i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 29
he's back

i rolled my eyes as i got a text message from jeremy telling me to go to this is it just to show me the jacket he wanted. his birthday was next week and i told him i'd get him anything he wanted as long as it was under $120. i was at work and it was my break time so i made my way to this is it which was on opposite sides from where pacsun was. it took me about 8 minutes to get there and jeremy was waiting right by the door but inside with a black ecko jacket with a city view on the front with gold letters.

jeremy: if you buy it for me, i'll appreciate it now and forever and love YOU now and forever.

me: but you'll still love me right? even if i don't get it for you?

jeremy: i'll think about that.

me: you're retarded.

    i grabbed the jacket and headed for the line as jeremy went walking around.

me: hey! i'm already getting you this jacket, no need look for more clothes.

jeremy: that jacket's $56. you said the limit was 120.

me: find then. the amount includes tax you know!

    i checked my iphone for the time. i only had an hour break and it passed 20 minutes. i wanted to stop by panda express for some lunch since i didn't get to eat and i was starving! after i put my phone away, jeremy came by me along with two t-shirts. he handed them to me and he smiled. it made me laugh but it reminded me of myself. i used to give the same smile to justin whenever he took me shopping. ironically, the music video to justin's new song, let her get away, was playing on the tvs. in this is it, they have a lot of tvs and they play music videos instead of just playing songs. i haven't seen the music video yet so i was interested to watch it.

jeremy: please don't cry...but i have tissue in case you do.

me: don't worry. i ran out of tears for now.

    my eyes were glued to the screen as me and jeremy watched it. it first started out with justin walking in a park alone. i can tell he was sad. the look in his eyes hasn't changed ever since i last saw him. to my surprise, there were pictures of me. there were also videos of us that we took when we got here like the carnival, the beach, and the parties we went to. i started replaying what happened that time he was supposed to go home, the look on his face when i found him at the cabin, and his family member's faces when they were forced to go home. i felt someone elbow me and it was jeremy since i wasn't paying attention to the cashier, which was a classmate kevin.

me: my bad.

jeremy: you know i miss him too.

* * * * * * * * *

    i checked my phone again as i threw away my trash after eating my food from panda's finding that i'd make it back to pacsun just in time and have 15 minutes to spare. i headed down the escalator from the food court when i found myself thinking about justin and his video. we looked so happy in it. i was thinking about him too deeply and almost tripped at the bottom. good thing i caught my balance. i looked around to check if anyone saw me. i heard laughing behind me and when i turned around, it was guys around my age! so shame. i gave a quick smile and headed off. i turned around just to check if they were still laughing but they started following me. i decided to go to into champs to lose them but to my surprise, they followed me. i hid inside the clothes rack as they headed to the back of the store. i checked the door to make a quick get away and that's when i saw justin's face. i stared at him and shook me head. i looked again and he was gone. i must've been imagining things. i checked if the group of guys were around and the coast was clear. i headed towards the door and i heard a voice from behind me.

guy #1: hey, wait up.

me: what?

guy #1: you know shiny right? you're that girl in his video?

me: yeah.

guy #1: you think you can hook us up with justin? i mean, we make our own music and we wanna go big.

guy #2: i gotta demo cd and maybe you can give it to him.

    the second guy took out a cd out from his jacket and handed it to me.

guy #2: we're called "irresistible." our number are in there just in case.

guy #1: name's james btw. promise me that you'll give it to him.

    i smiled and nodded my head. i wanted to get away from them but i couldn't. good thing they were done talking. i started to head back to pacsun with 7 minutes to spare so i walked pretty fast. when i passed the bathrooms, i bumped into someone which knocked us down. i tried to get up myself but i saw a hand out to help me. i stood up and when i looked up, that's when everything stopped. i stared at that face as tears ran down both ours cheeks. it was justin!

justin: mailyn...

me: justin...

justin: i missed you.

me: why are you here?

    he was about to answer but he got interupted when fans saw him. he tried running back into the bathroom but he changed his mind when he knew he'd be trapped in there. he grabbed my hand and headed towards the food court side. i couldn't go there, i had to go back to work.

me: let's go to pacsun!

    we both started to run to pacsun. when we reached there, mr munoz was outside by the cash register.

mr. munoz: you guys can go to the back.

    we ran to the back as we heard mr. munoz making everyone go away and threatening them to call security. they still tried to get in but me and justin were safe in the storage room. we calmed down for a while and i looked at him. i was still crying but i pounced on him and hugged him holding him tight. he did the same and leaned in to give me a long passionate kiss. when we finally pulled away, we both started laughing but still was crying. he was holding me tight and didn't wanna let you go.

justin: i'm never ever doing that again. i can never let you go again.

me: why are you here?

justin: you told me that it was the same with every girl. i thought about it and knew it was true. yeah i've told girls before that i loved them so much but i never really did prove them to you.

me: but that doesn't explain the question.

justin: how many girls have i been with ever since this whole singing career started? like about 20 girls? you know what i've done for you is more than all the love combined from the past girls. mailyn, you showed to me what true love feels like. i know we started off weird and we've been true so much that i'd never regret what i did for you.

me: justin, i already told you i wouldn't move there for you.

justin: are you still thinking about that? are you still scared to be with me?

me: no. i want you more than anything. justin, you know i haven't done anything for a week ever since you left. i stayed home and when i had work, i called in sick. i felt sick to my stomach knowing you were gone and it was all my fault. but going back to school made it worst. steven beat up vinny and i got into a fight with his girlfriend. justin, that's how much i love you.

justin: mailyn, i love you too. i love you soooooo much that i quit the business. mai, i quit. now i can be with you. it feels soooo good to be free. it feels so good to be here. it feels so good knowing that we can be together!

me: what did you just say?

    he put his hands on my shoulders and shook me a little. he looked straight into my eyes and smiled.

justin: i quit. i don't care if i was famous and earned a thousand bucks a week. i don't care about all that. i just wanna be with you. i don't regret  it now and i'll never regret it. mailyn, we can be together!

    i didn't know what to do. i just let me tears roll down staring at him as i smiled. mr. munoz came in and looked at us making sure that we were okay. we decided to go home and tell the others. when we got outside, there was still the big crowd. they all started screaming and asking justin for his autograph when he came outside.

justin: people, people. i'm never signing autographs ever again. make sure you watch the news any channel tonight at six o`clock and you'll find out why.

    the security came and escourted us to the parking lot. justin had his arms around my tights and i loved every minute of it. we got into the car finding justin's family inside. they all smiled at me and kayla and vincent gave me a hug and i knew they were happy to be back home. when me and justin were in the back to head to my house, me and justin were just holding each other tight and stealing kissed here and there. i tried getting into a comfortable position since something was poking my leg. i checked and it was that demo cd i got from those guys. i handed justin the cd as i laughed.

justin: what?

me: let's your OLD producers listen to this. they're call "irresistible."

justin: okay. i just hope they're nothing like us.


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