[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 1
where everyone is at

me: i don't wanna go back to school. it felt so good not arguing with justin everyday.

stacey: but are you guys okay right now? i mean you guys been fighting a lot lately.

me: i know. i really wanna see him but i know we'll get into a stupid little fight again.

stacey: then talk to him about it.

me: i tried that so much times but he always thinks i'm blaming him for our fights and he gets mad.

stacey: if you guys keep fighting like this, i don't know what to say anymore.

    it was the night before we had to go back to school from spring break. i was talking to stacey on the phone asking her who was driving tomorrow and i mentioned justin. it's been eight months since justin moved back and also eight months since me and justin been together. the first two months were perfect but like any normal couple, we got into our fights. we also broke up here and there but nothing big. the longest we stayed broken up was two days. but lately, we've been fighting nonstop. we would start fighting about stuff we usually wouldn't get mad about. having a two week spring break felt good because i had work which helped me stay away from him, and he also had work at starbucks. thank god on my birthday last week, we didn't fight. i would've strangled him for ruining my seventeen birthday. he gave me a new camera and a stuffed bear he made from build-a-bear workshop. we hardly aruged during the break.

stacey: sorry to just ditch or whatever but the boyfriend's calling.

me: okay see you tomorrow.

    she hung up on me `cause jerome called her. four months ago, jerome's dad got stationed here and jerome and stacey's been together ever since. i've never seen stacey this happy with a guy before. jerome treats her really good. their four month anniversary is in a week and jerome's been asking me what stacey wants since stacey's been complaining that jerome doesn't listen to her but jerome's just acting. he's been saving money to buy her new nike shoes. i headed to my bathroom but heard my phone ring. i was hoping it was justin but when i dove for my phone on my bed, it was steven.

me: yeah?

steven: my parents took my car away for a week. my parents found out i got fired.. i need a ride to school tomorrow.

me: stacey's driving.

steven: are you okay? i mean, justin's been really depressed lately.

me: why?

steven: i don't know. like i know you guys been fighting a lot lately, but he's been really depressed.

me: oh, i'll call him later.

steven: i hope the cutest couple in the whole wide world doesn't break up.

me: me too.

    steven hung up the phone and i laid there staring at the ceiling. since me and justin's been fighting, steven's been there comforting both of us. steven just got out of a two month relationship a month ago. his girlfriend would take advantage of him. she'd always ask steven for money or let her use the employee family discount at steven's working place, factory brand shoes. and since steven gave her the discount a lot, he got fired. hence why he got grounded but it took his parents three weeks to find out. every since, steven's been keeping out of relationships but helping me and justin with our's.
    i decided to brush my teeth since steven interupted me during my first attempt to head for the bathroom. i got up and i felt light headed. i caught my balance and my phone started ringing. i really wish it was justin. i read it and no...it was jeremy.

jeremy: please tell me you're driving to school tomorrow.

me: i'm not. stacey is.
jeremy: i need a ride.

me: why? what happened to your navigator?

jeremy: it's in the shop. i got into a little accident today. me and kat were fighting.

me: oh, ask stacey. if there's no room in her car, i guess i'll drive tomorrow.

jeremy: sorry but thanks.

    i hung up and i felt too lazy to go to the bathroom now. i'll just go when my parents come upstairs. it was weird talking to jeremy. we've hardly been talking since he's always hanging around school alone with kat. i think it's because their gonna make three years in two months.
    i stared at the ceiling and started to doze off. i checked my clock and it read 11:24PM. i changed into my pj's and headed to the bathroom without any phone calls interupting me. when i got back, i saw that my phone was lite. i checked my phone and i had a missed call from justin. i wanted to call back but i was scared and nervous. i was praying that we wouldn't get into another fight. i pressed send and as it rang, my heart started pounding. when it kept ringing, i started to calm down because he probably wasn't gonna answer but when i heard him say "hello," i started getting nervous.

justin: i love you and i missed you during the whole break.

    when i heard those words, i calmed down. he was my boyfriend, i shouldn't be scared of talking to him ever.

me: i love you too. gosh, it felt like i haven't seen you OR talked to you all spring break.

justin: i guess we just needed time to ourselves.

me: yeah. uhh, i don't want you to get mad or anything but i'm just getting tired of all these fights we've getting into. you know i hate it when we fight and whenever we try to talk it out, we just make the whole fight even worst.

justin: i know. baby, i've been so depressed lately but knowing that you're okay and you missed me as much as i missed you and knowing you still love me, i'm happy again.

me: so we're okay? i don't wanna get into another stupid fight. only one fight per week okay?

justin: what if we don't have a fight in one week? can we have two the following week?

me: baaaabe!

justin: i'm just kidding. you know i love you okay? remember that and dream about our million dollar wedding in five years okay?

me: as long as you pay for everything then okay.

justin: yeah, i'll pay for it but when you get back to reality, we'll work something out.

me: haha okay.

justin: i can't wait until i get to see your beautiful face tomorrow. ugh, i'm getting an orgasm thinking about you already.

me: go to sleep babe okay? the earlier you sleep, the longer you get to dream about me.

justin: i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you. replay that in your head.

me: i love you times how much you said plus one more.

    i can tell he started smiling. he gave me a little kiss over the phone and hung up. i put my phone by my bed and hugged my pillow as i smiled. in no time, i fell into a deep sleep but excited for tomorrow.


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