Do You Want to Die?
Author: Nikki Neon

Chapter 11
Chapter 11

Chapter 11


            “Hey, do you think she’s OK?”  Rodney asked tentatively.  They had just watched Aarons mother run out of the house, screaming and crying.  Aaron looked down and shook his head.  He knew that she would die. 

            “It’s just us now guys.”

            “What are we going to do?”  Rodney whispered. 

            “We have to get out.”  Aaron answered.

            “What?”  The two boys asked at once.

            “We’re no longer safe here.  A window is broken and there could be more coming here.  Our best bet is to leave while we’re still alive.” 

            “Where would we go?”  Bailey asked. 

            “Probably the high school.  It’s right down the street and it’s built well enough to stand an attack.”  The two boys nodded their heads. 

            “We should only take what’s important.  There is a small grocery store across from the school.  As soon as we secure the building we can go and get some supplies if we need to.”  The boys packed up what was important and set about getting ready for their travel. 

            “Aaron…are we leaving?”  The teenager turned to see his sister. 

            “Yes…it’s…it’s not safe here anymore.” 

            “Is mommy coming back?”

            “No…mommy…mommy…”  Aiko put a finger to her brother’s lips, and she nodded her understanding.  She knew what had happened to their mother.  Moreover, she was not going to shed a single tear right now.  She was growing up much too quickly, thought Aaron.  Aiko picked up a gun, looked at the full clip and nodded her head. 

            “I’m ready to leave big brother.”  Aaron looked back at the others and they nodded their heads.  Bailey and Aaron set the ladder down and they all left the house behind as quietly as they could manage.

            When Aaron was sure that there were not any zombies ahead of them for a while, they ran ahead.  They had mapped out a clear course to the school.  They were not going to be taking any chances.  When they had arrived at the building, they rushed inside quickly.  It was dark inside and Aaron was thankful they had remembered flashlights. 

“Guys, we’re going to have to turn the main power back on.  Then our job will be to clear the school and set up a barricade.”  They all nodded their heads, knowing that they would have to split up after the power came on.  The three boys all formed a circle around Aiko, to protect her.

            The group worked their way down to the basement, without seeing anything threatening.  Bailey could hear Aiko’s heart pounding and he rubbed her back.  She smiled at him, grateful.  When they had made it to the basement, they looked around for the main power switches. 

“Aaron, I’ve got it!”  Rodney whispered excitedly. 


            Bailey answered and ran over.  He was the group’s technical guru.  Anything technical was Bailey’s business.  He ran over and examined the switches closely before flipping a few of them.  They all blinked a few times before getting used to the immense amount of light in the building.

“Good job!”  Aaron said.  Then he looked sad. 

“We have to split up now, to take care of the zombies in the building.”  They all looked sad but said nothing.  If they said goodbye, it would feel like the end. 

“Aaron, I think that I should go with Aiko.  If something happened to you she’d get frightened, and you’re just not the best shot.”  Bailey whispered.  Aaron knew he was right, but it was still hard to say goodbye to his little sister. 

“Aiko, you’ll be safer with Bailey then you will be with me.  So you’re going with him, OK?”

             She nodded her little head and threw her arms around her brother, her only family left.  She kissed his cheek and walked over to Bailey.  She grabbed the boys hand and they walked up the stairs. 

“I guess that leaves you and me.”  Rodney said gruffly.  Aaron just nodded his head.  He did not trust himself to speak. 

            Aaron got up off the ground and started up the stairs, Rodney right behind him.  They saw Bailey and Aiko walking carefully off to the left so they went to the right and started carefully searching every single room. 


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