[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 18
i meet zack

i had the best feeling when i woke up. i heard the birds singing outside, the sunlight was shining in my room perfectly and for some reason, i was happy. i had a good feeling of today. i kicked off my blanket and stretched as i got up from bed. i knew i was gonna have relaxing day. i didn't have work today and i had plans with the guys to go the private pool in steven's neighborhood.

in an hour, jeremy was honking his horn outside my house. that idiot doesn't have manners. even if it was like three in the morning, he beeps his horn.

i headed outside and jeremy's car was in the driveway. i had my cute baithing suit on with my white dress over it. i smiled after i locked the door behind me. i hopped inside and i saw a guy that looked very familar. even though he was sitting down, he looked tall. probabably taller than the filfs. he had his left ear pierce but not his right one. he looked a little older than me, more like jeremy's age. i didn't know who it was.

jeremy: zack, mailyn. mailyn, zack.

zack: hey mailyn. you're sexy.

me: uhhh, thanks.

zack: are you still going out with that fagnut justin?

me: uhhh, no?

zack: good `cause i'm like to take you on a ride on my magic carpet.

me: uhhh, no thanks.

jeremy and zack starts cracking up. gosh, i knew none of their friends would be like that.

zack: i'm just kidding. i do that to everyone my friends introduce me to.

me: aww, you guys are so mean!

zack: oh and you're nice?

me: yes i am. i'm america's number one sweetheart. the president's daughter got that name from me.

zack: mmmhmm. okay.

during the ride to steven's pool, i learned that zack was a senior at a nearby school called kapolei high school. he has a girlfriend and had been together for only a week. his birthday is on may 3 which was tomorrow. he invited me to the party which was tomorrow. jeremy met him at work. zack was new.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

it was weird watching the guys have a chicken fight. it was hilarious though. i stayed on the side to make it even. i was laughing my ass off. zack was the tallest one. jeremy was the second so they were separate teams. steven was on jeremy and jerome was on zack.

jeremy: steven, you're so gross! i can feel your fxckin` boner!

me: steven was watching porn before he got here. eww, that's why he took so long.

jeremy started getting grossed out and pulled steven off of him. jerome slid off zack's shoulders. they all got out of the pool and three of them sat on a folding beach chair. steven carried me off and was about to throw me into the pool. i started screaming and i started to kick out of his grip. then accidentally hit his nose and it started bleeding

he put me down and i was just speechless. i just looked at him with my mouth covered. i felt so bad. i didn't know what to do. all i could do was watch the blood drip down to his chest. then he ran to the bathroom to get some napkins.

i then followed him to the bathroom. i didn't care if it was the guys' bathroom, i was innocent of making a guy lose probably 1% of his blood. when i got inside, i accidentally bumped into this old man. i was so embarressed but i needed to get to my best friend.

when i saw him, he was blowing the extra blood out of his nose. he then washed his face and stuck a napkin in his right nostril. that's where it was bleeding.

i ran to him and gave him a hug.

me: i'm sooooooo sorry. it was a total accident.

steven: i know. it's okay mailyn.

me: i'm super sorry steven. omg, i hope it stops soon. can i see it?

he took out the little piece of napkin from his nose and threw it away. he looked at himself in the mirror and his nose was fine.

me: omg steven, i'm s-

steven: you apologize to me one more time then i'm gonna give you a bloody nose.

me: okay, fine.

we made our way outside and steven laid down on the beach chair with his stomach down. i jumped into the pool for a while until i heard steven calling me name. i got out of the pool and went by him.

steven: can you give me a massage?

me: right now?

steven: yeah.

me: you called me out of the pool just for a massage?

steven: hey, you gave me a bloody nose.

me: fine.

i crawled on top of him and started giving him a massage. i can tell he was enjoying it because i can hear him giving soft moans.

me: steven, please moan to yourself.

steven: my bad.

i continued massaging him.

five minutes later, i felt a poke on my right side and i flinched. i looked over that way and jeremy was waving at me so i smiled. he then poked me again.

me: what?

jeremy: i wanna massage too.

i got off steven who was half asleep and i climbed on top of jeremy.

jerome: me too after.

me: fine. zack, want one too?

zack: ooooh, suuuuuuuure.

it took me about 20 minutes total to massage all the guys. i felt so weird. everyone was staring. there was also this group of girls that passed by and just stared at me. ugh, i hate those kind girls.

zack: thanks for the massage.

me: i felt so uncomfortable. i looked like a slut massages four guys.

steven: at least you're not like the girls from hmf.

hmf stands for hardcore mother fxckers. it's this crew that we'd cruise with sometimes back in freshmen year. they originated from the other side of the island but there are crew members from over here. we were friends but we weren't part of the crew. they wanted us to join but we had to get initiated. we labeled them as a gang but they denied it. the guys had to get mobbed by all the guy members for 5 minutes. the girls had a choice. get mobbed by the girls for only 3 minutes for fxck all of the guy members. none of us joined and i think they got arrested or whatever.

so back to the story.

us five were just talking when zack got a phone call. he didn't leave as answered it. us four just stared at him and listened. we have a habit of doing that.

zack: yeah?...now?...where you at?...already?...gay...shoots.

me: aww, you're going already?

zack: i'll just see you at the party tomorrow?

me: okay.

zack: mailyn, mind if you walk with me outside?

me: ummm, no?

steven: ooooooh.

me: shut up.

i got up and put on my white dress. i saw zack by the gate already and i jogged over to catch up.

me: why'd you even ask me to walk with you?

zack: i need you to do me a favor.

me: what?

zack: i know justin's your ex-boyfriend and stuff but i was thinking about having him perform at my party?

me: don't you think it's kinda last minute?

zack: i'll even pay him. all the performers i wanted was already booked.

me: why don't you ask steven and jeremy? they have their own songs.

zack: they're already are. i just think it's gonna be complete if justin's with them.

me: i think justin hates me right now but i'll try. if i can't, then you can ask the guys to ask him.

zack: thanks.

he patted my head and we heard a car turn the corner of the street. man it was a sexy car. a scion tc. wow, really nice.

zack: that's my ride. i'll see you tomorrow. gimme your answer by tonight. the guys got my number.

i started to head back into the pool when i heard a familar voice call me name. no, it was zack's voice. it was max's voice. i turned around and i saw the window down and max leaning my way.

max: zack is part of your posse too? i'll see you tomorrow.

they drove off. i was shocked. they know each other? zack and max? omg, weird...in a good way. now i get to see max tomorrow. but justin?


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