[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 12
i hate her

i woke up the next morning and my head was sore. i got up and looked at the time. 7:31AM. oh shxt! i'm gonna be late for school! i stretched as i made my way to the bathroom. i had to rush- take a shower, do my hair and put on make up under half an hour. good thing i picked out an outfit to wear last night. hmm, last night. was it a dream? stratch that...a nightmare? i needed to talk to justin.

i reached school with five minutes to spare and i saw justin wasn't at our spot today. we usually hung out at the corner of the senior building. justin wasn't there. stacey looked at me weird.

me: yes?

stacey: you guys broke up didn't you?

me: when i woke up this morning, i just hoping it was just a nightmare. i can't believe it's really true.

stacey: i shouldn't went work last night. i could've prevented that from happening.

me: it's not your fault.

stacey: are you okay? your eyes are super puffy. you should've stayed home.

me: you shoud've seen him, stace. he was super pissed. i've never seen him like that. knowing him almost my whole life, i've been seen him that mad. he was always a happy person.

stacey: what were you doing with max anyways?

me: he had problems he was going through.

stacey: you're always doing the right thing.

me: yeah but justin saw it as me being on a date with him.

she gave me a hug. i didn't realize it but i was crying. i felt it roll down onto my arm when i hugged her back.

me: where is justin anyways?

stacey: i don't know.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

fourth period came. today, i didn't want to go to that class. yesterday i was super excited but today, it's the total opposite. good thing i had stacey with me. she helped me get to class. i didn't even know if justin came to school. i haven't seen him yet. hopefully he didn't come to school but i made stacey check the class just in case.

stacey: he's not there.

me: okay good.

i walked into class and we headed to our table. i saw daisy staring at me. i forgot all about that bxtch. i didn't tell stacey about daisy yet. i'll tell her later.

so i started to calm down since i knew i was super tense and shaking wondering if justin came to school. when the bell rang, i thought i was saved for the day...until the door opened and in walks in justin. my heart jumped and i started sweating. i just wanted to break down. my eyes were super messed up but justin's were perfectly fine. i doubt he cried over me last night. what a bxtch.

he looked at me and gave me his mad face. i'd usually laugh at it but today, it looked scary to me. instead of him sitting on our table, he sat on the table where daisy was sitting. she smiled at him when he sat down. she looked over my way and gave me a fake smile. i did the same.

stacey: who's that?

me: this new girl. her name is daisy.

stacey: oh, she's pretty.

me: i know but she's fxckin` trouble. my bxtchassness senses are tingling.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i didn't feel like going to work but i had to. i made stacey drive because i couldn't even concentrate walking. i bumped into five people today. i just wanted to stay home and eat ice cream forever. i had to hold onto stacey's arm and she held onto mine. i couldn't face max but too late. he saw us and he waved. i forced myself to smile.

stacey: are you sure you can handle this?

me: yeah.

we got to pacsun and headed straight to the back. i was in the lounge alone. the lounge wasn't that big but big enough to fit all the employees that had that shift. it had two couched on each side and a circle coffee table in the middle. i sat in the back corner just thinking. my think was interupted when max walked in. he sat on the same couch but sat two feet away from me.

max: if i knew that was gonna happen last night, i would've left you alone.

me: you know how he acted at the club.

max: but i didn't know he'd break up with you.

me: that's just how he is.

max: i'm sorry. if you want, i can just talk to him.

me: even if there's bars between you guys, he'll try find a way to get you.

max: i'm really sorry mailyn. what can i do to make it up to you?

me: leave me alone and get out of my life.

max: is that what you really want?

me: if i didn't meet you, this wouldn't have happened.

max: okay, if that's what you want.

me: yeah, that's what i want.

max: i'll quit too. i'll quit working here.

me: you can't do that.

max: i can, and i will. mailyn, today is my last day.

i felt bad. i really didn't want him to quit. he needs the money to support himself. if i talk him into staying, he'll get the wrong idea.

me: are you sure?

max: mailyn, it's okay. c`mon, don't worry about me.

he patted my shoulder and got up. he fixed his black zoo york shirt before he smiled and headed out the door. i started to follow him to grab the new shipping of clothes but before i stepped out into the store, i saw daisy in the guys' section. oh yes, she has a boyfriend.

max: damn she's hot.

me: that's daisy.

max: you know her? hook me up boo.

me: i don't like her.

max: why not?

i looked over back at her. she was checking out the jackets. i looked around for stacey. i couldn't see her. i came up with a plan.

me: i know a way to make it up to me.

max: what?

me: go talk to her and help her out. ask her who the jacket's for.

max: okay.

he put down the box and he headed towards her. i was getting super giggly. i put down my box also and sat on it as i watched max work his magic.


how is this making it up to her? oh well. damn, daisy's looking at me. she just smile. damn that's a hot smile. she came up to me first.

daisy: do you have any other jackets?

me: we just got a new shipping but you have to come back tomorrow.

daisy: oh okay.

me: yeah, sorry.

daisy: that's okay. hmm, you're a guy. what would you want from this store?

me: is this for a boyfriend?

daisy: actually, no. it's for a guy friend. it's a thank you gift for spending time with me for these past few days. i'm new here and justin was my first friend.

me: justin? cool. maybe you'll find something for him tomorrow. good luck though.

she gave me that sexy smile before she turned around and headed outside. i head back to mailyn who looked like she was watching the whole time.


me: soo?

max: it's for justin.

me: my justin?

max: she said her guy friend.

me: oh hell. it better not be my justin.

max: but she's hot.

me: i know. that's what i'm afraid of.


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