[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 7
breakfast with justin

the next morning, justin woke me up super early. he felt super bad about what happened last night.

justin: i wanna take you our for breakfast before you go to work.

me: sure, i'd love to.

justin: i'm just super sorry about what i did last night.

me: okay, i have work in three hours.

justin: hurry up. i'll be there in an hour.

    45 minutes passed and i was still getting ready. i was home alone and i heard footsteps coming up the stairs. i looked out my window and saw justin's truck in the driveway. i went back to what i was doing and then...

    justin was outside of my door wearing a fxckin` scary halloween mask. he was rolling on the ground laughing his ass off. i slammed the door and went back to getting ready, then i heard pounding on my door. i opened it and justin ran inside and tackled me onto my bec and held me tight. then he started kissing me.

me: you're 15 minutes early

justin: i couldn't wait to see you.

me: aww.

justin: sorry for scaring you.

me: it's okay.

justin: at least i got to tackle you onto bed.

me: you know i'm home alone. we're the only ones here.

    he started to smile. he got up and picked me up bridal style from my bed and carried me down the stairs to get me into to kitchen. his fantasy is to lose his virginity on the kitchen counter because he knows that i cook majority of the time and if we actually do it on the kitchen counter, it will gross me out. i was sitting on the counter and he was standing in front mf me between my legs. we were making out and i could tell he really wanted to do more. he kept kissing me but not just on my lips. he started kissing me on my neck and touching other placed. i looked at the time on my microwave. it was 7:23. i had work at 9. we started making out some more and just to tease him, i started moaning but not too loud, enough to making him think he's gonna get what he wants. when he started to lift up my shirt, i stopped. he backed away and got off the conuter. i exited the kitchen with a smile on my face. i turned around and signaled him to come with me. then we headed up to my room.

* * * * * * * * * *

    we got to ihop and my stomach was growling. i didn't eat last night because i got home last and i didn't have engery to cook or eat look for food. i need energy since me and justin got into a little argument before we left the house. hated that i was teasing him and seducing him but didn't do anything with him. but he just laughed it off. it was funny because we promised each other we'd wait until out one year anniversary which is in 3 months. i knew justin couldn't wait but i keep telling him i want it to be special.

me: omg, i finally get to eat at ihop with my loving boyfriend.

justin: and it feels so good to have a good breakfast with you.

me: okay but not for my pancakes. i'm starving.

justin: we have to cherish the moment.

me: i have work in an hour.

justin: it only takes 10 minutes to get to pearlridge from here.

me: i know but i wanna enjoy the pancakes.

justin: you love pancakes more than you love me?

me: yeah.

justin: so if a guy smells like pancakes, looks like pancakes and his lips tasted like pancakes, you'd leave me for him?

me: no because i'd be with him right now.

    i looked at him and he looked like i just shot an arrow through his heart. i couldn't believe he was actually believing me. what an idiot. i showed that i was just joking by giving him a little titi twister and gave him a little kiss. his expression changed and he was smiling again. we sat in a small booth and a waiter came to take out order. justin got the original buttermilk pancakes to make me feel fat since i got the pancake combo that included chocolate chip pancakes, two eggs, a hash brown and bacon. but i didn't care, i didn't wait for him to set up our table. i just started eating without him.

justin: you're hungry.

me: what? are you calling me fat?

justin: no. do you have your period?

me: so what? if i eat like this, it's because i have my period?

justin: never mind.

me: i'm just kidding justin. you know i love you.

justin: i love you too.

    it took us 20 minutes to finish our food. it was a record. our fastest time it took us to eat a meal from mcdonald was half an hour. we were pretty surprised but i needed to get to work. i started to get paranoid that i was gonna be late.
    i was getting paranoid for nothing. i got to pacsun with 15 minutes to spare so we stayed outside on the bench playing. we were coming up with pick up lines we could tell each other.

justin: all those curves, and me with no brakes. i'm gonna get banged.

    i started giggling. i didn't know where he got that but to go along with that pick up line, he hit his head against my shoulder.

me: what was that for?

justin: i just wanted to touch you.

me: have you have had a foot orgasm?

justin: wtf? what happened to our pick up lines?

me: can you get an orgasm from getting your foot sucked?

justin: i don't know.

me: how'd you do that?

    justin got confused. he started looking down just in case he was doing something that he didn't know he was doing.

justin: do what?

me: look so good?

justin: so gay.

me: you're gay!

justin: it's already 8:52.

me: you want me to go already? fine.

    i got up and acted like i was mad but i couldn't keep a straight face. i started laughing when he grabbed me from behind.

justin: i just don't want you to be late okay?

me: okay.

justin: i'll pick you up after work okay?

me: yeah.

justin: i love you.

me: i love you too.

he gave me a quick peck before letting go of me. i watched him walk away and waved everytime he looked back and blew me kisses. when he was out of sight, i headed inside the store where stacey was so spaced out. i walked up to her and pinched her nose. then she slapped my hand away.

stacey: wtf?

me: you looked lost.

stacey: did you see the new guy?

me: what new guy?

stacey: the cute one.

me: there's a new guy? since when?

stacey: i saw him the other day for an interview. man, he's hot.

me: halala, i'm gonna tell jerome.

stacey: i bet when you see him you'll think the same...look, he's over there.

    stacey grabbed my arm and spun my around and pointed to the new guy. he was by the shoes fixing it up. when he turned around, the only thing i could remember was that i squealed. the new guy was max from the club.


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