[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 16
the moment i feared for

<i>me and daisy aren't. i'm happy with her. i think you should do the same and find someone else `cause mailyn, i'm over you.</i>

that was what kept running in my mind for three days straight. seeing them together in the morning, during fourth period and lunch killed me inside. i hated seeing them together. i thought it was stupid when justin was trynna get closer to her, he wasn't with us. but now that they're together, they're with us. it sickens me that justin can't let go of her. it's like justin is her jacket. gross!

although watching them was sickening me, i stayed around our spot. i wasn't gonna let them take over  the good side of me. ugh, but stacey was right. she had the biggest eye problem. i hated it but i didn't let it get to me. i just played around with steven this morning.

steven: what do you call cheese that's not your's?

me: i don't know.

steven: nacho cheese. [get it?]

me: that was stupid.

even though it was stupid, i laughed. it was those stupidly funny jokes. he's such an idiot.

steven: i just wanted to make you laugh.

me: yeah, mission accomplished.

steven: it seemed like you needed it.

me: yeah so thanks.

steven: i'm here for you that's why.

me: i know i know.

i looked at him and gave him a smile. he gave me an even bigger smile and it made him look like this cute guy from this korean drama that i'm watching called bad love. i just stared at him and started giggling when he made a confused face.

steven: what?

me: nothing.

steven: okay.

me: steven, i gotta find you a girlfriend like for real.

steven: only if i get to find you a boyfriend.

me: deal. oh and steven, you don't gotta talk to justin for me. i'll do it myself.

steven: sure okay.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

as i headed to fourth period, i saw that justin was already by the class. if we were still together, he'd yell my name and open his arms as i ran and jumped into them but this time, i just walked passed him. i was right by the door when he grabbed my arm. he only does that when he really wants to get something through to me.

me: what?

justin: i'm sorry okay?

me: sorry for what? tell me why you're apologizing to me.

justin: for pissing you off and making you feel uncomfortable.

me: but yeah. be more specific.

justin: okay fine. want a real apology?

me: yes please.

justin: okay mailyn, i'm sorry for yelling at you at jamba juice. i'm sooo sorry for assuming things. i'm sorry for making like you're out of my life and being with daisy. i'm sorry for all the pain i'm causing you. i'm sorry for everything.

he sighed as if he's been holding that in for a life time. but it relieved me too.

me: so why are you apologizing for? did you and daisy break up or something?

justin: break up? no way. mai, she wanted me to apologize to you. at first i didn't want to but she made me realize that i had to. mai, she isn't that bad once you get to know her.

me: 1) don't call me mai anymore. you were only to call me that because we were super close and that you were my boyfriend but that's changed. 2) i don't wanna accept that apology if it wasn't your idea. and 3) i don't care if daisy really nice when you get to know her because that's not gonna happen with me.

i entered the room and headed to my table. stacey was there waiting for me with a concerned face.

stacey: what happened?

right after she said that, that's when my least favorite couple walked inside. justin wouldn't even look at me but daisy did all the staring. i think that's why justin doesn't look at me anymore. daisy is doing it all for him.

me: nothing


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