i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 30
the end

just a week ago, i didn't want to wake up. i completely hated everything but every single day now, doesn't matter if it was a school day or a weekend, i wake up every morning looking foward to it. i looked over to justin as the wind blew through his air looking like stiff grass trying to move with the wind. i grabbed his free hand and squeezed it tight. he looked over at me and smiled. he tried to lean in to give me a kiss but i yelled at him.

me: justin! the rode!

    justin quickly went back to focus on the road on our way to school.

justin: that's okay.

    we entered the parking lot in his new bmw which was the same car he rented but a new model. everyone's eyes followed the car as we reached a parking spot. people gathered around the car admiring the gift that willian and ron gave to him as a good-bye. we got out of the car and all of justin's old friends gathered around him giving him hugs and telling him that they missed him. i was so happy to watch that.

justin: i should find another record company and go away and come back to get this attention all the time.

     i saw one of justin's old best friends and used to be one of mine's too. his name was chris and is would always be us in a group: me, justin, jeremy, steven, stacey and chris before justin moved. we tried to keep our friendship close with chris but he drifted apart from us. he came up to justin and shook his hand and gave him a big hug.

chris: i missed you man. for real, you're my boy and i still got your back.

justin: thanks.

chris: i'm glad you're back.

    steven and jeremy started laughing and all four of them gave a group hug as everyone else left. they all started laughing as they pulled away but i can see that they were all tearing. everytime us girls have deep and meaningful conversations, we tend to cry but when the guys are with us, they laugh at us. this time, i wanted to laugh at them but when i saw the look on their faces, it made me so grateful that justin's back and i have all these people in my life so i ran behind justin and give him a big huge hug. the bell rang and i let go of him and he turned around.

me: ready for your first day?

* * * * * * * * * *

the last bell of the day rang and everyone ran out the door. i took my time putting my things away into my bag since i had papers all over my desk but i fell asleep. when i got outside, i saw justin waiting for me. i ran to him and he hugged me. he gave me a quick kiss and put his arms around me.

justin: how was your day?

me: good but tiring. you?

justin: i loved it. man, i never realized how much people missed me. i think 3/4 of the school told me they missed me. even my old teachers told me they missed me.

me: everyone's glad you're back.

justin: i'm glad i'm back too.

me: you regret getting famous?

justin: no way! but it just opened up my eyes to a lot of things and i'm thankful right now of what i got.

me: yeah.

justin: man, i miss it here so badly. it feels so good having hundreds of people missing me.

me: but i missed you the most though.

justin: you got that right.

    he grabbed me and picked me up bridal style and carried me all the way to the parking lot which was 100 feet away. once we got to the car, he set me on the hood of his car and held me tighter than ever. i know he would never let me go. i held him back and he gave me a long passionate kiss.


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