[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 13
dan's party

it was finally friday and i couldn't take going to school. it's been three days and justin hasn't even <i>looked</i> at me. i haven't seen or talked to max almost. justin should be happy that max is out of my life. at least that's what i want to happen. my worst nightmare was coming true. the day after max quit, daisy came back to pacsun. she was looking for max, at least that's what trina told me. daisy bought this black and white FMF Mayhem hoodie. i hide in the back corner by the clearance section where people hardly come as i watched her buy it. the next day, i saw justin wearing the same exact thing.

tonight i had a party to go to. my co-worker dan was moving and he's been working at pacsun for three years. he was the first friend i made when i first started working there because stacey didn't start working there until three months later. dan goes to a private school so i hardly get to see him or even hang out with him...but whenever we're together, we act crazy like i do with my normal friends.

today i got my day off `cause i worked double time for the past couple of weeks so mr. munoz gave me the day off. i wanted to take a nap before the party. i knew it would be tiring because dan and his friends are party animals. i've met them before. let's say that last time i hung out with them, they had to carry me up to my room...literally. i got busted the following day.

school was really tiring today because there was a senior prom fashion show. senior prom is next week. i was supposed to go with justin but i guess i'm not anymore. oh well, he paid for me anyways. i crawled into my bed under the sheets and instantally, i was in a deep sleep.

<i>me and justin were in the back of his truck in the parking lot of a beach. the seniors at school were having a bon fire because today was their last day in school and graduation was in two weeks. i didn't want to go home since i just had a fight with my whole family. they wanted me to inherit the catering business my aunty and uncle owns. i told them no. i didn't want to run my own business.

justin: what are you gonna tell your family?

me: i already told them i don't want to.

justin: okay. just calm down. you looked really pissed off at the bonfire

me: i know.

justin: let's just stay here for a while.

justin had a matress thing on the back of his truck because we used to tease each other about being light so we sun bathed together. most of the time, it was just for cuddling. this was what i needed. we laid for a while in silence as i closed my eyes. my relaxtion was interupted when justin started freaking out that he saw a shooting star.

me: then make a wish.

justin: for what? i have everything i wanted.

me: hmm, i love you.

justin: i love you too.

we just stared at the stars and looked for constellations.

justin: i see the big dipper.

me: i see orion.

we even started to make our own.

justin: i see hello kitty.

me: i see pickachu.

justin: the stars even spells out words. look, over says "justin loves mailyn."

me: really? `cause over it says "mailyn and justin forver."

justin: i really like the stars tonight. over there is says "mailyn, will you marry me?"

me: congrats to the other mailyn.

justin: those stars say " you idiot, justin's asking you that."

me: oh.

i didn't know if he was serious or not. i didn't know what to say except "oh."

justin: mailyn lauren ferrero, i really do love you and i wanna spend my life with you. will you marry me?

me: wow, a shooting star.

justin: mai, i'm being serious.

me: that shooting spelt out something. it says "i do."</i>

i twitched when i felt something going up my nose. i opened my eyes and heard giggling. i gave a fake scream and tried to grab the twins. they started giggling and tried to run away but i was too fast. i got them and pulled them onto my bed. they both started to jump on bed and start screaming. i noticed that i had a headache so i told them to stop. they climbed down from my bed and ran out the door. i looked at the time and it was 5:43PM. i've been asleep for two hours. i shook my head and stretched as i got up. i headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower in cold water to wake me up.

ten minutes later, i got out of the shower and in my room, i noticed that my phone light was on. i checked it and i got a missed call. from who? justin! i was super excited so i called him. i hope he's gonna ask for me back.

justin: hello?

me: you called?

justin: oh yeah.

me: so what's up?

justin: nothing. i called the wrong number. i pressed the wrong speed dial button.

me: oh okay.

he hung up. i just wanted to cry. he doesn't even wanna talk to me. my dream was bullshxt already. we're done for good. he's never gonna forgive me. but i can't give up. gosh, i sound like a stupid cartoon character. hopefully the party takes me mind of this.

i ran out of my house wearing a black graffic shirt from charlotte ruuse[don't you think they have the best graffic tees?] with skinny jeans to meet up with stacey. we originally planned for me to drive but since i've been so depressed lately, she got scared that i was gonna break down out of nowhere and lose control of the car. she gets so paranoid.

stacey: hey sexy.

me: stace, no.

stacey: why not? that used to make you laugh all the time.

me: my point.

stacey went through a phase where she started talking "different." i don't know any other word to explain it. she'd try out different ways to talk. she started talking black then barbie kind and other stuff. i loved the conceited one. you know like bigego in ickest's videos?

we headed to dan's house which was on the other side of the island. that was another reason why we hardly hung out together. it was an hour drive.

we should've left early. by the time we got to his street, everywhere was packed. we had to drive in circles about five times until a neighbor allowed us to park in their driveway. it was a young couple. probably in their early twenties. the guy was pretty hot.

we got into the house and we heard the loudest yelling in the living room so we headed that way. we got into the living room and it was like everyone was waiting for us. everyone started cheering i was here and everyone started hugging me. stacey felt uncomfortable because she knew them but wasn't really close to any of them like i was.

dan: awwwright. the strippers are here!

i slapped his forehead as i sat between him and his best friend, ash. they were inseperable and they were the one who carried me up to my room.

ash: long time no see.

it really was a long time i've seen him. it's been almost a year. me and ash had a thing going on. i didn't really like him because that's when i was talking to justin at the time. we'd always flirt and stuff but never did anything. he was my little boy toy and i was his booty call. we'd just mess around with each other.

he had his arm around me and i didn't notice until i leaned against the couch. i almost jumped off the couch but he moved his arm. we were just smiling at each other. i looked away first when i heard yelling. someone else arrived...but not just anyone. it was...max! great.

ash: maxxy boy! sit down. sit down.

i watched him as i timed him to notice that i was here. one, two,three..

max: hi mailyn.

me: hey.

ash: you guys know each other?

me: we work together.

max: we <b>used</b> to work together.

me: how do <i>you</i> guys know each other?

max: school.

me: you go to a private school?

max: yeah. and?

me: you don't look like the private school type.

max just shrugged his shoulders. he's acting weird. he's not hitting on me or anything.

me: max, can i talk you to?..alone?

ash: maxxy's gonna get laid tonight!

me: can you shut the fxck up?

i grabbed max's arm and looked for stacey. okay, she's in the corner talking to trina. i pulled max into the backyard where dan's old playground use to me.

max: what's up?

me: you're acting weird.

max: how?

me: you're not hitting on me.

i got the answer i never thought of getting in a million years. his lips cut off mine. it took me a while to pull away.

me: what the hell was that for?

max: something i've been holding back.


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