[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 8
justin's surprise

it was tuesday morning and justin's been acting really weird around me. every morning, he'd usually call me and make sure i had a ride to school but today, he wouldn't even answer his phone. so i went to school by myself. if we don't ride to school together, justin would usually wait for me in the parking lot in one of the guys' cars but they said that justin "went to class" when i got to school. was he cheating on me?
    the first period bell rang and i headed to my class. i got to the door when i remembered justin's class was right next to mine. i took a peek into the class and didn't see him. i was a little upset since justin's avoiding me today. i started heading to my class with my head down when i heard a familar voice calling my name.

justin: mailyn! mailyn!

    i turned around and saw justin running for me. now  i was happy. i thought he was just gonna run up to me and hug me but he jumped into my arms first and gave me a hug. instead of him carrying me, i was carrying him. we collasped and got up immediately when we saw the principal heading our way. when he was out of plain sight, justin gave me a kiss and hugged me again.

me: what was that for?

justin: i missed you.

me: yeah, what's up with this morning? you didn't call me, you didn't answer your phone and where were you with the guys? you better not be cheating on me.

justin: oh sorry. you know it's kinda hard to juggle two girlfriends at once.

    i slapped his arm. he gave a small scream and started rubbing it. he was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt so i slapped his bare skin.

justin: i was just kidding!

me: you better be.

justin: since you slapped me, i'm not giving you your surprise.

    my eyes lite up and i was smiling. he hardly gave me surprises. we were together twenty-four seven so it was kinda hard for him to give me surprises.

me: okay, i'm sorry justin for slapping you. i'm very sorry.

justin: so fake your apology.

me: fine then. no need give me your surprise. that means that you wasted all that money for me.

    i started heading to class when justin pulled my arm and spun me around.

justin: okay fine then. i'll give it to you. meet me by our tree after school. we'll take your car. i got a ride from steven this morning.

me: gimme a hint to what it is.

justin: it will make you scream.

    he spun around and walked into his class. i was gonna chase after him but the bell rang again so i left it as it was. i had to go to class. i couldn't be late...but it will make me scream? what was is?

* * * * * * * * * *

    i was playing with my backpack as i waited for justin by our tree. i've been waiting here for 5 minutes looking like a loner and he wasn't here yet. i decided to sit down on the bench twn feet away from the tree but as i started walking there, the sprinklers turned on the i had to run onto the cement. i looked around and no sight of justin so i decided to wait in my car.
    when i got to my car, i saw steven and jeremy along with some girls that i didn't know. steven must've scored some freshmen because they looked pretty young.

me: hi you guys.

jeremy: where's justin?

me: i don't know.

jeremy: you know that guy has been on the phone a lot for the past few days. when i keep asking who it was, he would just say "this girl."

me: really?

jeremy: yeah. i just wanted to tell you since you since like you saw something bad.

me: no. but thanks for telling me about this.

jeremy: no problem.

    jeremy gave me a hug before i got into my car. i grabbed my other backpack from the back to grab my bra that i left at stacey's house during spring break to ask about justin and see if he acted weird when i asked him.
    i looked out the window and saw justin on the phone. was it the same girl he's been talking to for the past few days jeremy told me about? the driver's seat door opened the justin stepped inside without being on the phone. he looked at me and smiled then leaned for a kiss but i showed him the bra.

me: what's this?

justin: a bra?

me: yeah, but who's one is this? jeremy told me you forgot this in his car this morning.

justin: i don't know what you guys are talking about. why would i have a bra?

me: are you sure? they told me you've been acting weird lately and what's up with you avoiding me this morning?

    i looked at justin and he was totally confused. then i knew he wasn't cheating on me. i gave him and hug and gave him a long kiss. he then pulled away.

justin: do you have your period?

me: no. i just wanted to test you.

justin: on what?

me: nothing. so what's my surprise?

    justin stuck his hand into his backpack. i started excited when he started to take his hand out but it was only his green bandana.

justin: put this on.

me: why?

justin: just put it on.

me: no. what if you rape me? justin, i don't wanna get rape by my own boyfriend.

justin: mailyn, i'm not gonna rape you.

me: you promise?

justin: pinky promise.

    justin held out his pinky and i grabbed it with my pinky.

me: okay good.

    i put on the bandana and justin started up the car. the only thing i could think of was where was he taking me?
    about an hour later, i heard justin turn off the engine.

justin: we're here.

me: can i take off my blindfold?

justin: wait, let me get you out first.

    i heard justin open his door. in a few seconds, i heard justin open my door. justin held my hand as he held me out of the car. he then told me to walk slowly following him and made me stop. he then took of his bandana off my face and the first thing i saw was that we were on a bridge. i looked over justin's shoulder since his big head was in my way and saw people i haven't seen before. there was a lady that looked like she was in her mid-twenties that looked pretty tick. she had dirty blond hair and it was tied in a bun. she was setting up with this equipment that i don't know about. helping her looked like her husband. he had brown hair and was really tick. after we waited for a while then they started to shake justin's hand.

justin: mailyn, this is mr. and mrs. johnson. mr. and mrs. johnson, this is my girlfriend, mailyn.

    i shook their hand as they both looked at me and smiled.

mrs. johnson: aww, she's more beautiful in person.

mr. johnson: you know this guy really loves you mailyn.

me: huh?

mrs. johnson: it was really hard to try and get your parents consent but justin got it.

mr. johnson: it was fun though, keeping this a secret.

me: justin, what are they talking about?

justin: remember our last anniversary, i asked you if you'd go bungee jumping and you said with me jumping down with you holding you, yes?

me: yeah.

justin: here's our chance to do it.

me: really?

justin: that's why i was avoiding you this morning. i had to make sure everything was going good.

me: how long have you been planning this?

justin: a week.

me: 'cause jeremy told me you were on the phone a lot and just talking to some girl.

justin: that was mrs. johnson. i had to make sure i had everything to allow us to do this.

me: aww, that's soo sweet.

    i started bouncing and gave him a hug. then i gave him a quick peck. then i looked and saw that mr. and mrs. johnson was watching us.

mr. johnson: c`mon mailyn. that's what you call a kiss?

    justin was still holding onto me and he leaned in for another kiss. this time, it wasn't just a peck but i don't really believe in PDA so i pulled away.

me: so how are we gonna do this?

    mrs. johnson gave me the harness and everything to put on me and mrs. johnson gave justin his. after we put on our equipment, the hooked our stuff together so we can jumped together and not get separated.

justin: are you scared?

me: you won't let me go right?

justin: even if i did, we'll still be together.

me: okay.

    we got on the ledge and just jumped off when mr. johnson said to jump. i was screaming the whole time. i was still screaming when we stopped bouncing. i think i might've made justin deaf. but it was fun. it was something that i didn't think i had guts to do but i felt safe having justin holding the whole time.
    when we finally were back to solid ground, i was cheering and bouncing before we got into the car.

justin: i'm glad you love this surprise.

me: and i love the person who set up this whole surprise.


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