[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 14
spa with the guys

on sunday morning, i woke up to the stupidest thing. i thought it was my phone or the radio playing but when i woke up, i found steven beat boxing, jerome rapping and jeremy trying to dance. maybe if i pretend to still be asleep, they'll go away...but too late. i didn't shut my eyes fast enough. steven caught me awake.

steven: hey! wake up!

they jumped onto my bed and jumped like they were the twins. i swear, they are so immature. steven cuddling in my blanket with me and jerome and jeremy laid on by my feet.

me: what do you guys want?

jeremy startedd tickling my feet. i hated when they did that. whenever me and justin got into a small argument, i wouldn't want to talk to him. jeremy would pick me up and steven would hold my legs as justin took off my footwear and tickle my feet.

steven: we need an all-guys-day along with you.

jerome: we don't know what's going on with you.

jeremy: it's like you're a stranger to us.

it was true. when me and justin were together, we'd isolate ourselves from the group to flirt and stuff. now that we broke up, i've been coming to school late and during lunch, i'd isolate myself from the group. i'd be quiet and not talk to anyone.

me: so what's the plan for today?

steven: i know it sounds gay but it would be really good for you.

i got up from laying down. i looked down at all three of them who looked way too comfortable being in one bed with other guys. i poked steven's side and he flinched.

me: what is it?

steven: time to go to the spa!

me: spa? are you serious? who's idea was it?

jeremy told said it was steven's idea. steven said it was jerome's idea. jerome said it was jeremy's idea. i didn't know who to believe.

me: okay, i don't care who planned it. are you guys coming?

they all started smiling and nodded their head. what a bunch of gay guys.

me: thanks you guys. that's something i really needed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i laid on the massage bed with an uncomfortable feeling. i wasn't really covered. all i had was a towel around my waist and my boobs was bare on the table. not only that but i was in the room with three other guys. the massage therapists were running late.

me: you guys, don't you feel weird?

steven: not really. why? do you?

me: yeah.

jeremy: why? `cause of your boobs? don't worry. remember that one night?

me: what night?

steven: that time you flashed us? it was the same year that justin moved to reno. we had that good-bye party and you got drunk as hell!

omg, i didn't even know that.

me: wtf? are you serious?

steven: yeah! fxck, that was hilarious!

jeremy: you should've seen yourself!

i thought about it. i tried to remember and that's what happened. i remember everything.


we were at jeremy's house having a good-bye party for justin. he was moving in three days. i really wanted to cry  in justin's arms but everyone looked fine. it was like justin's wasn't even moving so i kept my emotions inside.

jeremy busted out the wine. i took the first drinks. it was cup after cup after cup. after the wine was gone, jeremy busted on the tequila. there were three different flavors and jeremy's older sister brought out the jello. they started making jello shots. i took the first five shots.

in no time, i started to black out. i remember everyone laughing at me. then it started getting hot. i was wearing a tube top. i don't remember flashing them but i remember that it slid down.


me: eww you guys! so shame already.

jeremy: c`mon lynn! we've known each other for how long already?

me: still yet! that's gross. i showed you guys my chuchas!

steven: that's okay mailyn. wanna make it even?

    he got up with that stupid towel around his waist. i knew what he was gonna do.

me: don't do it! that's gross!

    he started laughing. he got back onto the table.

steven: you seriously thought i was gonna show you my thoing-a-thoing?

me: uhh... yeah!

steven: yeah i was.

    i rolled my eyes and that's when we heard the doors. the massage therapists were here and i was so excited to get my massage. i closed my eyes when i heard the massage therapists talking.

mt#1: good, you guys got ready without us.

    this one sounds like a lady. by the tone of her voice, she sounds very friendly.

steven: yeah, we had a very interesting conversation.

me: omg steven. do NOT talk about that.

mt#2: oh really? sounds like a naughty conversation.

    this one sounds like a gay man. he sounded cool though.

me: omg steven! look what you did!

steven: hey! jeremy was the one who brought that up!

jeremy: you were the one who mentioned your boobs!

    the other massage therapists were really quiet. they were probably knew. they i looked over to my left where jerome was laying down.

me: jerome, why are you so quiet?

jerome: nothing.

steven: he feels awkward talking about your boobs.

me: it's not like he saw them.

jerome: actually, justin showed me a picture.

me: there's a picture? omg, so shame now! ugh.

    the room went quiet for a while. then all of a sudden, all three of them and probably along with the massage therapists, they started laughing. this is such an embarrassing moment.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i waited outside of the spa as the guys paid for our appointment. they kept arguing about who should pay. they didn't want the workers to seem like they were gay. i offered to go but they didn't want me too. since they couldn't decide, all three of them went. what a stupid idea right?

it started to get hot so i got up to head to the car but we took jeremy's car. he had the keys so i sat back down. i looked at my watch. three minutes has passed already. man, does it take that long to pay for a massage? steven's probably talking to the girl. i didn't get to really look at her but she looked pretty from where i was standing.

jeremy: see steven, you should've just went inside by yourself.

steven: now she thinks i'm gay.

finally they were here. we made our way to the parking lot when i felt something tickling my leg. i looked down and i found a loose thread from my capris on my leg. i tugged it off then...


i bumped into a car. the guys could help but laugh. i gotta admit, it was funny. i started laughing too. but was there anyone in the car? i looked at the car...a silver scion tc. oh shxt! please god i'm begging you. please don't let it be who i think it is.

max: mailyn?


me: hi max. sorry for bumping into your car. bye now.

i walked as fast as i could away from him. i could hear him calling my name. i made so many turns that even i didn't know where i was. i stopped for a while to locate where i was. that's when a heard a honk right in front of me. it was jeremy them. i hopped into the car as the three of them watched me.

jerome: who was that?

me: i don't know. no one. how should i know?

jerome: okay then.

jeremy started up the car and he backed up from the parking spot. when we went around the parking lot and passed by where i bumped into max, i reached for my necklace because that's what i do when i'm in a negative mood. i reached for my upped chest area and it was bare. i tried to feel for it around my neck...nothing. crap, that's why max was trying to call for me. max has my necklace. the necklace that justin gave to me. how am i gonna get it back?


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