[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 9
get away from me max

 me and stacey were in justin's car as he drove us home. we just finished school and i wanted to get home immediately. i was cranky since i had my period and i had work in an hour and a half. i was trying to calm myself down since i was getting paranoid about being late when i felt something poke my side.

me: what?

justin: there's no gas!

    i looked at the gas meter and the arrow thing was at full. what a liar!

me: no there isn't. it's still full look!

    justin hit the dashboard and the arrow went to empty. great.

justin: it's been stuck ever since yesterday. i didn't notice.

me: can we at least push the car aside?

justin: that's a good idea. you and stace push the car andd i'll steer.

me: haha, you're so funny justin.

justin: no mailyn. i'm fxckin` serious. you and stace go push outside.

    justin poked my side and just smiled at him. i wasn't in the mood. i just wanted to smack him across his face. what he was trying to make us do was pissing me off. but i didn't want to look at him face so i went outside and i rolled my eyes.

    it didn't really take us that long to go on the side of the road. me and stacey were really strong. i think it was because i was pissed off and wanted to get out of there. when the car was on the side, justin got out of the car and gave me and stacey a smile as we just leaned against the car.

justin: my phone can't call out.

me: i gave no batteries.

stacey: i forgot my phone at home.

    so sad i swear. when a bus passed by, i looked in my pocket and my bag for money. i only had 49 cents. justin had no money, only his credit card. stacey had a dollar but it was ripped in half. we weren't gonna get on the bus. gosh we were screwed. the only way to get home was to walk.

me: but it's sooooo far!

justin: by the time i get home, george lopez is gonna be over!

    it would probably take us an hour to get home. we walk reeeeeeeally show.

stacey: well that's your problem.

me: huh?

    stacey put on her backpack and grabbed a scooter from the back of the truck. she unfolded it. she got on it and started to pedal away.

me: wtf stacey?

stacey: my korean drama is gonna be on!

    me and justin watched stacey pedal away. as we did, we just laughed and i was happy. i wasn't in that bad mood i was in ten minutes ago.

justin: i guess we have to walk home.

me: but it's gonna take forever.

justin: but at least we get to spend some time together right?

    he put his arms around me and gave me a wet kiss on my cheek.

me: eww, gross. it's wet.

justin: want me to lick it off for you?

me: no thanks.

* * * * * * * * * *

the customer looked at me like i just woke up from a coma. well i WAS tired. after taking half an hour to walk home, i was really tired and i didn't get to take my nap. but it was okay. walking home with justin made me see the deep side i usually see privately. he was tellling me the reasons why he loved me. i counted 35 reasons why. my favorite one was when he said the whenever i borrow his clothes, there's his scent on it and i wear it long enough where you can smell mine too. he said our scents combined smells good and that the scents are perfect together like me and him.
customer: don't forget the shoes.

    i scanned the box of shoes and looked at the screen.

me: the [yawn] total [yawn] is $94.23.

    i watched the customer reach into his pocket. meanwhile, i have some time to think. so where was i again? oh yeah...and the whole time we were walking, he had his arm around me. he made like i was gonna run away if he let go of me.

customer: excuse me, miss. here you go.

    i shook my head and saw that the middle school looking boy hand me the money. i grabbed the money which was a hundred dollar bill. where the hell did he get the money?

me: your change is $5.77.

    i handed him the change and he grabbed my hand. gross! i looked at him and that doofus was smiling.

customer: thanks. btw, your hand is soft...and i think your hot.

    good thing the store was already closing. i just rolled my eyes and walked away from the cash register.

me: stupid. i should tell justin.

    i fixed the clothes a bit and dusted the shelves before i headed to my locker. by my locker was max, that new cute guy and the guy from the club. i haven't talked to him yet but stacey did yesterday.

max: hey    .

    i looked at him with a confused but shocked look that he said hi.

me: hey.

max: soo...i'm max.

me: yeah, i know.

max: what's your name?

me: i don't think i should tell you.

max: protective boyfriend?

me: you tell me.

max: that's okay, i understand.

me: yeah.

    i grabbed my backpack and put in over my right shoulder and clocked out and headed out.
    i got to my car in the parking lot and i heard footsteps behind me. i looked over and it was max. his car was next to mine.

max: so we meet again.

    i ignored him. i just stuck my hand into my backpack to find my keys. it wasn't in the small pocket. so i took off my backpack and searched in the big pocket. it wasn't in there. i checked my pockets and it was all empty. where the fxck is it? i looked inside the car and omg! there it was on the floor!

max: having trouble?

    i ignored him again and just looked at the stupid keys laying there on the floor. i had to borrow my dad's old car. you know those cars where you have to lock it with the keys of lock it from the inside. those old cars that you can't just press a button to lock or unlock it? yeah, i had to use my dad's since my parents were using it. they didn't have time to clean it and the honda accord was shipped to colorado for byran. i was stuck with the old nissan. now my keys were locked in the car. my battery was acting retarded.

max: if you need a ride, i'm right here.

    i rolled my eyes and got into his car. it was a kia spectra. outside looked super pimped out but inside was pretty messy but i didn't mind.

max: before i even put the keys into the ignition, i need to know the name of my passenger.

me: one: pay attention to mr. munoz next time he introduces us. two: i had a name tag but i guess you don't know who to read. three: don't think that you'll be talking to me often. this is a one time thing.

max: ooooh, a girl who likes it her way, i like.

me: can you just take me home already before i change my mind?

    he was driving pretty slow. i think he was stalling `cause he kept trying to talk to me. i just ignored him or gave him one word answers. it was super irritating. it usually takes me about half an hour to get home. this time, it took 50 minutes. it felt forever. i was hoping that justin would call so i had someone to talk to and to keep me busy and to remind max that i had a boyfriend. but at the same time, i didn't want justin to call because he's ask me where i was and how i got home if i told him about me locking the keys inside the car. you'll never know if max would make noise making justin mad while i talked to him. good thing justin didn't.
    when i finally got home, i didn't bother saying bye. i didn't want him to get the wrong idea but it's not like i cared. i didn't like him. he was too cocky and i just knew justin would get mad if he found out that not only i'm working with max but i got a ride from him.

    i got to my room and collapsed onto my bed and feel asleep when i landed on my pillows.


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