i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 22
justin's goodbye party

i did the finishing touches on my make up and hair as i heard the doorbell ring. i grabbed my coach bag justin gave me for my sweet 16 this spring and headed downstairs. i expected jerome to be at the door since justin said a "friend" was going to be picking me up but instead, it was justin's driver that's been taking him everywhere the whole vacation. he smiled as he guided me to the stretched escaldale limo.

mom: i'll see you in half an hour.

    yes,my parents were coming too but they were staying for a couple of hours since they had to go to a co-worker's daugher's debut. the driver opened the door for me and smiled again. inside was empty so i guess that we were going to pick up the others. only a minute passed and i was getting bored. i guess the driver noticed `cause he told me about the cds in a small compartment under the seat. i took it out and it was justin's album.

driver: there's also some food in the little fridge if you're hungry ms. ferrero.

me: please don't call me mr. ferrero. my name is mailyn.

driver: okay <i>mailyn</i>. i'm gary.

me: nice to finally know your name since i've seen you like 20 times this summer.

driver: and nice to finally have a real conversation.

me: so....are you going to jusitn's party?

driver: yeah, actually i am.

me: that's justin.

driver: he's the only celeb that invited me to a party.

    i felt the limo get to a stop and i saw gary get out of the car. not long after, the door opens and walks in steven. steven jumps on me and kissed my cheek.

me: what was that for?

    steven sits up and starts smiling and puts his arms around me. i looked at him with disappointment.

me: were you just drinking?

steven: haha, no. i'm just joking.

me: what a weirdo.

    we felt the limo moving again and i guess steven's been hanging out with justin in the limo more than me because he knew about the little fridge and the cd player since he grabbed a piece of chocolate haupia pie and a bottle of vitamin water. i looked at the pie and steven knew i wanted some. he opened it and took a little piece and fed me. it felt weird `cause even though we flirted for fun, we didn't do this before.

steven: can i tell you something since we're alone?

me: omg, i'm scared.

steven: it's nothing big. just a memory.

me: what?

steven: you know when we first met, i used to like you.

me: really?

steven: yeah but i noticed how you and justin acted so i let it go.

me: aww, really?

steven: yeah.

me: just to be sure, you don't like me anymore right?

steven: this was in seventh grade so no.

me: haha, okay.

    we started laughing about it. me and steven met because justin and steven were in the same homeroom in seventh grade. steven was new to the whole state so justin was steven's first friend. at first i kinda noticed how steven would talk to me but after a week, it stopped so i thought it was a phase or he was just being nice.
    we felt the limo get to a stop and again, gary got out of the limo to escourt whoever was outside.

steven: i bet it's jeremy.

me: no, it's stacey. i guarantee it.

steven: 10 bucks on it.

me: deal.

    our heads turned as we heard the door open. in first stepped a pair of black capris and we knew who it was. it was stacey. i laughed in steven's face as he reached into his pocket to get his wallet. he opened it up and handed me a $10 bill. stacey gave us a confused face as she sat down.

me: we made bet on who you were. he said jeremy and i said you so he gave me 10 bucks.

stacey: you guys are weird.

    the limo started and we went on to pick up zaileen, then maria, then jeremy, then kat and then joey. me and steven kept making bets and by the time we reach prince kuhio hotel, i won 40 bucks and he got 10. we went inside and found the ballroom. only a few people were there. almost everything was red-the stage, the table covers, and the chairs. we headed down the stairs and jerome popped out of nowhere. i gave him a hug and he started laughing.

me: what?

jerome: nothing.

    i backed away and stacey gave him a hug and kisssed his cheek. i started giggling as i watched them.

me: where's justin?

jerome: still getting ready.

me: oh.

jerome: here's the hotel key. the room is D45.

me: why would i want to go up there?

jerome: he wants to talk to you before the party starts.

me: why?

jerome: i don't know. he just told me to give you the key and tell you to go to the room.

me: he's probably going to give me a speech about being nice to cindy.

    i grabbed the key as i headed to the elevator. i got into the elevator swings my head along with the elevator music. i looked onto the map of the fourth floor[d=4] to look for room D45. it would be easy to find. the door opened and i stepped off. i went right and read the numbers on the door. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...20, 21, 22, 23....30...44, 45. i slid the key and the door opened. i knocked as i entered the room. the first person i saw was kayla fixing her make up. she saw me and gave me a hug.

kayla: it's been weeks.

me: i know.

    all of a sudden, i felt someone hugging my leg. i turned around and i found vincent hugging my leg. i picked him up and sat him on my lap as i sat on a chair. he gave me another hug and he gave me a piece of paper. i looked at it and there was a drawing of a boy and a girl on clouds holding hands.

me: aww, is that you and michelle?

vincent: no! eww, she was cooties.

me: no she doesn't.

vincent: yes she does.

me: well she's coming you know. she can't wait to see you.

vincet: yuck.

    i started laughing and looked up at kayla who is watching me and laughing. vincent got off me and grabbed some candy out from his pockets and offered me some. i took it and pinched his cheeks. he started whining and i tickled him which made him stop.

me: so who's this in the picture vincent?

vincent: it's you and justin.

justin: is that my name you just said?

    justin came out from his room waxing his hair up. he gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. he still had some wax in his hand and put some on my neck. i wiped it off and put it on his face.

justin: i never realized how bad this stinks.

me: what a loser.

    he went into the kitchen and washed his hands. i laid down on the couch as he came back, and kayla and vincent went downstairs leaving us alone in the room. he came back from the kitchen and jumped on the couch and hugged me.

me: what was that for?

    i sat up since we both couldn't fit if i was laying down and he was sitting on the edge. he sat closer to me and put his arms around me. he tried not to take deep breaths since my perfume made him sneeze. his head rested on my shoulders as i felt his chins on it.

justin: you don't want hugs anymore? okay fine.

me: i'm just asking. you never do that.

justin: i'm gone in five days so i'm giving you as much hugs as i can.

me: hawh, it sucks that you're leaving. i forgot that you were.

justin: that's what this party is for.

me: the summer went by so fast.

justin: i know. i can try come during fall.

me: you better.

justin: i'm gonna miss you mai.

me: i'm gonna miss you too.

    i felt tears forming in my eyes but it went away when both our phones started ringing. jerome was calling his and stacey was calling mine. they told us to get downstairs so we did. we got to the ballroom and it was packed! yeah justin was famous but i didn't know we knew this much people. we walked around a bit when we found stacey them. stacey gave me a weird face but i didn't know why.

jerome: justin, cindy's looking for you.

    oh, now i know why. justin looked at me and gave me a worried face and i knew what he was thinking.

me: don't worry. tonight's your night-i'm not gonna ruin it.

    justin smiled and gave me another hug. i thought it would be a quick hug but i was in his arms for a pretty long time. i tried getting our from his grip but he was too strong. i saw a girl coming towards us from the corner of my eye and that's when he let go of me. at first i thought it was chelsea but it was cindy.

me: hi.

    justin told me to be nice so i acted nice-i greeted her first. she looked at me and didn't say anything. not even a smile! then she took justin away and they faded into the crowd.

me: what a bxtch!

steven: but i admit, she's hot.

joey: me too.

    i looked at them then rolled my eyes as i headed for the bathroom.

me: you guys are disgusting.

    i got into the bathroom and take a leak. when i was done, i went to wash my hands but cindy was there. she was also washing her hands. i was still in the stall as i watched her for a while. she looked up and when she saw me, she tried to run out from here as fast as she could. once she opened the door, she tripped on her 3 inch sandals and stumbled.

me: ah ha!

    after i was done, i headed outside and found all justin them on a long table....even with cindy. cindy was on justin's left and on the right was an empty seat. the tables were rectangular that fits 15 people. i really wanted to sit by justin and when we looked at each other, i can tell he wanted me to sit by him also but i couldn't bare being within 5 feet by cindy so i sat in the corner with steven and maria. i looked over justin's way and i see him talking to cindy. they were talking to each other like no one was around. they flirted with each other which pissed me off. it was time to finally eat dinner and we were getting food. i was the last person to get food and also the last to get back to the table. i thought we were just going to sit in the seats we left from but when i got to the table, the only seat left was by justin which cindy was sitting on the other side. i pulled out the chair but when i saw cindy staring at me from the corner of my eye, i changed my mind. i knew cindy was happy but when i heard the others whining and groaning, i knew they wanted me there. i went over to the next table where everyone except justin and cindy followed.

me: you guys was so weird.

    i looked over to the justin's table and i saw him looking at me. he gave me that "don't leave me, i hate you for doing this" look. i gave him an innocent look and he just rolled his eyes. i started to get scared that he might leave being mad at me.


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