[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 15
i hate her even more

kathleen: how are you and justin?

me: me and justin? wow, we broke up.

kathleen: are you serious? i thought you guys would get married. are you okay?

me: okay? not really. i hope it's a temperary break up.

kathleen: i hope so. good luck with that. catch you around.

    she stepped into her car and started the engine. she drove off from the gas station and onto the main road. when the gas flow stopped, i put the thing away and got into the car. it was on my way home from work on a monday night when i noticed that i needed some gas. i got out of the gas station and got onto the main road. i was really tired `cause i did every single assignment handed today and i had work too. i just wanted to sleep while i was driving but yeah...that's a bad idea.

    i yawned as i exited the freeway and i looked over to the car next to me...which was a truck. not just any truck but a silver tundra. the driver? justin delacruz. i watched him and i saw that he was laughing. why was he laughing? when he moved his head and i saw daisy's face. BXTCH!!! why the hell were they spending time together?

    i got home in five minutes and i decided to call justin to ask him what's up. i was super scared to call him but i needed to know what's going on with him and daisy. they've been spending too much time together.


justin: hello?

me: are you busy?

justin: i'm just on my way home. what's up?

    i hate it when he talks to me like that. he makes like everything is okay between but when it's the total opposite.

me: i know you're on your way home. i saw you on the road.

justin: really? where?

me: exiting the freeway. who was your friend in the passenger seat?

justin: oh her? my mom.

me: whatever justin. i saw who that was. that was daisy.

justin: so?

me: justin, what's up with you two?

justin: me and daisy? mai, she's my girlfriend.

    i was speechless. i didn't know what to say. it was like he stuck an arrown down my throat and down to my heart because my heart was hurting.

me: girlfriend? wow, and you didn't talk to me about it?

justin: what was there to talk about mai? do i need permission from my ex-girlfriend to ask another girl out?

me: justin, this isn't fair.

justin: life isn't fair.

me: ugh! why? why would you do this to me?

justin: do what? make myself happy which makes you miserable? why won't you just hook up with max?

me: me and max are just  <u>friends</u>!!

justin: me and daisy aren't. i'm happy with her. i think you should do the same and find someone else `cause mailyn, i'm over you.

    he didn't give me a chance to speak. he just hung up the phone. that's when my heart stopped and i collapsed onto my bed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    i woke up the next morning with a headache. i tried to get out of bed but my parents were right there staring at me. i looked at the time and it was 8:13AM. i was late for school!

mom: woah, where do you think you're going?

me: i'm late for school.

mom: you're not going to school today.

me: why not?

mom: you're going to the doctor. when i got home last night, i saw you collapse onto your bed. i tried waking you up but you wouldn't budge.

me: oh, wow.

mom: is everything okay?

me: mom, justin has a new girlfriend.

mom: really? omg, are you serious? who?

me: this new girl at school.

mom: really? no wonder i saw justin with this other girl the other day.

me: when?

mom: i forget but he was with this girl.

me: probably her then.

mom: but she's not that pretty. she's way better looking than you.

me: whatever. you're just saying that `cause you're my mom. she's really pretty.

mom: pretty? you better not be a lesbian. i want grandchildren you know.

me: mom!

mom: if you and justin had kids, they'd be the popular ones at school.

me: mom!

mom: okay, i'll stop. go get ready. maybe you can go to school after your appointment.

me: no. i don't wanna see justin and daisy together.

mom: are you sure? you can't avoid them forever.

me: i know but i can avoid them for now.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

stacey and steven came over my house after school was done. i guess they found out the news about justin and daisy because they looked disgusted.

stacey: you are SOOOO lucky you didn't come school today!

steven: it was so nasty. yuck, i can't get the picture out of my head.

me: why?

stacey: gross. when they kissed, it was like they were trying to shove their tongues down each others throat. eww!

me: and you steven thought that was nasty?

steven: it was! her tongue was a weird looking color!

me: you were watching them and staring at her <i>tongue</i>?

steven: no, when she talked. it was gross.

me: maybe she was eating candy?

stacey: i don't know but you gotta try break them up. she has the biggest eye problem. if i didn't know her, i might've thought she was checking me out.

steven: she's bi you know?

stacey: are you serious?!

steven: haha, no.

me: what can i do? i guess we're really over.

stacey: hello! you guys can't throw what you guys have after <b><u>ALL</b></u> you guys been through.

me: he said it himself that he was over me. i can't force him to fall back in love with me.

steven: i'll try talk to him. i'll make like that i'm love with you and see his reaction.

me: whatever. it's not gonna work.

steven: it will. trust me. i guarantee in a week that he'll be running back to you.


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