[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 22
i'm his girlfriend

i had a hard time walking the next day. stacey noticed. after school was over, she dragged me into her car and slapped my arm.

me: what was that for?

stacey: i know that walk.

me: nothing gets pass you.

stacey: who'd you do it with?

me: don't scream.

stacey: you know i will.

me: at least do it outside.

she rolled down the window and stuck her head out.

stacey: i'm ready.

me: max.

she didn't scream. she rolled the window back up and slapped my arm again.

me: what?

stacey: why max? mailyn! what if justin finds out?

me: he's NOT gonna find out. stacey, you better not tell anyone.

stacey: i promise.

me: okay.

stacey laid down in the driver's seat and i turned on the radio. we were waiting for zaileen to hurry her ass from detention. she was caught texting during class. stupid.

when i closed my eyes but stacey poked my side. i looked over to her and she was giving me a creepy smile.

stacey: so.....how big is he?

me: eww, gross. stacey, why are you asking me this?

stacey: `cause i wanna know. and why you saying gross for? you were the one who had sex with him.

me: well i don't wanna talk about it right now.

stacey: okay gosh. i gotta start watching out for your mood swings.

me: mood swings? haha stacey, you're funny.

i started to get nervous. i was skeptical about not wearing a condom since she abused me when i just told her. what if she kills me when i tell her we didn't use a condom? i should just talk to max first about it.

and speaking of max, my phone started ringing and it was him.

max: please don't tell me you left school yet.

me: i'm in the parking lot. how come?

max: let me take you out to eat. i need to talk to you.

me: uhh, okay. sure. i'm in the school parking lot.

max: i'll be there in a minute.

i hung up the phone and stacey was giving me the same creepy smile. i hate it when she does that.

stacey: who was that?

me: my mom.

stacey: your mom is picking you up?

me: i have a dentist appointment.

stacey: okay. have fun.

i got out of the car and stacey rolled down her window. max's car entered the parking lot and i waved at stacey before i stepped into max's car.

stacey: since when did you guys get a scion?

me: you're so funny stacey. this is max's car. he's taking me out to eat.

stacey: you better not do anything stupid.

me: yeah yeah yeah.

i got into the car and max had a little white teddy bear with a heart in the middle that said "here's my heart." he reached in the back seat and gave me a bouquet of chocolate ship cookie roses.

me: aww, this is so cute. what's all this for?

max: i just wanna say sorry about last night.

me: last night? what happened last night?

max: you know...we had sex and i wasn't even sure if you wanted it.

me: if i DIDN'T, don't you think i would've said no?

max: okay but i just wanted to do something nice for you.

me: well picking me up from school is nice.

max: where do you want to eat? you can pick.

me: i'm craving genki's.

max: genki sushi?

me: yeah. why? you don't  like sushi?

max: i don't like seafood but if you wanna go genki's, i'll try sushi.

me: i don't like seafood either, there's chicken you know. maybe we can try sushi together.

max: okay.

in six minutes we got into genki sushi and sat down in a booth. we saw the conveyer belt filled with the food. the waiter came by us and asked us what we wanted. we got two each of the teriyaki chicken bowl and we ordered one california roll to share.

while we were waiting, max thought it would be funny to bring up what happenened last night.

max: you have big boobs.

me: don't talk about it in public!

max: was that your first time?

me: yeah.

max: really? i thought you and justin would've done it by now.

me: oh, we were gonna wait until we made a year. that would be in a month and a half.

max: i'm sorry. you guys make me feel so guilty. i mean, i always blame myself because it was my fault for breaking you guys up.

me: max, it's okay. justin is not being fair. i was okay whenever he had those fxckin` groupies but he can't handle me looking at a guy.

max: i took everything from you guys. hawh, i never really thought about that.

me: stop blaming yourself.

he didn't say anything. i can tell that he felt bad about how me and justin turned out. but the moment was ruined when we heard a screaming. we looked over to the door and saw a booth with five girls. the girl on the phone wearing black had spilt her water on table and on the ground. her friends were cracking up.

max: you know what i just realized?

me: what?

max: i wanna be more than friends. i don't want what happenened last night a one night stand. as much as i feel guilty about what happened between you and justin, i want you to myself. i really do like you mailyn. when i first saw you at the club, i couldn't take my eyes off you. when i saw how justin was treating you, i knew you deserved better than that.

i just smiled and ate my chicken. he looked at me with a clueless face.

max: you're not gonna say something?

me: not really.

max: was that too corny?

me: yeah.

max: corny lame or corny but cute.

me: both.

max: which one is more though?

me: cute.

max: so what do you think? do you think we'll make a relationship work?

me: i need you to answer a few question.

max: no problem.

me: how do you handle arguments?

max: it depends how it started. if it's my fault then i'll try fix it myself but if somehow it's your fault, i'll try to get you to notice what you're doing wrong.

me: max, we didn't use a condom last night.

max: so random.

me: it's been bothering me.

max: me too.

me: what if i was pregnant? would you still be with me? would you ever leave me?

max: no way. mailyn, my mom got pregnant with me when she was 13. my father left her so i know how the baby will feel if i left both you guys. i would never do that. i wouldn't leave the two people i love the most.

me: then you wanna buy a test for me?

max: let's wait a week okay?

me: okay, thanks.

max: so what? is it okay if i told people you're my girlfriend?

me: yeah.


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