[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 20
max takes me home

i twitched as i felt something inbetween my legs. i opened my eyes and saw jerome and jeremy looking down on me with their forks. i attempted to slap them but i was too weak. i stopped when i lifted up my hand.

me: why'd you guys wake me up?

jerome: the limo driver couldn't wake you up. he has to go.

me: ugh, but i was getting so comfy.

jeremy: it's only 3.

me: only 3? it's 3 in the morning.

jerome: let's get her out.

i felt bad that i was super tired but i really was. i don't know why. i hardly did anything during the day.

jerome and jeremy got me out. it took them ten minutes but they did it.

me: when are you guys going home?

jerome: we're gonna crash at the hotel.

jeremy: zack didn't tell you?

me: no.

i was leaning against jerome. i had my arm on his shoulder and my head down. it was so hard for me to stand up straight because i kept wobbling. steven picked me up bridal style and he let me sleep in his arms for a while.

i was asleep but i knew what was going around me. i could hear the guys talking and i guess that max joined them.

max: mailyn's wasted.

steven: she's just tired.

max: i'm headed home right now. i'll drop her off. i know where she lives.

steven: you sure?

max: yeah. i'm headed that way anyways.

steven: her keys are in her bag. her house key is the pink one. if she can't make it to the front door, carry her inside. her room is upstairs to the right, all the way in. if her parents wake up, just introduced yourself.

max: has this happened before? like you guys carrying her inside?

jerome: way too much times.

max: okay. i got it.

steven: thanks man.

i felt my body shifting over into someone else's arms. i was getting cold and i started shivering. when i opened up my eyes, i was in the familar scion tc.

max: here.

i turned my head over and max put his jacket on me. the jacket was so warm. my eyes started getting heavy again but i wasn't really tired so i just closed my eyes and talked to max as he drove.

me: max, you're taking me home right?

max: you're such a party girl.

me: thanks for a good night.

max: thank the "rainbow." you should've seen yourself on stage.

me: don't talk about it.

max: talk about it? everyone saw it.

me: hmmm.

max: i saw how justin looked at you.

me: stop it.

max: stop what? i'm just saying what i noticed.

me: he's with daisy. it's been almost two weeks.

max: oh. so you're over him?

me: i try to but i just can.

max: well we're at your house. can you get up?

with my eyes still closed, i heard max get out of the car. i lifted up my eyelids when i heard my door open. i lifted up my head and found him looking down at me. he grabbed my gucci purse and looked for my keys. when he found it, he put it on his shoulders. he grabbed my arm and helped me up. he closed the door and locked the car. he wasn't holding me and when he turned around to check up on me, i was about to fall but he caught me in time.

max: okay, i don't think you can make it to your room by yourself.

me: thanks.

he picked me up bridal style and headed to the front door. it took him a while but he did it. he quietly made his way up the stairs and to my room.

when he got to my room, we collapsed onto my bed. he stretched his arms and rubbed them. he fixed my position on my bed and put my blanket over me. then he put my purse on my desk and he got a phone call. i guess it was one of the guys.

max: yeah, she's in...the lamp?....okay...how long?...no, i didn't hear anything...okay, shoots.

he looked at me and i can see it through the little space between my eye lid. he turned on my little night light. recently, i've been bored because i haven't been going out so i'm online scaring myself. i'd fall asleep without the night light but when i wake up, it's super dark and my wild imagination would just go crazy. that's why i need a night light.

i thought he was gonna leave but he sat on the little space on the bed.

me: you're still here?

max: i just wanted to make sure you're okay.

me: max, why aren't you staying at the hotel with the guys?

max: why? they didn't tell you yeah?

me: yeah. i thought they would. i was they little "groupie."

max: it was a whole set up. me and zack set this up.

me: why?

max: i wanted to be alone with you.

me: why?

max: i know you're tired so i'll talk to you in the morning...or afternoon because you're so tired.

me: max, no. i want you to stay here longer. i don't wanna be by myself.

max: i don't want you getting in trouble.

me: i won't get in trouble..and don't worry, you too.

max: nah, i should go.

me: max, i don't want you to leave me. justin gave up on me that easily because he knew you would treat me better than him. i know him already. he gives up on a girl when there's someone else better than him. he's right.

max: i have to go home. i'm sorry mailyn. maybe another time i'll sleepover.

me: okay. but before you go, can you do me a favor?

max: what?

me: i want a kiss.

and that's what he gave me.


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