i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 24
i like him

i was at pearlridge walking around since i wanted to get my mind off justin. i found that useless since i was waiting for him. he said he wanted to spend some one-on-one time with me. i found that useless also since one-fourth of his vacation was one-on-one time with me. i passed by gamestop and i saw this really cute guy but i just ignored him. i started walking into champs, which is across gamestop, when i heard some footsteps behind me, it was that guy from gamestop.

sam: hi. i'm sam.

me: hi sam.

    i started backing away from him. i looked around hoping that justin will come out of no where.

sam: i bet you 20 bucks you're gonna turn me down.

    i stop backing away and start giggling. i couldn't help it, that was pretty funny.

sam: did that work or are you laughing because that was lame?

me: a little bit of both. i gotta give you props on trying though. i needed a laugh.

sam: shoots.

me: yeah.

    i start walking away again. he seems boring but he starts walking besides me.

sam: so are you here by yourself?

me: yeah, are you?

sam: yeah.

me: [checking my phone] well i gotta go.

    he smiled and i felt arms around my shoulders. i turned around and it was justin. he kissed my cheek and looked at sam.

justin: who's this?

me: i just met him.

    i looked at sam and his eyes were wide open and his mouth was open little bit. it looked like he was in a trance. i started laughing and elbowed justin's stomach.

me: yes, this is shiny. justin, this is sam.

justin: hey. you're drooling a bit.

    sam snapped out of his trance and stuck his hand out. they did that guy handshake thing and sam smiled at him.

sam: this your chick?

    i rolled my eyes and walked away. here we go again. 1) i'm a person, not a stupid baby chicken; 2) can't a guy and a girl just be friends?; 3) what right do you have to ask those kind of questions? justin followed me and sam was ditched. we left him and he was gone.

justin: that wasn't nice.

me: well it wasn't nice when you told him he was drooling.

justin: what was i supposed to do? LET him drool and embarass himself?

me: whatever.

justin: what were you doing talking to a random guy?

me: why do you care?

    i gave him my most goofy smile. he started laughing and walked away. he headed for burger king and i followed him. he sat down and and so did i. he put his head down on the pretty clean table and smiled. i did the same.

justin: i just don't want you talking to other guys while we're out shopping together.

me: you and your shopping.

justin: you don't want me to go shopping? okay then, no gift for you.

    i started to sway my head side to side. i smiled as i did it and talked in a sing-ish voice.

me: what you gonna get me?

justin: you should do a duet with me one day.

me: no way. i can't handle that.

justin: i said do a duet, not become famous with me.

me: still. what if people like it and want me to sing more songs?

justin: who said you sounded good?

    he sat up and started laughing. i pouted and put my head down looking at him.

justin: i'm just kidding.

    i was still pouting. i was also stilling giving him the face. plus, i was quiet. he playfully pushed my arm.

justin: mai, i'm just kidding!

    i wanted to play a trick on him. i tried so hard not to laugh. i held it long enonugh for justin to make me stop.

justin: mai, i was just kidding. i'm sorry. are you okay?

    justin put his head down and put it right in front of my face. i laughed in his face and sat up.

me: yeah i'm okay.

justin: i started getting scared. hawh i was gonna say....man what happened to her?

me: gosh, i was just kidding! now don't bite!

    i realized that we were too loud. i saw that everyone was staring. me and justin decided to move into a booth instead of a table. we both sat on the same side. he put his arms around me as he smiled leaning towards me and whispered in my ear.

justin: uhh, i like fxck.

    my eyes shot open and my jaw dropped. i couldn't believe what he just said. he's not like this. what girl has he been talking to behind my back? i shook my head in disappointment.

justin: again, i was just kiddin.

    he blew onto my neck and i started giggling. he closed his eyes and kissed my cheek. then he rested his head on my shoulders

me: that came out of nowhere.

justin: just to make it up to you.

me: for what?

justin: this is the last time i might be seeing you until my flight.

me: why?

justin: i never realized how much stuff i packed.

me: i was getting so used to you here.

justin: don't worry. i'll be with you always in spirit.

me: okay.

justin: mailyn.

me: what?

    when i said "what", he said "what" also. he kept calling my name and he knew i would respond with "what." he tried to say it at the same time with me.

justin: let's call it the "what game."

me: so reets[retarded]. so if we want to play it with all jeremy them, we'll ask them "can we play the what game?"

justin: yeah. all they'll be asking is "what game?"

me: okay.

justin: you know what i mean yeah?

me: yeah.

* * * * * * * * * *

    i stayed up talking to jeremy, stacey, steven and jerome with my webcam all in one chatroom. it was 1:19AM and i was getting tired.

me: i'm gonna go you guys.

jerome: wait, i gotta ask you something.

me: me or stacey?

jerome: you.

steven: omg, you're gonna ask her out!

jerome: do you like justin?

me: what do you think?

jerome: never mind, i know the answer. different question...are you gonna do something about it?

me: why?

jerome: we're leaving tomorrow afternoon. you're not gonna do anything about it?

me: no. [as i shook my head]

stacey: you should.

me: not this talk again! he's leaving and it's done!

steven: haven't you notice how you guys been acting?

jeremy: you guys are adorable together.

me: jerome! look what you did.

jerome: he's been talking about you non-stop lately. he even told me about that stupid "what game" you made up this afternoon.

me: we WAS acting weird when he saw me talking to that guy.

stacey: c'mon lynn! HE HAS FEELINGS FOR YOU!

jeremy: ahem to that!

me: i'm not gonna forgive you guys if something bad happens.


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