[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 10
the new girl in school

justin: i can't wait until i see you. it's been so long.

me: justin, we saw each other yesterday.

justin: really? man. when you're in love, it feels longer.

    he wasn't the only one that was excited to meet up. i really wanted to see him. not talking to him last night and actually getting a ride from max made me realize that i should pay more attention to justin. i've been waiting at home for ten minutes. justin was taking me to school this morning and i was waiting for him to get here. 

justin: mai, i'm outside of your house.

me: okay, i'm coming out.

    i hung up the phone and head for the door. i grabbed my flats by the door and put them on as i stepped out of the door. i had one on one foot and when i went to switch feet, i lost my balance but the wall broke my fall. sadly, i still hit my head against the wall. that's about 500 brain cells lost. at least it's better than losing blood. i saw justin leaning on his car trying so hard not to laugh at me but when he saw me rubbing my head, he bursted out laughing.

me: shut up.

justin: okay, i'm sorry.

    he gave me a hug and carried me up in the air and spun me around. i loved it whenever he did that because that meant he was in a good mood...and i was too.

justin: are you okay? do you need to go to the emergency room or something?

me: it will feel better if you kiss it.

justin: where's your boo boo?

me: right here.

    i pointed to the point which was on the side of my head. he grabbed my face and kissed the spot that hurted.

justin: better?

me: yes. man, you should become a doctor for trauma patients.

justin: no. that means i'll have to kiss all those heads.

me: eww, gross.

justin: not <i>that</i> kind head.

me: i know.

justin: why you thinking like that for?

me: c`mon justin. we have two more months to go.

justin: you think we're gonna make it?

me: of course.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i was so excited to get to fourth period. i had justin in that class. that was the only class i had justin in which was chinese. i wanted to take spanish but justin would always talk about going to china and visit the great wall so he conviced me to take chinese. for some reason, i was really excited to see justin. i watched the clock during the last five minutes of class. i wanted that release bell to ring.


and it did. my third period class was four rooms over from my fourth so i took my time getting there because justin's third period class was in another building. as i took my walk to fourth period, i heard a few of the seniors talking about this new girl. they kept making comments about how hot she was. i thought it was funny. so i walked into fourth period and sat on our normal round table that me and justin sat on along with stacey and other people. stacey didn't come to school today because she got sick from jerome. he didn't come to school either. so i sat alone at the table for a while until i saw justin come into class. he smiled at me and gave me a hug.

me: missed me?

justin: it's been three period since i last saw you. of course i did.

i love it whenever justin sweet talks me. i can see how he got <u>all</u> those other 52 past girlfriends and 42 girls that crushed on him. yes i counted but whatever, he's mine now. his one and only.

the tardy bell rang and our teacher, mr. wong-wai started to past out our last testwe took two days ago. i got 93 out of 100. justin got 94 out of 100. that bxtch. we started comparing answers because i didn't understand how he got a higher score that i did. he copied off my paper since we had a sub that day.

me: that's not fair!

justin: you're just jeal-wow.

me: huh?

i saw justin's face and i saw that he was looking right pass me. i turned around to see who he was looking at and i saw this tall girl. she was wearing a short pink dress with white legs that stopped under her knees. she had shiny black hair that stopped right at her bra line. she was pretty. she had a perfect body and a great tan...bxtch.

girl: hi, i'm new here.

i looked at justin who was still looking at her. i slapped his face with the paper but he didn't budge. i turned back around to look at her but i noticed that all the guys in class was staring at her.

mr. wong-wai: take a seat anywhere.

she sat at the front row where no one sat. even though she was fxckin` jealously pretty, she was shy. she sat in the corner where even the geeks don't sit.

me: she's probably the girl i heard everyone talking about.

justin wasn't paying attention. i poked his face and he didn't budge. he was still staring at her. i looked back and i saw that she was staring back at him but looked away when she saw me staring at her. i looked back at justin and he was looking at both our papers making like he was doing that the whole time.

me: i admit. she's hot.

justin: who are you talking about?

me: no act keh? i saw you staring.

justin: the new girl? yeah, i saw her around campus.

i looked at him and he'd try to steal glances that her. he'd blink and look at me but blink and look at her and blink again to look at me. i just ignored it for a while. i started reading our essays which was also copied word for word. i looked up and saw that justin saw staring at her again.

me: why won't you just sit by her? go talk to her and ask her to be your friend. she's really pretty,

justin: no.

me: why not? i know you want to. i can see in your eyes that you really wanna talk to her.

justin: i'm not even looking at her.

me: yes you are. you're about to get an orgasm already from staring at her.

justin: mailyn.

me: you know what? i'll go talk to her for you.

justin: mailyn, don't.

he tried to grab my arm but too late. i was already standing up. i walked over to her and sat on the chair that shared with the big table.

me: hi.

girl: hi.

me: what's your name?

girl: i'm daisy.
let's start calling her dasiy now.

me: pretty name for a pretty girl.

daisy: thanks.

she looked so nervous. it looked like she was about to cry. she kept clicking her pen which was kinda irritating and she kept looking around.

me: yeah, even my <i>boyfriend</i> thinks so.

daisy: boyfriend?

me: yeah. you know that guy sitting by me over there in the pool of drool? that's my boyfriend.

she looked over my shoulder to see who i was talking about. whatever. she made like that she didn't know who i was talking about.

daisy: isn't that justin delacruz? you know? shiny?

me: so you know him? did you have a celeb crush on him?

daisy: not really. i just loved his songs.

me: aww really? justin will be crushed if he found out. he's so used to girls throwing themselves at him. i'll talk you into doing that.

daisy: huh?

me: so you're a senior?

daisy: yeah.

me: wow, that's sad. you have to spend the rest of your senior year which is like 2 months in a new school.

daisy: i kinda had to. i got kicked out.

me: ooh, bad girl. justin likes that.

daisy: isn't he your boyfriend?

me: yeah but....

mr. wong-wai: mailyn, i can see that you're trying to welcome daisy but can you please do that after class? i need to talk to you guys about your tests. i'm not really happy about it.

me: i'll talk to you later.

she gave me a smile and i did the same. i got out of the table and head back for mine as i rolled my eyes after talking to daisy. i know she's fake. the way she looked at me when i said that justin was my boyfriend. whatever.

justin: why'd you have to do that for?

me: now you know how i felt when you just went up to max at the club.

justin: that was last week. you're still mad about that? i apologized for doing that.

me: but still. that's not fair for me. so shame!

justin: so you're trying to get back at me for doing that to you?

mr. wong-wai: that old married couple back there. can you please continue your argument at home?

i was pissed. i didn't want to talk to justin, i wanted to punch that stupid teacher in the face and i wanted to rip my test in half. i just wanted to pay attention to nothing but the lesson. we had a final coming up soon so i looked at the board. in the corner of my eye, i saw this pink thing. i looked and it was daisy staring this way. i almost forgot about her. she gave me and smile and i did the same. a real one this time. she might be okay actually. i started to turn my attention back to the board but i saw daisy roll her eyes at me. whatever, she's trouble. note to self-stay away from her but keep a look out.


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