i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 23
my date with justin

>i came out from the back as i waited for justin to pick me up from work. me and stacey's shift ended at the same time but she went out with jerome and steven as me and justin go to the gym. i couldn't believe i was gonna go to the gym with justin. i was tired from working for six hours from 9 this morning folding clothes, trying to shut up this group of six graders fighting over a stupid bag, unpacking all our new shipping and walking around-work IS my gym. i saw justin and he smiled as he gave me a big hug. i got out from his arms but we walked out with his arms still around from my shoulders. there was a lot of people at pearlridge since today was sunday so there were sales everywhere which means a lot of shopping...for girls. a lot of girls noticed justin but when they took a double take, they figured it was the famous "shiny." they wanted to get an autograph but since justin was busy and i had to babysit the twins since our babysitter was sick, we tried to get away. they started chasing us and we ran for our lives-actually justin did as he pulled me with him. we got to his car which surprisingly no one saw us and got out of there.

justin: sorry for that.

me: does that mean i don't gotta work out with you since you made me run about 1/3 of a mile plus i just got out of work?

justin: can you spot for me then?

me: sure.

    it took us about 20 minutes to get to the gym called the power house in honolulu. from the trunk of the bmw, justin takes out a duffel bag with his clothes and stuff and we head inside. the only people i see were guys. they looked from the range of 17-60 years old. i guess their girlfriends or wives were out shopping. when the door shut behind us, everyone looked at us. i wasn't sure if they were looking at us because of justin since he's famous or me because i was the only girl.

me: i can't believe you're making me do this.

justin: you'd blow off our date?

    i sighed as i rolled my eyes. i smiled and punched his arm as he headed for the locker room for men. i didn't notice what he was actually wearing at first but he came out with silver basketball shorts and a black shirt with the sleeves cut off. he threw me some clothes at my face and when i looked at it, it was a white tank top and pink puma shorts.

justin: so you won't be as sweaty in the car.

    i gasped and punched his arm again. he spun me around and guided me to the ladies locker room to change. it felt weird since i only dressed like this in PE...which was during freshman year. i walked out from the locker room as i stomped my feet whining to justin. he started laughing and i punched his arm for the third time.

justin: ow. i'm gonna be using that arm you know.

me: too bad. whose clothes are these anyways?

justin: my mom's.

me: damn, she's skinny.

justin: too tight?

me: no. it's kinda loose but she's so skinny for a mom.

justin: that's where i got my muscles from.

    i scoffed as he headed to the equipment. he worked on his triceps first. he went onto the weight benches and set up the 50 pound barbells.

justin: i dare you carry that.

me: no.

justin: just do 5 benches.

me: what if i drop it on my face?

justin: you're not, i'm gonna spot you. plus, i gotta make sure YOU know how so that won't drop on MY face.

me: 3 benches then.

    i laid on the bench and looked up at justin. i gripped onto the barbell making sure everything is centered. justin put his hands on top of mine as i lifted the barbell up from the hook thing. i brought it down three inches above my chest and lifted it back up. i repeated it three times when justin sets it back on the hook thing and i got up.

me: okay you're turn.

justin: why? was it heavy?

me: kinda.

    he laid down on the bench and gripped the barbell. i put my hands on around the barbell where he told me to and he benched for a long time. i wasn't counting but i could hear him whispering as he counted. at first we talked when he benched but i guess he kept losing count. i watched him as he benched and i noticed that he was looking at my boobs.

me: why you looking there?

    he set the barbell back on the hook thing and got up. he took his towel and wiped his sweat.

justin: what'd you say?

me: i saw you looking at my boobs.

justin: sorry, i was daydreaming.

me: oh.

justin: but you were a good spotter. you didn't let the barbell fall on me. i taught you well.

me: now you taught me something this summer.

    justin pinched my nose softly and i wrinkled my nose and he smiled. he headed to the treadmills and started running. i was on the side as i watched him. he looked at me and gave me a creepy smile. he always does that when he knows i'm bored. i gave him the same smile which is a reply to say that i am bored but will deal. i looked around to see what everyone was doing. i saw a 16-18 year old guy on the ab lounge. it looked like he was struggling but i rememberd he was there ever since me and justin came.

justin: if you're bored, you can go get something to eat.

me: you make me feel fat now.

justin: you're not fat.

me: watching you work out when i'm hungry makes me feel fat.

    justin stopped the treadmill and got off it. justin sat next to me and put his arms around me. he blew into my ear and i started giggling. i kissed my cheek and blew onto my neck.

justin: let's go.

me: we just got here.

justin: i know you don't wanna be here so let's go.

me: isn't your producers gonna be mad?

justin: i don't care. i gotta work out either way.

    justin got up and pulled me to get up also. we headed to the lockers but separated when he went into the mens. i stepped inside when i heard justin calling my name. i turned around and felt a towel hit my face...and it was. i headed to the lockers and faced my face. i wasn't even sweaty but it felt refreshing. i got went outside and waited by his car. it didn't take long until he came out. he unlocked the car as i jumped into the passenger's seat. he opened the door as i threw the clothes he let me borrow at his face. it fell onto his lap and i threw the towel he threw at me and it dropped onto his lap. he looked at me with that "so immature" face and i pouted. he started up the car and threw the clothes behind him. we exited the parking lot when i opened the window. i turned on the radio and blasted it but justin turned it off.

justin: i'm sorry.

me: about what?

justin: last night?

me: what happened last night?

justin: for being with cindy more than you.

me: it's okay. that was only like one night.

justin: i just wanted to say sorry.

me: i already said it's okay.

justin: so can i stay over your house tonight?

me: sleepover?

justin: i thought we would be out longer so my `rents and vincent went out.

me: sure.

* * * * * * * * * *

michelle: can we go out for ice cream?

me: maybe tomorrow.

justin: i'm actually busy tomorrow. wanna go now?

me: but we just got here.

justin: it's okay. plus we can get michael's racecar.

    i looked at justin like a mom would look at his husband when  he's spoling his children but it's not the best for them. the twins started whining and tugging on my top begging to go. i didn't want to deal with whining so i nodded my head. i took the car seats from the garage and set it in justin's car was justin went to go and change them into decent clothing to go out. when i was done, justin came out from the house and locked everything behind him and the twins. i seated up the twins in the car seats as justin gets in the driver's seat. i got in the front with justin as i relaxed since i was so tired.

justin: sorry.

me: it's okay. you two, i want you to both behave or else, no ice cream and racecar.

    i looked at them through the rearview mirror and saw them nod their head. it's didn't take us that long to get there since we only went down the main road to don quijote. we got out and the twins were acting really good. i guess my threat got to them. we headed inside and as i held michael's hand and michelle was with justin. when the doors slid closed behind us, justin went running to the toy section. in no time, he found the car we wanted. we headed to the cash register to pay for it. then we headed to the food court and grabbed an ice cream cone. i wanted to sit down for a while but since justin said too much people were staring, we decided to leave and go back home.
    when we got home, the twins fell asleep in no time. i didn't want to take them upstairs so justin set the couch into a bed so we all laid on top of it. justin put in a movie and it was "the lake house." me and justin loved that movie. it was cold since the air condition was on so i grabbed a blanket in the closet in the bathroom. i brought it back and justin's arms was around michelle. they looked so adorable. i know justin will be a great dad someday. he kinda already looks like one. i looked at him and started giggling.

justin: what?

me: you look like a dad.

justin: well you looked like a mom.

    i hit him with the blanket. he tried to get me back but michelle woke up and went back to sleep. i set the blanket on both of them and brought it over to me and michael. i took some pillows and set in under my head for a good view of the tv. i glanced over to justin who is staring at me.

me: yes?

justin: you have a booger up your nose.

me: not even.

justin: i'm just kidding.

me: gosh, four more days.

justin: fxck, i know.

me: i'm gonna miss you.

justin: what? you're gonna KISS me?

me: no, i said i'm gonna MISS you.

justin: what? kiss?

me: hawh, never mind.

justin: i'm just joking. i'm gonna miss you too.

me: what a retard.

justin: but since we're talking about kissed right now, can i have a kiss?

me: i ate it all.

justin: no, i wanna kiss on my cheek.

me: why?

justin: `cause i said so.

    i rolled my eyes and leaned over trying not to hit the twins. i tried to give him a kiss but he dodged it. i got upset and crossed my arms as i went over back to my side. he started laughing and leaned over to give ME a kiss.

justin: i only did that just so i can give YOU a kiss.

    my heart jumped and i was major happy. i tried to hide it as we watched the movie. in no time, me and justin fell asleep.
    two hours later, we were all woken up by the door. i opened my eyes and saw my parents entering. the twins woke up and hugged them. my dad came by me and justin and started laughing.

dad: for a second there, i thought a teenage couple with kids were living in our house.

mom: you guys make a cute family.


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