[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 21
dinner with max

i woke up that morning...i mean afternoon remembering i had work. i looked at the time and it was 1:13pm. i had work at 2. i jumped into the shower and took a five minute shower. i had major speed showering skills but only if it was faster would be so cool.

i looked at my phone and i found 17 missed calls. most from stacey. i took a few clothes out from my closet and threw on whatever matched.

i took my tote and threw in my hair straightener. i grabbed everything else i needed and threw it in my bag. i ran downstairs and i shouted for my parents informing that i was leaving.

i hopped into my car and checked the time...1:30. i had half and hour left.

it was 1:42 when i parked my car in the parking lot. i grabbed my bag and got out. i made it to pacsun under five minutes. i got to the back and stacey was there waiting for me.

stacey: how was the party?

me: it was boring stacey.

stacey: then why'd you sleep like a rock last night?

me: didn't you catch on to the sarcasm?

stacey: oh, wow. i think something's wrong with me.

me: can you straighten my hair while i put on lotion?

she plugged in the straightener as i put on my victoria secret pure seduction lotion on. i had tons of victoria because justin would always give it to me.

stacey: so anything big happened at the party that you should tell me about?

me: what makes you think what?

stacey: you were super tired.

me: oh, yeah. i was.

stacey: soooo...?

me: me and max hooked up.

stacey: WHAT?!?!

she exploded. we BOTH forgot she was straightening my hair and she accidentally burnt my neck. she didn't care. she turned off the thing and unplugged it to ask me about the details.

stacey: no wonder you were tired.

now i know why she was freaking out. she took it worst than i thought.

me: yuck, gross. not that kind hook up.

stacey: oh, wow. man i got scared.

me: now i probably got a mark on my neck.

stacey: sorry. eww, it looks like a hicky.

i looked in the mirror and i looked so stupid standing so close. it did look like one.

stacey: you got a burnt hicky. let's tell justin it's from max if he notices.

me: your weird.

stacey: no, <i>i'm</i> weird.

me: yeah, that's what i said.

stacey: no, <i>you</i> said that.

me: stacey!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i headed home after i finished work. stacey drove in her car so i was by myself. there was major traffic and i was by the bus stop. it's been a while since i rode in a bus. i started scanning the bus stop and i saw max. i honked my horn and he was the only one that looked up. i rolled down my window and he came up to the window.

me: hop in. my turn to take you home.

max: okay sure but only if we get a bite.

me: sure.

we got into the parking lot of zippy's. i wanted to do take out of stay outside but he wanted to go inside the "fancy place." it didn't take us long to figure out what we wanted. he got the bbq trio and i got grilled italian chicken fillet. it also didn't take that long to get the food ready.

max: so did you and justin get back together?

me: no?

max: what's up with that hicky?

me: oh, that. stacey was doing my hair and she hit my neck.

max: oh, believeable story.

me: i'm not making it up!

max: i'm just kidding.

me: just eat your food.

we just finished our food in silence. i hate how people talking while they eat and they talk too much that they don't finish their food. so waste food anf money.

when we were done, we got to the counter with the bill and i took my wallet to pay.

max: what are you doing?

me: uhh paying for my share...unless you want me to pay for both of ours.

max: i got this.

me: can't guys understand that girls sometimes wants to pay?

max: are you sure?

me: yeah. i need gas so you can pay for that.

max: okay fine.

five minutes later, we were in my car. i didn't feel like going home yet so me and max got into the back seat. the tinted windows were up and the ac was blowing. me and max just listened to my cds and talked. when i cd was done, it was quiet. i didn't want to get up to change the cd so i just stayed there. me and max decided to just play 21 questions but it changed to like an interview.

me: spiderman or batman?

max: spiderman.

me: alright!

max: sears or macys?

me: macys all the way.

max: cool.

we were just laughing our asses off when our 1043408 questions turned into would you rather.

max: would you rather be strapped down on a table with a guy dingling his doodoo right in front of your face of go up an elephant's ass?

me: gross.

max: pick one.

me: strap down to the table.

max: would you rather be a dildo or a piece of toilet paper?

me: dildo!

max: uhhhh...

me: where do you come up with these things?

i shivered because it started getting cold but i didn't want to turn off the ac. we were both lazy to get up, he just gave me his jacket to wear and we got closer because i guess he was cold too.

max: would you rath-

that's when his phone started ringing. it was an old song but still good. it was bed by j holiday. he answered the phone and i just watched him. i hated that song. it always got me kinky.

i guess it was his mom that called because he was yelling and the mom was yelling but they stopped when they found a good day to go shopping for a party.

when he hung up, he looked down on me. he had his arm around me and my head was on his shoulder with my arm on his stomach. he smiled at me and i tried to smile back but my lips were cut off by his.

i pulled back as i started talking but he just kept going down. then one thing led to another. our clothes were on the car floor, my bra was hanging on the rearview mirror and his boxers were on the steering whel.

in no time, we got the the "climax" of our baby making. oh shxt. baby making. that was when i realized what happened. we didn't use a condom.


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