[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 2
tony roma's

the bell rang to release us home. i was so not ready for school and wanted to cry all day since i still gotta get used to going back to school. i stomped my feet on my way out the door when i bumped into someone. i just wanted to yell at the person, not caring who it was. so when i turned, i opened my mouth but when i saw my adorable justin standing there with his cute smile, i jumped into his arms and held him tight.

me: i missed you.

justin: but we only saw each other half an hour ago when i passed by your class.

me: so you didn't miss me?

    i let go of him and back away a little to the wall and leaned against it with a little pout on my face. i started twirling my hair and smiled as he got closer to him.

justin: of course i missed you. i missed you like crazy.

    he got close to me where it looked like we were having dry sex. he leaned against me with a little pressure and when he did, i got embarrassed since we were still in school. i decided to tease him so i licked my lips the way he likes it and he smiled. he leaned in for a kiss but i ducked and got out of his little "trap."

justin: i hate it when you do that.

me: but you still love me right?

justin: no shxt.

me: no, you're supposed to say "of course mailyn, i love you very much."

justin: of course mailyn, i love you very much. so this is your turn with saying "i love you too justin and i love you so much that i'd fxck you hard."

me: i love you too justin and i love you so much that i'd fxck...in` give you a kiss right now.

    i wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled in for a kiss. this was the first kiss in a week i got from justin. i didn't get to get one this morning because he came to school late and during lunch, he went to buy me food at mcdonald's but was late also for class. after the kiss, he grabbed me hand and held it tight swinging it while we walked to the parking lot. in the parking lot, there was my truck but i let steven drive it and justin's car next to it. i wanted to spend time with him today but i didn't think justin felt like it. i knew his schedule for work and he had work at four and it was already 2:30.
steven: took you guys long enough. what were you guys doing? fxcking?

    i looked at steven and rolled my eyes when he looked back at me. i looked at justin who was looking at steven. why the hell are they suddenly talking about sex? justin knows that i'm not that type of person and so is justin.

me: yeah steven. sorry it takes time for an orgasm. unlike you, once you stick it in, you scream instead of the girl.

    steven looked at me with a shocked face. i knew what he was thinking. he probably thought i was PMSing but i wasn't. i was just tired from school and wanted to take a nap. justin pulled me aside because i knew he noticed what just happened.

justin: are you okay? you seem bipolar today.

me: i'm just tired, that's all.

justin: really? so you wanna go straight home?

me: how come?

justin: i took off work today to spend some time with you. you know, `cause we hardly got to see or talk to each other during the break.

    i wanted to jump into his arms and hold him all day. i was so happy he did this. he must've read my mind.

me: yeah okay.

justin: are you sure? i don't wanna go out to eat and you fall asleep and your head lands in the chicken.

me: what do you have in mind?

justin: so we're set?

me: yeah...but what about our cars?

justin: steven can take my car home and i'll drive your car.

me: okay. thanks for doing this.

justin: i really missed you, that's all.

* * * * * * * * * *

    we pulled up to tony roma's. i haven't really been here before so this was good for me. i loved how justin makes me try new things and learn other stuff. we got inside and waited for our table. while waiting, i spotted a table with these girls i hated from this other school. i went to james campbell high school and those girls went to our school rivalry, waipahu high school. i could hear them laughing. it was really bugging me. i looked who was there: anna, victoria, janella, and omg, shanessa! all, yes, <u><b>ALL</u></b> of them are justin's ex but i hated shanessa the most. i hated her ever since seventh grade. shanessa and i weren't really friends but more like acquaintances. but when i found out that she liked steven but steven liked me, she stopped talking to me and started talking shxt about me. i started hating her and she started rumors about me but only in her school. so stupid! then i found out that when she liked steven, justin liked her. they eventually got together but when i found out, justin broke up with her because he knew that i didn't like her. to this day, she still blames me that they broke up. i can't stand her. i can't stand seeing her. i haven't seen her in three years. wow! and such a weird place to find her.

justin: isn't that shanessa them over there?

me: so?

justin: oh yeah. i forgot.

    i looked over to the table and they're all smiling and waving at me. whatever, they're just acting all nice to me `cause justin's my boyfriend. whatever two-face asses. i was just gonna ignore them but justin was right there so i did the same and smiled at them. yes, i'm a hypocrite and also two-faced but they started it.

justin: c`mon, let's say hi. i haven't seen or talked to them in years.

me: yeah, there was a reason for that.

justin: just one hi.

me: ugh, but today was supposed to be me and you time.

justin: just five minutes.

    i looked over to their table and all four of them signaling justin to go over to that table. i was gonna test him. if he doesn't go, i'll give him what the guys been talking about but if he does go over there to those sluts, i'm not gonna talk to him. i watched him. he looked at me and smiled and grabbed my arm to go and sit over with them. great, thanks a lot.

justin: yeah ladies. long time no see.

shanessa: only if you were still famous, i'd feel waaaay better having you with us but you're still famous to us.

justin: yeah, thanks.

    i looked over to shanessa who had her hand on his knee and his arm around her laying on the chair. ugh! i couldn't stand that. shanessa just wants to get famous. she's been trying to become an actress for years!

shanessa: why'd you quit anyways?

justin: to be with mailyn.

me: yeah. we make nine months in two weeks.

    shanessa looked at me and gave me the fakest smile. i did the same. justin looked at me and told me to stop but i hated every minute of this.

shanessa: congratulations. i hope you last long.

me: thanks.

    the waiter who was handling shanessa's table gave them the check. shanessa looked at it and smiled to herself. she then gasped.

justin: what's wrong?

shanessa: the bill is $20 over what we have. i didn't know they already add the tip.

justin: i can give you some money.

shanessa: no, it's okay.

justin: no, i insist. i still got money from my famousness.

    justin handed her a $20 bill plus a $10 bill.

shanessa: thanks but you gave me an extra $10.

justin: just keep it. just in case.

shanessa: thanks. well nice seeing you justin.

    me and justin got out of the round booth and shanessa gave justin a hug and the other three did the same. shanessa looked at me and snobbed me but immediately gave me a smile.

shanessa: nice seeing you too.

me: yeah.

    they headed outside and justin watched them as they did. we sat at our table and the waitress came to take our drinks down.

me: can i have a sprite?

justin: and i'll take coke.

waitress: okay, i'll be back with your drinks.

    the waitress left and justin looked at me with a concerned face.

me: what?

justin: you only drink soda when you're mad.

me: of course i'm mad justin. you know i didn't want to take to shanessa and her crew. you know i don't like them. justin, why'd you do that anyways?

justin: is it my fault that i wanna talk to me old friends?

me: you're old friends that your girlfriend hates and hates her back? justin, do you know how hard i tried to keep my tears from falling and my anger from showing?

justin: i don't even know why i wanted to do this. i should've just went work.

me: i should've just took my nap!

    the waitress came with our drinks but we decided to leave. justin handed the waitress a $20 bill and told her to keep the change. i drove and dropped off justin before i headed home. the whole ride there, we didn't talk. we just let the radio blast as i tried to hold back my tears. when justin slammed my door, it really hurt. i let my tears finally fall. it wasn't my fault though. i have the right to be mad....right?


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