[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 19
zack's party

i just stared at my reflection in the mirror as i brushed my hair. i sighed as i glanced over to my phone that was on my dresser in was sitting in front of. i don't know why i kept looking at my phone. it's not like i was expecting a call. a call? oh yeah, i have to call justin. justin. wow, i haven't talked to him in three days. everything is so different with us know. but i can't let that get in the way of asking him about zack's party. i reached over to grab my phone and i dialed his number. i hesitated before i pressed the "send" button because i didn't know if daisy was with him or if he even wants me to call. i managed to call though. it took him a while to answer.

justin: hey.

me: uhh, hi. justin, are you busy tomorrow?

justin: why? what's up?

me: just answer the question first then i'll explain.

justin: i have work in the morning.

me: and after work?

justin: i just i'm free. now can you explain why you're asking me these questions?

me: i know this guy and he's having a party tomorrow. he wants you to perform?

justin: his name?

me: zack. zack tupaz.

justin: you know him?

me: uhhh, yeah. i met him today.

justin: he's cool yeah? i like him.

me: uhh, okay.

justin: so you're going to the party?

me: yeah.

justin: why didn't he just call me himself?

me: i don't know.

justin: oh okay. well uhh, just tell him i'll do it `cause i know that the guys have been talking about it and that they're gonna perform too.

me: oh okay.

justin: i'll see you there.

me: mmmkays.

then there was an awkward silence. out through the years, this was the first time...i think. so i decided to break it.

me: justin, i just wish that everything can go back to normal.

justin: i've explain this to you so much times mailyn.

me: justin, i'm not done yet. i didn't say i want you back. i just said everything would go back to normal.

justin: too bad.

me: i don't know why you're acting like this. it's so stupid.

justin: whatever. just forget about it.

then he hung up on me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

me: i feel like a total groupie you guys.

steven: that's okay.

jerome: but this is so cool. i can't believe that zack actually sent a limo to pick us up.

jeremy: i know.

steven: you guys make like that you haven't been in a limo before. hello, we're the best friends of former teen sensation shiny.

when he said that, my smile went away.

steven: sorry.

i just smiled.

we were in a limo seated for ten people. there was only four. justin was supposed to be in the limo but he decided to just drive there. i think it was because of what happenened last night.

the guys had this idea about dressing up in different colors and looked like a rainbow. steven wore green, jeremy wore blue, and jerome wore purple. justin was planned to wear red and zack's wearing yellow. they wanted me to wear a dress that had all the colors but i just stuck to black and white.

zack's party was different from our usual party. we had hotel parties or at venues and stuff. he did something different. it was at the beach...ko'olina beach. we had the whole beach to ourselves. zack did himself very good.

the limo stopped behind the big stage and the driver opened up the door for us. i worked my way to get out. i always hated that part when riding in limos.

by the limo, zack was waiting for us along with justin. i gave justin a quick glance. i thought it was funny that daisy wasn't with him. they were inseparable. if they were hand cuffed together, that would be heaven to them.

zack: finally you guys. i wanted to do a warm up together. we're going in ten minutes.

i never heard them together. zack only got this group together last night. i didn't even know if they practiced or not.

zack: no groupies while practicing.

me: okay fine then. bossy much.

zack: i said groupies. are you a groupie?

me: i feel like one.

steven: then go away.

me: i will.

i headed to the other side of the stage. it was really crowded. i had to squeez through people and ducked down. zack must be really popular. i finally got to the other side and managed to get to the front. i started screaming when the emcee introduced the guys.

emcee: give it up for the rainbow!

everyoone started screaming and i followed. then i felt someone bump into me. i looked over and i saw max smiling at me.

me: hey!

max: you came!

me: yeah i did.

max: great.

me: yeah.

<i>i think it's morning, my town is waking up already sunday night. i'm still up in here, still sippin` on champagne, the music feels so loud.</i>

they were singing goodbye by joey moe. justin started the song. it was justin in the spotlight again. the crowd was going crazy. after ten months of being retired, wouldn't you think that people-especially girls-forgot about him already? wrong! all you can hear was "shiny! i love you. you're so hot."...you know, the usual.

the song was divided into each person has a verse and the chorus sung together. i admit, they did really good. everyone started getting hyped when "buck in here" started playing, especially the ending part. you know the part where the jabbawokeez got the crowd hyped up in abdc last season. i started dancing with max and i guess justin saw. even though me and justin were having major problems, he pulled me up on stage and started dancing with me. then the whole "rainbow" crew started dancing around me.

i looked down at max and he wasn't happy.


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