[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 11
justin blows up

justin felt bad about getting me mad during fourth period. he even tried to talk to me during our readings but i just exploded and i got in trouble. i ended up getting detention. so he felt even more bad. i had to stay after school in mr. wong-wai's class just to sort out his papers. it took me only five minutes. we never really had any big detentions.

so i left mr. wong-wai's room and justin was waiting for me. he was sitting down leaning against the wall. he looked so stupid...in a cute way. i stood by the door looking down at him. he smiled at him and he smiled before he got up. when he got up, he stood there looking at me with his sad face he gives me when he feels bad about getting me mad. i've been getting that face for a while but i'm not getting tired of it. when he swayed back and forth not knowing if i'm mad still, he wouldn't really look at me.

me: get over here you idiot.

he had a smile on his face. his mood just changed completely.

justin: i'm sorry.

me: i know.

justin: you have work right?

me: yeah.

justin: i'll drop you off. i have work too.

me: are you sure?

justin: yeah. i have my uniform with me. i'll just get ready at your house.

me: okay.

an hour later, me and justin were driving our way to pearlridge where i worked. he worked at the airport which was a ten minute drive without traffic. i was really tired and i didn't really feel like talking to him. he thought i was mad at him.

justin: what's wrong?

me: i'm just tired.

justin: oh okay.

me: yeah.

justin: so i tried calling you last night.

me: oh, my phone was acting retarded.

justin: how'd you get home?

me: i took the bus.

justin: you know how i feel about you riding the bus that late.

me: well i had to use my dad's old car.

justin: oh.

me: i locked the keys inside.

justin: why didn't you call someone?

me: like i said earlier, my phone was acting retarded.

justin: oh yeah. are you mad?

me: no.

i wasn't. i felt awkward talking about last night because of the whole ride with max. i wanted to tell him because he had the right to tell the truth but i knew he was gonna blow up. he didn't even know that max and i were working together.

justin: i'll take you home from now on okay? now i don't have to worry about you getting home late at night.

me: sure.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

the whole mall had to close early. these stupid freshman from some other schools that were rivals chose pearlridge to start a fight. what idiots. some were running from each other and some were taking advantage of the workers and security guards being distracted with the fight that they started to steal stuff from stores. we had to close an hour earlier. this meant that i had to wait an hour until justin's shift ended at starbucks. stacey called in sick.
i closed my locker and i found max leaning against his smiling at me.

max: so <i>mailyn</i>, where are you going after this?

me: home.

i couldn't stand that guy. i just ignored him and i left him. i made it out of the store and i thought i was free. when i heard footsteps behind me, i knew i wasn't. but i turned around to make sure. yups, that was him following me.

max: c`mon, i know our first impression at the club was bad but you wanna start over?

me: actually yeah. let's make pretend that we <i>didn't</i> see each other that the club.

max: c`mon, stop doing that. you're turning me on.

me: why don't you just turn it off?

max: c`mon, let me take you to buy jamba juice or something?

in matter of fact, i was gonna go get some jamba juice before i went home. that isolated part of the mall wasn't closing. and he'll pay for mine so sure. gosh, i just talked myself into hanging out with a guy justin will probably kill if he found out.

max: so?

me: you got 20 minutes.

max: great.

    he rode his scion to jamba juice. good thing we did. i almost fell asleep in the car even though it was a 3 minute drive.

max: what do you want? wait, let me guess. white gummy bear?

me: how'd you know?

max: you look like the white gummy bear type.

me: oh.

max: plus that's what i get all the time.

justin hated when i got white gummy bear. he always told me to get something that had a fruit in the name like strawberry wild or mango-go-go. that's why i didn't get jamba juice whenever i was with him.
after max got the two smoothies, we sat down on the little tables outside. we sat in silent for a while but he broke the silence.

max: so...?

me: so what?

max: so what? so what? i don't care what they say `cause you're my boyfriend, you'll always be there for me. something something, i forgot the words but i used to love this song.

i giggled. i actually <u>giggled</u>. i slapped myself in my mind. i felt so bad for taking that offer last night and now i'm at jamba juice with him. and i'm actually giggling. i just hope justin would call. oh yes, and he did. i answered the phone interupting max with his sentence he was saying.

justin: i heard that you guys closed early tonight.

me: yeah.

justin: my shift is almost over.

me: oh okay. i'll be at jamba juice.

justin: drinking what?

me: orange dream. don't worry.

justin: okay. i'll be there in half an hour.

me: okay, i love you.

justin: i love you too.

i hung the phone. i felt so bad. i'm lying to justin. i should tell him. i WILL tell him.

max: your boyfriend?

me: yeah.

max: i envy justin. he actually gave up his singing carreer to be with you.

me: yeah. i love him so much for that.

max: i wish i had that kind of relationship.

me: really?

max: yeah. i never really had a good relationship. they all ended up-gosh, why am i telling you?

me: it's okay. maybe i can help. it's so hard for just to find help. i think girls give the best advice.

max: my first girlfriend. she cheated on me. but she kept telling me "i love you. i don't know why i did that." so i took her back. until i found out she was cheating again. this time, i didn't take her back. even though it took a while, i moved on. then i found someone else. she was way better than the first girl. until she passed away. i just gave up on love. then i met this other girl. she made me feel so special. eventually, her parents found out. they told her to break up with me but she kept telling them she loved me too much. so they kicked her out. she lived on the streets for about a month. i would've let her stay at my house but her parents put a restraining order on me so i wouldn't go next to her or even have any communication with her. she was my last girlfriend.

wow. he's been through a lot. i didn't know what to say. even though me and justin fight a lot, everyone admires the relationship we have. i never realized how special my relationship is compared to others. i just looked at him. i didn't expect this but he ended up crying. i gave him a hug to comfort him and he cried on my shoulders. this lasted for a while but he stopped about ten minutes later.

max: i'm sorry. i just never really told anyone this. i mean, i have friends but i can never talk to them like this. they'll just laugh at me.

me: i hate those kind friend. those aren't really friends. you need new friends.

max: i know but they helped me through other things. my longest friend, derrick took care of me for a year when my father died and my mom went crazy.

me: do you have any siblings?

max: my father killed them. me and my mom weren't home because i was crying the whole day about getting a toy.

me: that was your family? omg, i'm sorry. i didn't know.

max: no, i'm sorry. that's why i act really weird around you. i just want a friend.

me: i can be your friend.

max: what about your boyfriend? don't you think he'll be pissed?

me: he doesn't have to know.

it was too late. when i saw max's face staring my way looking pass my shoulders, i knew what was gonna happen.

justin: mailyn you bxtch!

me: justin, i know you're mad.

justin: no, i'm fxckin` happy that you're out on a DATE with someone else.

me: date? justin. he's just my co-worker. justin! he's having some problems and i'm helping him.

max: i'm sorry. i'll just go.

justin: no! stay here but don't fxckin` say anything and don't interupt us.

me: justin, stop it!

justin: stop it? okay fine i'll stop...our relationship!

me: justin!

he was pissed. i've never seen him this pissed. i thought he was gonna hit me but he just stormed on his way to his car.

me: aren't you gonna take me home? justin, i'm sorry. can't we just talk about it?

justin: go talk to your new boyfriend and ask him for a ride. i don't wanna deal with you anymore.


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