[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 17
we meet again

stacey: don't be nappy, be happy!...you better smile so i can dial...don't be depressed `cause it's a mess.

me: okay stacey. stop with the retarded slogans.

stacey: okay, sorry. i'm just trying to cheer you up.

me: yeah thanks but don't come up with slogans.

stacey: oh okay. well going to work might help you get your mind off justin.

yeah it will. that's what happened yesterday. for the whole week, we're having this sale. the whole week had been busy. all i've been thinking about in work was where to put the clothes and how many change i had to give to the customer.

we got to pacsun and it was packed! good thing my shift doesn't started until another half and hour...but as for stacey, her shift was in ten minutes.

stacey: are you sure you're gonna be okay?

me: yeah. i'll be around. just don't worry about me.

stacey: but i can't. i love you best friend.

me: just go and do your job!

stacey: okay. see you later!

i watched her run pass through the crowd of people and get to the back. when she was out of my sight, i walked the other way to get to the food court. i was starving and what's a girls best friend when she's depressed? ICE CREAM! a oreo mcflurry from mickey d's was sounding good to my stomch right now.

i made my way to the bottom of the food court to ride the stupid escalator up. i think that they shouldd get rid of the escalator and make it all stairs because people aren't gonna burn off those calories from the food court by ridng on the escalators.

i got into line as i looked for my wallet making sure i had money. it would be stupid if i didn't have any money and they already had my mcflurry ready.

as i got to the front of the line, i waited for someone to take my order. i looked down at my feet `cause it felt weird. i tried to wiggle my toes but someone was asking for my order.

me: can i have an or-

i looked up and i saw max's face looking at me. he was working here? wow, i was surprised. he was surprised to see me too.

max: what do you want mailyn?

me: an orea mcflurry. i mean, or<i>eo</i> mcflurry.

max: good saved because i don't know what an orea is.

me: hurry up and get me my stupid ice cream.

max: $2.53.

i handed him the money and stood on the side of the counter. it didn't take him long for get it since there wasn't anyone around. he gave me the mcflurry and sat aside by me.

max: so how are you and justin?

me: he fxckin` has a new girlfriend.

max: are you serious? wow, i'm sorry for breaking you guys up.

me: it's okay. it wasn't like that was your whole plan.

max: i'm still sorry. i didn't know he was like that.

me: max, you remember what happened at the club.

max: true.

me: shouldn't you be working?

max: my shift is over anyways.

me: oh, okay.

max: why are you here by yourself?

me: my shift is in half an hour.

max: want company?

i didn't mind so i shrugged my shoulders. i grabbed a bite of the ice cream and it just melting in my mouth. omg, it tastes sooo good.

max: oh btw, i have something of your's.

he pulled out something from his pocket and he handed me my necklace. the necklace justin gave me when we made six months. he said that's the month where it all counts.

me: thanks.

max: you're welcome. if you stopped when i was calling you, then yeah. you would have it right now.

me: sorry about that. i just felt awkward.

max: mailyn, i'm sorry that i kissed you that night. i wasn't lying okay? i really wanted to do that.

me: it's okay. i mean, i had no control over that.

max: i just don't want it to be awkward around us anymore.

me: okay.

max: but uhh, just to make sure. those three guys? what's up with that? your body guards or something?

me: no, those are guys my friends.

max: oh, so you're those kind of girls that have guys all over them? i can tell.

me: yeah right.

max: i should join your posse.

me: no!

max: c`mon, it'll be fun.

me: no!

max: why not?

me: it will feel weird.

max: how?

me: it just does.

max: why? do you like me?

me: what?

max: `cause i like you.


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