Soldiers of the Damned
Author: Garrett R. Kirby

Chapter 2

Chapter 2:


"Yo Jerry! When we getting out of here?" Tank yelled across the room.
Jerry sighed and turned around to face him.
"You in a hurry Jimmy?" He asked.
"Hey, you gonna call me Jimmy, you make sure it's Little Jimmy."
"That's like calling a big wrestler 'Tiny'." Jack laughed, his voice rough and raspy under his helmet.
"Yeah, well I grew up in the projects and-"
"Ok, we get that. You only told us five hundred times now." Drake interrupted.
Tank stood up and walked over to Drake. My stomach sank when I saw how big he was compared to my friend.
"You wanna talk, you wait your turn little man." Tank spat at Drake.
"Then stop repeating yourself." Drake said in a confident voice, standing up as well.
"Hey! Break it up you two. Save it for the real enemy." Bill yelled.
Tank smirked and walked back to his seat. He could have probably taken out Drake with a single punch if he wanted.
Drake sat and glared at Tank for a few seconds before turning to me. "Well, I suppose you have to go soon." He said, popping a piece of gum in his mouth.
"Most likely." I replied. "I can't wait to get back to New York."
Just as I spoke, Jerry clapped his hands together and told us it was time to get the package back. He called control and had them send a chopper back to get us at the extraction point.

We didn't take the truck back, instead we put the large metal box in the back of a green jeep. I rode with Jerry, and the others took their own jeep. We flew out across the hot desert and went back to the gas station, where the chopper picked us up. It was another long ride back...

-One week later-

Like most teams, we were stationed at our own base. This was the place we contacted when we needed supplies, back-up, Intel, all sorts of stuff. It was also where we stayed in between missions, unless you count being on leave. I usually slept at one of the guy's house, as I didn't have much of a home outside of the SSP. I stayed at Drake's once, that was fun I guess.

My real life was out on the field, where the action was, and in two days we would be going on leave. It wasn't that we couldn't stay at the base, but we were supposed to take the time to go be with our family's and friends, who all happened to live here in New York.

It was a slow day back at the base. Jack was watching Foot Ball on the flat-screen, Jerry was looking for something to eat, Neal was playing his Banjo, Tank was in his room playing video games, and I was pretty much just watching everything.
At least they fed us good and made sure we got enough action to stay in our fighting moods.

I stood from the couch, not able to take the Foot Ball/Banjo music any longer, and walked towards my room.
Being the youngest of the team, I was the one to get bored the fastest. I didn't like sitting still all that much, and I really hated Neal's Banjo. Tank wasn't the biggest fan of it either, which is why he was sitting in his room playing horror games with the lights off.

"Hey! Who ate my steak?!" I heard Jerry yell as I left the room.
I walked past Tank's room, and stopped suddenly at his voice whispering behind me.
"Hey, kid." He whispered.
"Yeah?" I asked, spinning around. He was peeking his bald head out of the room with a scared, yet rather childish, look on his face.
"Did you hear the news?" He asked, his voice still a whisper.
I shook my head, some of my hair falling down into my eyes. "What news?"
"Keep it down!" He hissed.
"Ok..." I whispered. "What news?" I couldn't help but feel like I was doing a drug deal. I hate that feeling, when I think I am doing something illegal.
He looked around then gestured for me to come in his room. This was the point where I was scared. See, when a really big guy asks me to come in his very dark room and talk... I tend to want to puke.

I walked in his room, unwillingly might I add, and sat in a chair he had by the tv. Tank followed me in and closed his door.
"Alright..." He said in his normal voice. "I overheard some pretty bad news."
"Like what?" I asked, leaning back in the chair.
"Well... I heard that the need for Super-Soldiers is decreasing on the battlefield, but they want to use us out there." He said, pointing in a random direction. "That's why we are going on leave, so they can decide if they want to keep us doing these special missions, of if they want to use us cops!"
I had heard that the crime rate had been going up lately. I read in the paper they were thinking about getting the army involved, but I had heard nothing about them using us. I could feel my eyes widen slightly.
"Whoa...wait." I said, standing up. "Your telling me they want to use us as crime fighters?"
He nodded and sighed.
"That's insane!" I exclaimed.
"I know, but what can we do if they decide that they want us out?" He asked.
"They won't. They need us." I frowned. "We did a lot for them, they can't just throw us out!"
"I don't know dog. It looks like we might be back in the real world soon. Which reminds me, we are going on leave soon, and you need a place to stay?"
I sighed. Half of me was glad the subject had changed.
"Yeah, why, you offering?" I asked.
"Shoot kid, I ain't got nothing to do except watch tv and go clubbing. You need a place to stay, I'm your man." He smiled. He did one of those brotherly slaps on my back, then opened his door and pushed me out. "Back to the game." I heard him say to himself as he shut the door.
I stood outside his room in a bit of a confused daze. What just happened?
"Thank you?" I said, before turning back towards my room and walking away.

"Score! That's five bucks!" I heard Jack yell at Neal as I walked down the hall.
"No! They cheated!" Neal cried, his accent strong in his voice. I assumed they were still watching Foot Ball.
"Hold on just a moment." I heard Jerry say in the other room when I walked by. His calm controlled voice was followed by a loud yell, his voice he normally used when giving us commands on the field. "Would you two shut up?! I'm on the damn phone!"
"Dang." I corrected as I walked past. I wasn't a big fan of curse words, not one bit. I was the most religious of the team, always wearing a cross necklace, always keeping a Bible in my room, etc.
Jerry ignored me and went back to talking on the phone. "Look, alls I'm asking is, while your out pick us up some steak." There was a moment of silence followed by "Of course I'll pay you!"

"Talking to Jane?" I asked as I walked into my room.
He nodded. Jane was his girlfriend, and our personal field supervisor. Whenever we were out she sat at a computer and made sure we got everything we needed. We get in over our heads, she sends Team Bravo to help us correct our mistakes.
I sat on my bed and sighed. Were they really going to end our missions? I don't mean to sound greedy, like helping the city is a bad thing, but being cops was not what we were made for.

-2 Days Later-

"Kid, you ready yet?" Tank asked as he peeked into my room.
"Almost, I just have to find my book!" I replied, getting on the floor and looking under my bed. I never left the house without my war journal, it's where I wrote everything down. Every day I wrote an entry explaining the days events.
"Ah come on kid, we can buy a new one when we stop at the store." He sighed.
I stood, not finding anything under the bed but a pen. "Fine." I said in defeat. Lord knows where my misplaced items wind up.
I grabbed my bags and walked out in the hall. Tank already loaded up his stuff.
"Let's go." He said, turning and walking towards the door.
I followed after him quickly. His long legs made him walk much faster then me, which is why I never raced him.

We walked out into the rainy city and walked towards Tank's large black van. On the side were big white letters like graffiti that said "TANK".
We were a little ways from all of the large buildings and skyscrapers, you know, the stuff you think of when you hear about The Big Apple. See, over the years the city had grown bigger and bigger, and the population kept shooting up, so there was another Island added that was strictly for housing and education. It's name was simply "District one", in case there came a time when there was a need for a "District two". Yes, it took a very long time to build it, and I was not even alive when they did, but it was worth it. The thing was huge, and held a lot of people.

Tank opened the back doors on the van and put my bags in. He closed the doors, walked to the drivers side, and climbed in.
I went to the passenger seat and climbed in next to him.
"So, how did you over-hear the news?" I asked, trying to make conversation. Tank could be a real taker, if you started the conversation anyways, but he was no where near as talkative as Neal.
"I heard Jerry talking over the phone to Jane. They are attending a meeting tomorrow to try to keep us in business." Tank replied.
"Why aren't we going?" I asked. We had every right to fight as they did.
"I never said we weren't, in fact I'm calling Jerry tonight and having a nice little talk with him about this meeting." Tank said.
"He better let us." I frowned.
Tank sighed and turned on the radio. Rap music blared loudly through the speakers.
"This whole thing sucks." I heard Tank say to himself.


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