[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 23
max's lifestyle

me: i wanna see you today. can we watch a movie?

max: babe, i gotta baby sit. i'm sorry.

me: it's okay.

max: but you can come over.

me: okay sure.

i just got to school and i was talking to max on the phone. he went to school early because his new born baby sister was crying. when he got to school, none of his friend were there so he called me as he waited.

max: it's raining over here. is it over there?

i was walking to our hang out spot but i stopped where i was to feel any raindrops. i looked up in the sky and it was pretty dark for a spring morning. that's when i felt a tiny drop on my nose.

me: i think it's gonna started drizzling.

max: do you have a jacket with you?

me: yeah. i wasn't gonna bring one but it kinda got cold when i walked out of my house so i ran inside to grab one. how come?

max: just making sure. i don't want you getting sick.

me: awww, so sweet.

max: babe, it's starting to pour. i don't want my phone to get wet and then it won't work and i can't talk to you until after school so i'll call you back later okay?

me: okay.

he gave me a kiss and hung up the phone. i just smiled as i made my way to our spot which was a few feet away. as i saw who was there, i noticed someone different. daisy wasn't there but justin was. the guys were around justin so i guess something happenened to them.

me: they broke up didn't they?

stacey: yeah. we tried talking to him but he wouldn't say anything. the guys are doing better than we did.

stacey was eating poptart so she offered me some. i grabbed a piece when i heard someone calling me name. i turned around and i saw justin looking at me. he got up from the table and pulled me aside to where we'd used to go to have some "alone time" when we were still together.

justin: i fxcked up big time mai.

me: what happenened to you and daisy?

justin: i don't even wanna talk about that right now. mailyn, when i said i fxcked up big time, i meant that i fxcked up everything that we had. i fxcked up our whole relationship and not only that...i fxcked up our friendship.

me: i miss you a lot.

justin: i miss you too. i feel such an idiot. i just want you back.

me: uhh....

justin: don't say anything, just listen. i want to prove to you that i'll treat you better this time. no more jealousy, no more fights, no more problems.

me: okay.

justin: i just want everything to go back to normal.

me: okay.

justin: i know you're speechless right now and that's what i was expecting.

me: okay.

he gave me a hug and i could feel tears drip on my back from justin. that's when tears started forming in my eyes. i stayed in his arms as i held onto his shirt and cried. i wanted him back too but i'm with max.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

max: babe, are you coming over?

me: i'm at home right now. it's funny because i have to baby sit also.

max: but i really wanna see you.

me: hmmm, me too.

max: can you bring them over? the twins?

me: uhh, yeah. sure. i'll come over.

max: only if you want to. i don't want you to come over because i told you to.

me: i'll come over. don't worry.

max: okay.

me: i'll just call you when i get in your neighborhood.

i hung up the phone and i find the twins looking over my shoulder because i was doing homework while i was talking to max. since this was due in two days, i'll work on it tomorrow.

me: you guys wanna get out of the house?

michelle: yes!

michael: are we going to justin's house?

michelle: please? i haven't seen him in a long time.

michael: he didn't go back to reno right?

me: no he didn't. he's just sick.

michelle: can we go visit him? i'll make him a card.

me: he's really sick. you guys don't want to get sick right?

michael: no.

me: go upstairs and get an extra pair of clothes just in case you get your clothes dirty. i'll pack some food.

they ran upstairs racing each other, trying to push each other.

in 30 minutes, i was getting the twins out of their car seat. when they were looking up at the unfamilar house like they were about to enter a haunted house. they haven't met max yet or even heard about him.

michael: mailyn, where are we?

me: i want you guys to meet someone.

i started to make my way into the house when i felt one of the twins tugging on the backpack.

michelle: whose house is this?

i don't know why they were scared to go in. the house was so beautiful. i love coming to this house. i've only been here twice and i already fell in love with it. it was huge and great for the twins to play around in.

i picked up michelle and held her in my right arm as i held michael's hand with my left hand. man, i felt like a total mom already.

i rang the doorbell a few times but max didn't answer the door. i tried to open the door myself and it was unlocked so i walked right in. that's when i saw max walking towards the door with baby tracey in his arms.

max: hey mailyn.

me: hi.

i gave him a peck on the lips since the twins were watching and i had michelle in my arm. i put her down and rubbed my arm.

me: michelle, michael, this is max. say hi to max.

max: hey guys.

michelle: hi i'm michelle. we're twins you know.

max: really? no wonder you two looked exactly the same.

michael: but i'm older by 3 minutes.

max: hi michael.

michael: are you mailyn's boyfriend?

max: uhh...ask her.

me: yeah.

we made our way to the living room and the twins were going crazy playing with tracey's toys.

me: you guys, get over here. those are not your toys.

max: babe, it's okay.

me: whenever they find a toy they like, they keep it even though it's not their's.

michelle started running towards to me with one of tracey's bottles that was on the ground.

michelle: do you think max will let me hold the baby?

me: you're too small to hold her. you have to be strong to hold a baby.

max: come michelle.

michelle went running toward him but almost tripped. i started to laugh but max acted like a total dad and started to make sure she was okay.

when he was done, he started to rock tracey in his arms and she started to move.

max: you can't really hold her yet but you can feed her.

michelle: okay. i got gushers in the backpack.

max: no, not that kind. just hold the bottle while she drinks it. you can also touch her.

max took off the cover of the bottle michelle was holding and michelle held the bottle as tracey drank from it. michael kept glancing over getting curious but he gave up and went up to them.

michael: can i try?

michael got a turn to hold the bottle and they both started to rub tracey's forehead. as i watched them, max glanced over to me and smiled. that's when i realized that max would be a good father...if i was pregs.


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