay lately, everyone decided to go out like before. this time, we went to the waterpark. it's been getting hot lately so we wanted to go to the pool. majority of us recently got our paychecks so we had a lot of money.

we all packed into justin's truck and it was hilarious. justin was driving and had jerome, stacey, jeremy and kat with him. in the back had me and steven, and we invited zack to come with us so had us. before we went on our way, we decided to play a little truth or dare game. it was steven's turn and i asked him a question. i asked him if he had any dreams about me because he chose truth earlier and jerome asked him if he liked any of us so steven told them about me. steven admited that he had sex dreams about me when he still liked me. i wasn't surprise because majority of the time, the guys would talk about sex. hence that's where they got their name "filfs."

the guys inside kept teasing us three in the back that we were gonna have a three some. what idiots. i looked at justin and he looked pissed so he turned on the radio and it started blasting. then we remained quiet during the rest of the ride.

we were getting hungry so we decided to stop by restaurants. we stopped by panda express for orange chicken, zippy's for chilli and fried chicken and chantilly cake, subway for $5 foot longs, papa john's for pizza, tasty's korean bbq for bbq chicken, and aloha sushi for sushi. we got a lot of food because the guys couldn't make up their mind on what to eat so justin came up with the stupidest idea by getting everything. i didn't mind because they paid for it. the even more stupidest thing happenened though. we all forgot that outside food and drinks are not allowed inside so we went to kmart to buy a luggage big enough to fit all our food in.

majority of us thought it was so shame so they didn't want to go inside. me, stacey, zack and jerome volunteered to go inside. so if you were in kmart the time we were looking for the perfect luggage, you'd see four teenagers holding all the food walking around trying to find the luggage section. me and stacey were cracking up the whole time. jerome and zack were complaining that too much people were around and that they would see them. me and stacey were just yelling at them so they would hurry up and leave. we spend about 15 minutes to find one that would fit everything.

when we got to waterpark, we tried so hard not to laugh when everyone kept staring at us because of the luggage. it wasn't that big though. it was only 2.5 x 1.5 x 1 feet. we resevered a pavilion so by the time we got there, we were bursted out laughing. jerome and steven were rolling on the ground. yeah i thought the whole thing was funny but not the way everyone made it but the way everyone was laughing made me laugh even more.

finally we calmed down and got into our baithing suits. we all headed to first ride the waianae (y-n-i) coaster. we got into partners and we raced down. me and justin won.

we all started getting hungry so we went back to our pavilion where we had to sneak our food out because the workers knew we didn't order any of their food.

it took us so long to eat our meal because we had to hide it everytime a worker passed by. by the time we finished our lunch, it started getting hot. we knew we couldn't go on any rides so we just relaxed in kapolei kooler.

kapolei kooler is this 800 feet continuous river that went around our pavilion. we just rode around in the tubes and tried to stay together. it was so funny because it looked like a bunch of cheerios stuck together. we had our body on one tube and our left leg on someone else;s stomach and out right leg between someone's leg.

i felt so mad for everyone because we were moving so slow. in about 30 minutes, we moved about 100 feet around the river. jeremy and justin were guiding our way so they start to hurry us up. they started getting tired so they stopped. we noticed that behind us, there were traffic so we splittted up. jeremy and kat were together. stacey and jerome were together. steven and zack started racing and me and justin were together.

justin: i'm glad we did this today.

me: me too. this was so much fun. we're all still the same together.

we started talking about the past but unfortunately our talk was interupted by an old fan. we looked and saw that it was the lifeguard sitting up in his chair up on the wall.

lifeguard: hey, aren't you justin? you know shiny?

justin: yeah.

lifeguard: dude, this is so cool. can i take a picture with you when the place closes? are you guys leaving anytime soon?

justin: we're leaving until it closes.

lifeguard: okay thanks!

justin: no problem.

then the lifeguard was out of sight. that's when we bumped into everyone else. we decided to go one more time because we started to get hungry again. this time, the girls were stayed together while the guys raced around.

we went around faster than before. i think it was because we were hungry. then we got to the same lifeguard who wanted to take a picture with justin. the lifeguard started hitting on us. the lifeguard looked like he was about 20 years old. we were 17.

lifeguard: man, all the pretty ones have their boyfriends. especially her, she's the one with the ex-famous singer.

me: justin? he's not my boyfriend.

lifeguard: really?

me: but i have a boyfriend.

lifeguard: really? man, i was gonna say that we need some hot girls like you to work here. we're running outta girls.

we all just shrugged our shoulders and swam to get out.

when we got back to our pavilion, justin looked mad. maybe something happened while they were racing. maybe he got mad at one of the guys or maybe someone was hating on him. i sat by him as he started to take a bite out of his pizza.

me: why do you look so mad?

justin: you should know.

me: what did i do?

justin: "justin's not my boyfriend but i do have a boyfriend." explain that.

me: can we talk about that later? this was just a good day.

justin: why do you wanna talk about it later? so you can come up with an excuse?

me: justin, i'm sorry okay? i didn't know what to say!

justin: so who is it? max?

me: yeah.

justin: HOW COULD YOU BE WITH A GUY LIKE THAT? he's trouble mailyn.

me: how do you know? you don't even know him.

justin: i just know.

me: he treats me better than you ever treated me.

justin: really? how?

me: i don't wanna tell you. you're gonna get even more mad.

justin: but you already started to tell me. now explain.

me: justin stop. can we talk about it later?

justin: whatever mailyn. i don't even know why i ran back to you. i should ask for daisy back.

me: do you really love me justin?

justin: what do you think?

me: by the way you're yelling at me right now, i don't think so.

justin: of course i still love you.

me: i'll break up with max tomorrow and we can be together again.

justin: you better. mailyn, even though we've been going through so much lately, i love you more than ever.

me: i promise.

so we pinky promised on it.


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