i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 25
justin leaves for reno

it was the day justin had to go back home. i wasn't looking foward to waking up that morning. we all made plans to go to farrells today for lunch since justin's flight was at 5:30 that afternoon. i looked at the clock and it was already 9:35AM. we planned to meet up in the parking lot at 11. i decided to take a shower now so i can wrap justin's gift. i got him this digital picture frame that you can program picture into it and it would show the pictures like a slideshow. it also recorded things so i gave him a very long message.

    after i took a shower and put my clothes on, the twins came running into my room as i was wrapping justin's gift. they were both hiding something behind their backs. they revealed it and it was fingerpaintings. michelle's picture had her handprints and her footprints on it, with justin and her name on it. michael's picture had his left handprint and his right foot. there was a stick person in the middle and had justin's name under it.

michelle: give that to him okay?

michael: tell him we'll miss him.

    they handed me the paintings. they both hugged me and ran out of the room yelling at each other playing tag.

    when i was done putting on make-up and lotion, i heading downstairs. i grabbed my keys and the gifts for justin. i walked into thte garage and saw my silver tundra. i finally got my license and a CAR yesterday. i hopped inside and set my stuff on the passenger seat. i had to pick up stacey and zaileen but i made a pit stop by longs drugs. i decided to make the twins' gift more special. i wanted to put it in picture frames.

* * * * * * * * * *

    when i entered the parking lot, i heard justin's songs playing and i knew who it was. i followed the music and found all the guys in steven's black gmc yukon. the parking stall next to them was empty so i parked in it. they kept yelling at me when i was parking, making like i was gonna hit something. gosh, i hate driving big cars. i got out of the car and examined the truck. i did a perfect job. we waited for the guys to get out. steven was the first to get out. he started admiring my truck.

steven: you wanna trade?

me: one day.

    i saw justin jump down from the yukon and he was the first to talk to me. he gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek. i noticed that everyone was watching us as he leaned in. the girls made noises trying to get justin's attention and justin turned around and gave them brief hugs and cheek to cheek kind kiss. we headed inside pearlridge finding the place pretty empty. everyone must be out supply shopping. we liked the emptiness since justin was with us. we were seated and we noticed that we got the same waiter the first day justin came, ethan.

ethan: no worries, i'll keep it on the down low.

justin: thanks.

    jerome looked around so fasinated since it was his first time here. he almost had a heart attack when they rang the bell announcing someone's birthday.

me: get used to that. we'll be hearing that about four times today.

    i looked at justin who was sitting next to me with his arms around my shoulders. he gave me his asian smile and i did the same. i leaned more to him and he gave me a hug. i started swaying my head side to side. justin blew into my hair.

justin: you smell good.

me: so creepy.

justin: fine then. you stink.

me: you too.

    justin kissed my cheek and i started blushing. everyone saw it. they all started smiling at me and i knew what they were thinking. the most dickhead move they did was that they ALL left to go use the bathroom. thanks a lot guys.

justin: they're probably gangbanging right now.

me: yuck, we're about to eat and then.

justin: you know i'm just kidding babe.

me: what'd you call me?

justin: babe.

me: haha, why?

justin: i just thought of a pig.

me: are you calling me fat?

justin: no!

me: whatever, i don't wanna talk you to.

    i scooted over on the other side of the table far away from him. he was going to move by me but the others came. they looked at us with confusion.

stacey: what happened?

    she sat down next to me. she gave me the most worried face ever.

stacey: are you guys fighting again?

    stacey slapped my arm and justin started laughing. she slapped his leg and i started laughing. he stuck his tongue at me and i rolled my eyes.

jeremy: i swear. you guys act like little kids.

jerome: worst than the twins, lynn.

me: justin called me fat that's why.

jerome: why?

justin: no i didn't.

zaileen: exactly what did he say?

me: called me a pig.

justin: no i didn't.

me: yes!

steven: justin! what'd you say?

justin: i just called her  "babe" for fun. i was thinking about bacon.

everyone: you're mad because he called you "babe"?

    i looked up and i saw everyone giving me those creepy smiles. i looked down at the ground as i crossed my arms and pouted.

me: yes.

* * * * * * * * * *

    both cars were parked by the terminal entrance of the airplane. we waiting for justin's family to get there. there was traffic so it was best to go straight to the airport instead of justin and jerome to go back to the hotel. me and justin were in the back of my truck cuddled as we talked.

justin: i'm gonna miss you.

me: i'm gonna miss you more.

justin: i'm gonna miss you more.

me: no, i am. justin, you seriously don't know how much i'm gonna miss you.

justin: you got it all wrong mai. my mailyn. it's ME whose going to miss you more.

me: fine whatever.

    justin kissed my cheek and held me super tight. i rested my head on his chest. i started thinking about our past together and how our summer vacation went. my heart started beating really fast and that's when i felt the tears coming. a teardrop rolled down my cheeks. i didn't want to leave his arms. i heard a sniffle and i found justin crying. i gave him a hug as i turned around. everyone else saw that we were both crying. they all gave a group hug and we heard a horn. we saw justin's family driving up. they unpacked all the luggages with the boys' help. i gave kayla a big hug. she started laughing.

kayla: stop, you're making me cry.

me: i'm gonna miss you.

    kayla's eyes burst out with tears. tommy was behind her and i gave him a hug.

tommy: thanks for being a good friend to justin. all you guys. felt like a vacation from home AND the kids.

    i felt a tug on my shirt and looked down. it was vincent holding a piece of paper. i picked him up and he showed me the picture on it. it was the picture of a boy and a girl that he said was me and justin. i gave him a hug and he kissed my cheek. i was about to set him down when he held on tight. i picked him back up and he hugged me.

vincent: i'm going to miss you mailyn.

me: i'll miss you too vincent.

vincent: there's another picture on the back.

    i looked at the paper and flipped it to the back. it was a picture of a couple in a house with a dog. this better not be me and justin again.

me: who's this?

vincent: that's me and michelle. tell her i'll miss her.

me: okay. she'd love that.

    i put vincent down and he started crying. kayla and tommy called for him as they were about to go inside. i watched justin lastly say bye to the group. as i waited for him, jerome popped out of nowhere. he gave me a big hug and kiss my cheek.

jerome: c`mon. this is your last chance.

me: i know.

    justin turned around as tears rolled down his eyes. he gave me a hug and picked me up from the ground. i saw behind him that everyone was in steven's car. they signaled they'll wait for me by the exit. justin put me down as we watched them leave.

justin: i'm gonna miss you so much.

me: i'm gonna miss you too justin. promise me again during fall break?

justin: i'll try. if not, you can try come up.

    he gave me one last hug and kiss. he set me down and thoughts were going through my head. i wanted to tell him. i don't want him to leave and he'll find a girl back at home. i HAVE to tell him. before the doors closed behind him, i called for him. he turned around and his eyes were blood shot red.

justin: yes?

me: i, i,i....i love you.

    all the weigh on my shoulders was suddenly lifted up. i watched justin to look our for his reaction. my heart was pounding and i started getting dizzy.

justin: i gotta go.

    he ran back inside. i watched him as he met up with his family. his parents looked back and waved at me. i watched justin the whole time and he didn't even look up at me. THANKS A LOT AGAIN JUSTIN.


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