[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 6
out clubbing

it's been five days since me and justin got back together. i felt way better in no time. when i got home that day, justin made me soup and that's how i got better. next week we were gonna make nine months and man it's been the best nine months of my life.
    the whole crew was just laying around in justin's living room watching tv and not really doing anything. i was starting to get bored when justin started yelling.

justin: c`mon you guys! we look so dead today! we need to go out and have fun!

steven: we just came from school and i'm fxckin` tired.

justin: it feels like that we haven't been out in a while. it's always my house. let's go to the park!

    and that's what we did. there was a park down the street from justin's house. it was about a few blocks down so we decided to walk there. but that changed when i jumped onto justin's back. stacey jumped onto jerome's back, kat jumped onto jeremy's back and zaileen jumped onto steven's back. it was so hard for me and justin to stopped laughing. whenever justin tried to start running, his shorts would start slipping off. this was a big disadvantage but i came up with an idea. i held justin's shorts up and he ran as fast as he could. with that, we won to the park. it didn't take the others to catch up to us. when everyone was there, we started cracking up rolling on the grass. it was a nice day so we started taking pictures. it was total fun. we got onto the playground and swung on the swing set. i stood on the swing set and justin started pushing me. then i came up with an idea.

me: go over there.

    justin ran over like about seven feet away from the swing.

me: you better catch me. i'm trusting you.

justin: just do it. i'll be here to catch you.

    i swung myself but not to hard. then i lifted off the swing and started flying. i was screaming the whole time but when i landed in justin's arms, i knew i was fine. i guess the force was too strong that we both landed on the ground. good thing justin caught my fall. with me on top of him, i gave him a kiss as i started giggling.

justin: i told you i'd catch you.

me: yay. and you did a great jod doing it.

    i tried to get up but justin held on tight to me. he then rolled me over and got on top of me.

jerome: keep it pg you guys! i don't want any r-rated scenes out in public.

justin: yeah yeah yeah.

    justin started laughing and gave me another kiss. i wanted it go on forever but the moment was ruined when the sprinklers went on. i wanted to get out of there when justin just laid on top of me. he gave me another kiss before we got up and headed for his house. i thought it was cute. it was the closest i got to a kiss in the rain.

* * * * * * * * * *

it was friday late afternoon and i was just doing the finishing touches of my make up. then i heard a horn from outside my house. i looked through my window and found justin's truck in the drive way. i ran all giddy downstairs and headed to the truck. i hopped inside and gave justin a quick peck on my cheek.

justin: hi baby. i missed you.

me: justin, i was just talking to you an hour ago.

justin: you don't miss me?

me: yeah justin. i missed you oh so dearly.

justin: that's better.

me: justin, i can't believe you're taking me to a club.

justin: we haven't been to one in months.

    he was right. the last time i went to a club for all ages was at that black and white party during summer when kayden was still alive. at first, i didn't want to come but justin gave me this whole speech about how he's in a better place and that i should let the past get to me. that's what i loved about justin. he made me realized this that i never thought he would know and stuff.


    me and justin had our first argument since we were together. i thought the topic about why were were arguing was super stupid. he was talking about how dark meat and white meat was totally the same. i disagreed and we started arguing about it. at first, i just thought it was a playful argument but when he started yelling and saying that i was acting like i knew everything, i started to get mad. i was ready to just hang up on him but he saved himself.

me: you're so lucky you saved yourself. i wouldn't hung up on you.

justin: why?

me: you were pissing me off.

justin: so? you know what i don't understand? why girls gotta hang up on guys for when they're mad. it's stupid how they do that.

me: why?

justin: because...when girls hang up on guys while they're arguing, it doesn't do anything. yeah it stops the yelling for a while but when guys called back and start yelling again at the girl, it just pissed both people off. but when both stay on the phone without hanging up, yeah you can keep arguing at each other but it's gonna go somewhere.

me: oh yeah. that's true.

justin: that's why even though we get into fights, i want you to promise me that you will never hang up on me.

me: i promise.


    when we finally got to waikiki shell, i didn't want to lose justin. i held on tight to his hand when we were going through the crowd. when we first got inside, we went straight to the food table. justin got me a cup of lemonade and handed it to me. i took a sip and it lead to me chugging the whole thing. i haven't realized to dehydrated i was. then my stomach started growling but i knew justin didn't hear it.

justin: i'm gonna grab some food. it's on the other side of the table. it will only take me a few seconds. don't go anywhere.

    i just nodded at him. he was probably hungry too. i looked around the whole place when i found myself getting thirsty again. i grabbed a new cup and grabbed the laddle when i saw that someone was already getting a drink. but i couldn't control my hand. it went for the laddle which made me grab his hand. i immediately pulled it away. he looked at me and smiled. i just blushed.

me: sorry.

guy: that's okay.

    he flashed me another smile which made me feel tingly. he noticed that he had the best and whitest teeth i've ever seen. i didn't know but i was staring at him the whole time. i looked at his perfect face structure. his perfectly clear skin. and his shiny, straight hair. my mind started drifting off when i felt someone poking my side. i turned around and it was justin holding a little styrafoam bowl with cake, brownies and cookies. i tried to grab a cookie when justin pulled it away.

me: hey, i want some.

justin: before i give you food, give me an answer to why you were staring at that guy.

me: justin, please. not now.

justin: i admit, if i was gay, i'd bang him.

me: justin.

    oh no. not another fight. great. thanks a lot justin for your short jealously span.

justin: c`mon mailyn. let's go talk to him.

me: justin, don't.

    justin started walking towards him on the dance floor but i pulled his arm. he put down the bowl and took my grip off his arm. when he pulled his arm from me, he continued his way towards the guy as i followed him. then he tapped the guy on the shoulder. the guy turned around and looked at justin with a confused face.

guy: can i help you?

justin: actually you can.

guy: with what?

justin: i couldn't help but see that my girlfriend was staring at you.

    the guy was in shocked and started getting nervous.

guy: ohh. sorry?

justin: you should've just let her stare at you but you had to smile? bad move boyeeeee.

    i was getting tired of justin's behavior. i tried to pull his arm to take him out of there and just go home but he was too strong anf stubborn.

guy: i didn't know.

justin: but you can do me a huge favor that will make me forget about this?

guy: what's that?

justin: i know she'd love it if you danced with her.

    i just wanted to cry. i seriously did but not at a club. i was ashamed when the guy looked at me with the weirdest face.

guy: i don't mind.

    the guy tried to go behind me to dance but i didn't want to. not with him.

me: but i do mind.

    i tried to go behind justin but justin kept moving. he then put my his arms around me which i thought meant we were fine but he did that to bring me to that guy.

justin: do you want me to just forget about this or nag you about this everyday?

    i gave up. i really didn't want to get into another fight. the guy got behind me and started putting his arms around my waist as he bounced to the music. i just wanted to cry. i can't believe justin was making me do this. i looked at justin who was watching us the whole time. i wanted justin to be dancing with me. not some guy i just met.

justin: btw, what's your name?

guy: max.


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