[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 3
after a fight

<i>beep beep beep!</i>

what the hell was that noise? i forced my eyelids open as i stretched. when i was finally completely awake, i saw mr. munoz looking down at me. i looked around `cause i was lost and realized i was in the lounge of pacsun. i got up from my chair but started coughing. mr. munoz put his hand on my shoulder and made me sit down.

mr. munoz: i've been trying to wake up you up for the past ten minutes. you were coughing in your sleep. you don't look too good.

me: i'm sorry. i woke up this morning with a headache and i thought i was gonna make it through the day. i just laid my head down for a bit.

mr. munoz: mailyn, you should go home. get some rest. you really need it.

me: are you sure?

mr. munoz: yeah. it's slow today. just go.

    i got up and grabbed my bag from my locker and clocked out. everything started getting dizzy when i got out the door. i think it was because i didn't eat. i headed to the food court to get some panda's. when i got my orange chicken, i headed to my car. i sat in my car for a while to stop the dizziness. i laid the seat back and closed my eyes for a while. then i heard a tap on my window that made me jump. i looked to my left and i saw justin. i rolled my eyes and rolled down the window.

me: what?

    i really didn't wanna see him. i spent the whole night last night crying because what happened that day at tony roma's. i fell asleep crying so i guess i got sick from that.

justin: can i come in?

    even though i was mad at him, i wanted to talk to him. i let him get into the car. he hopped inside and leaned in for a kiss but i stopped him.

me: what do you want?

justin: are you still mad about yesterday?

me: no.

justin: what then?

me: justin, that was such a stupid question.

justin: why are you so mad?

me: you know i don't like them! you know that we hate each other!

justin: we only said hi okay? it's not like we're best friends. mailyn, of course i know you hate them. i'm just saying hi.

me: but i hate it when you have to be nice.

justin: you should know that i hate being a dick.

me: what are you doing right now?

justin: a dick.

me: what? say that again.

justin: i was being a dick. i'm sorry mailyn. you know i hate it when we fight.

    as he said that, his voice cracked. i looked at him and he had tears rolling down his eyes. it softened me up a bit but i was still mad.

me: it's not my fault.

justin: mailyn, i'm sorry. you should know i'm sorry.

me: i told you not to talk to them but you did it anyways.

    he didn't say anything. he just sat there staring at me as i watched him. i watched him cry over the mistake HE did. he looked at me like he expected me to cry with him. i didn't want to. i didn't have any tears left in me. but he just sat there, saying nothing. this last for a minute and he finally made a sound. he sighed. he didn't say anything but he still made a spound. he then started singing to me. he started singing one last try by stevie hoang.

justin: can we try, to get it back right? and i, i promise i'll never leave your side. `cause you're, all that i need. i know right here with you is where i want to be. girl it's been far too long, and i just can't go on. need you in these arms, for one last try. girl just here me out, `cause all i'm asking for is one last try, one last try, <i>one last try.</i>

    and without saying anything else, justin got out of the car...as i let him.

* * * * * * * * * *

    <i>mailyn! mailyn! mailyn!</i>

who the hell was that? it was pissing me off but i ignored it.

    <i>mailyn! mailyn! mailyn!</i>

i was gonna slap whoever was in my room but when i felt a kiss on my cheek, i knew who it was. i rolled over and found justin holding a tray. despite what happened earlier today, i was really happy to see him.

justin: sooo...can i sit?

    i patted the empty spot next to me. he set the tray on my lap and got on the bed. on the tray was a bowl. and in the bowl, it was the soup he'd make me whenever i was sick. justin's mom, kayla would make him soup whenever he was sick and i tried it one day and i loved it. i would come over to justin's house whenever he was sick to have some soup. i even tried to get him sick so i could have some of the best chicken noodle soup in the world. kayla found it funny when she found out and gave justin the recipe. from that day, justin's been making me soup everytime i was sick.

me: thanks.

justin: well i'm gonna go now. i hope you get better.

    he got up but i pulled his shirt. he stopped and sat back down onto the bed.

me: no, don't go.

justin: are you sure?

me: yeah.

justin: okay.

    i took a sip from the soup as justin just watched me awkwardly. i set my spoon down and grabbed his hand and started playing with his fingers the way he likes it.

justin: mailyn, i love you. i'm really sorry about today. i'm sorry about yesterday. i'm really sorry about our fights lately. we just talked about this two days ago and we're still fighting.

me: you know when i said only one fight per week, i meant a small argument. i didn't want a big fight happening.

justin: i know and it's my fault.

me: well i love the making up. you sang to me today and you made me soup!

justin: yeah, your mom called me to tell me you were sick so i made the soup even though we were fighting.

me: that's how much you love me.

justin: yeah, you should know how much i love you.

me: and i love you too.

    i went back to my soup as justin watched me continue with my soup. we didn't say anything, it felt good being with him all silent and calm. i put my spoon back down and smiled at him.

me: sooooo....how'd you know i was in my car? you're such a stalker!

justin: i'm not a stalker, i'm just in love.

    he gave me a kiss on the cheek. we have a rule that we can't kiss on the lips if one of us is sick...but justin had a hard time dealing with that rule even though he hated getting sick. so after the kiss on my cheek, he made his way to my neck but my mom passed by my room.

mom: hey you two! behave!

justin: sorry auntie.

    justin stopped when my mom was out of sight. what was so shame! i went back with my soup when the twins came into my room. they tried climbing onto my bed but justin stopped them. i knew they'd start jumping on it and the soup would splash so i put the bowl on the little desk by my bed and i pulled michael on the bed as justin picked up michelle. michael wanted some soup so i fed it to him. they laid in my bed between me and justin. i started to talk to the twins but when i looked over, they were both asleep. me and justin giggled on ourselves as justin tried to get out of the bed. he walked over to my side and gave me another kiss on my cheek.

justin: i gotta go work <i>darling.</i> take care of our <i>"kids."</i>


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