Soldiers of the Damned
Author: Garrett R. Kirby

Chapter 1

(Quick note from Author: First off, I promise you will not see much of these because it will most likely take away from the book if you do. I just have a few simple things to ask of you, but before that I must thank you for giving the first book of the Soldiers of the Damned series a chance. All's I ask is that you check back for more chapters as I post them. As this is being posted I am on Chapter 12, but I am going back and editing all of the chapters before I post them here. My dream for Soldiers of the Damned is to publish it, so the second thing I ask of you is to give me feedback! I don't care if it's good or bad, your opinions will be respected as long as you are not cussing me out. My last thing to say is it may be a bit slow in the beggining, but I promise you that it is well worth it when you get further into the story, because there is a lot of subplots, action, and romance. Expect more chapters very, very soon. Thank you all, and happy reading!)






The cold is all I feel. Like Winter... but in the summer. My skin is getting frostbite all over, like I am laying naked in the snow and ice storms. Surely I must be dead. Surely there must be some light in the darkness, coming to free me from this hell of a planet.
How did this happen? Why did it happen?
Whatever happened to right and wrong? Good and evil?!
Now it's always "the lesser of two evils".
Here I was, the guy who thought we would be good for America. The guy who thought the government was the way to go! The people to look to for help!!
What a screw up I was...

-Number 372 AKA: Bill Lux

Chapter 1:

The year is 2245.
The US Government has started the Super Soldier Program (SSP). They have been training soldiers in secret, not wanting to yet release them to the public eye.
Signing up for the program was completely first.
In the beginning a lot of us wanted in. I think they said there were about four hundred of us. Each was drugged with something called "Red". It gave us super strength, speed, a healing factor, you name it.
I made a lot of cool friends in the program. We trained together and, when the time came, we fought together. At first we just did secret missions for the Government. We were at war with China, and frankly, there were just some things our Military couldn't do against theirs. I remember watching old movies as a kid, and China always seemed to have the strong powerful crap... well that was pretty much how it was now, except instead of it being giant mech suits and robots that we were fighting, it was just a huge army with much more advanced weapons. I mean, I've seen some pretty cool things on our side and all, but they had lasers. And you just can't beat a nice laser.

But enough about China and the Super Soldier Project, let's talk about me, shall we?
My name is Randy Miller. I was one of the first two hundred in the project. I was taken away from family and friends with the sign of my name. Do I regret it? Nope, not one bit.
I didn't have the best family, and as far as friends went, well, I wasn't a very social person. I was quiet and shy, which is why I stand out from the rest of the unit.
I'm stuck in a group of five, like most others. We are all unique in our own ways. And it ain't just our personality's either. We got our own, custom made armor. Each and every one of us.
See, here's how the group is:

First there's our leader, Jerry. He's not much of a talker either unless he's giving commands, but he does that a lot. He doesn't get to personal with us. I wasn't sure why he was so stand-offish at first, but then I started to hear stories about him around the base. They say he lost his whole squad before we came along, and he never forgave himself for loosing them... or something like that.
His armor has a built in teleporter, or what we like to call "Jumper". He can't go to far with it, but he can appear in nearby buildings, and he has no limit to how many times he can do it. His armor is a navy-blue and covers his whole body. His helmet almost resembles a knight from the old days, but it's much stronger and much more comfortable.

Next there's "Tank", or "Little Jimmy". Now this guy is one you never want to mess with. You get in a fight with this guy: your gonna lose. He's strong as an ox and he's got the muscles to prove it. He got his nickname, The Tank, because of his special armor. A good way to describe it is just a big black dome with arms and legs. He has the ability to use a super charge, which lets him ram through any wall, car, or even a tank, like a Rhino.

Then there's Neal. Neal can be a real chatter box. He's got a very strong Southern accent, and always wears a cowboy hat instead of a helmet. He doesn't have to much armor either. He claims that the armor gets in the way when he needs to move quickly, but I never had such a problem. What he does have is a metal vest, metal gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads. That's his only real source of protection. Other then that he wears blue jeans and a tank top, unless it's cold. Across the front of his vest is a Confederate flag that he painted himself.
He doesn't have any special armor power because he doesn't have much armor to help with that.

Last, but not least, is my best friend Jack. Jack's got somewhat of a tragic history. He used to be in the military long before I was. One day when he was on leave he was in a car accident, and his car caught on fire. He was left with horrible scars, and he always wore a skull mask to hide his face from the public. I personally have never seen his real face, but I know it's really bad. He once told me his biggest fear is somebody pulling his mask off in a crowded area, where everybody could see.
So, of course, Jack wears a helmet.
Jack can create short bursts of fire from mini-flamethrowers on his wrists. An ironic power for somebody who claims he is scared of fire...

My armor is all black. My helmet is a bit more of a gas-mask then an actual helmet, but it isn't easily breakable, and isn't the most comfortable piece I've worn.
My torso is bulky, well at least for me. I'm the smallest one in the group so it is a bit heavy on me.
My power is the ability to use life-support in battle. If I am shot down my armor will start to heal me as much as it can to keep me alive. I haven't needed to use it yet...
But anyways, today is a day unlike most others. We are being sent out somewhere in the desert to retrieve a package by Team Bravo, our "Brother Team". These are the guys we see when we need back-up. They have helped us on a few missions, but we never got to know each other to well.

We were going eighty percent of the way via chopper, but we would have to take a truck in the city.
"Drop off point five minutes away." The pilot said into his microphone, which transmitted to our helmets.
"Understood." Jerry replied, looking at all of us. "Alright, everybody ready?"
"I have a question." Jack said, leaning forward in his seat.
"Yes Jack?" Jerry asked, his head snapping towards Jack.
"Why do we need guns? I mean, this city is friendly right?"
"Sorry, I wish I could give you an answer, but I'm just following orders here. I don't even know what it is we are picking up." Jerry sighed.
I looked out the window and noticed that the city was already in sight. They would be dropping us off soon.
"Where exactly are we gonna get the wheels?" Tank asked after a few minutes.
"Our old friend Bill will be supplying the ride. You all remember him, I'm sure." Jerry said.
I remembered Bill. He was the leader of Team Bravo. He was a nice guy, a little older though. Him and Neal were both in their fifty's.

"Here we are boys." The pilot said. "I'm coming in for a landing."
"Understood." Jerry said, slipping on his helmet. "You cowboys ready?"
Tank stood and stretched as the chopper landed, and I could hear Neal snickering at the cowboy term. "Boss, after that ride I am gonna feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I get to a bathroom."
"Heard that." Jack said as he stood.
I stood and stretched as well. It was about a two hour ride, but it was a very bumpy one.

Jerry stepped out of the chopper and walked outside to meet Bill. Neal and Tank followed soon after.
"Let's go." Jack said, walking outside.
I followed after him, but stopped as I was momentarily blinded by the sunlight.
"Thank god!" I heard Tank exclaim. I saw he was walking off towards a gas station as the others walked over to Bill. Jack was following right behind him.
"This is our ride?" Neal asked, staring at the old truck.
It was covered in rust, and the turret mounted in the back looked older then even Neal.
"There is no way we are all gonna fit in that thing." I said.
"You aren't. Some of you will be riding in the back." Bill said, gesturing to the flat back of the truck where the turret was mounted.
"Tank's gonna have to ride back there. There is no way he will fit in the front." Jerry said, kind of chuckling.
"That dude's a brute." Bill replied.
"You ever see him in combat?" Neal asked.
"Yeah, a few times when we were paired up I saw him do a little fighting." Bill nodded. "Hey, how the heck does he go to the bathroom in that thing?"
I zoned out for the rest of the conversation. I was hot in my armor, and I didn't have any water on me.

After a bit Tank and Jack came walking out. Jerry made sure we were ready, and we left. It was time to get the package.
It was a short ride into the city. We got stuck in a small bit of traffic though, and I was stuck out back with Tank and Neal. So here I was in the hot desert sun with a dry throat and nothing to drink for about five minutes.
I removed my helmet, which helped a little. I could feel the air blow through my long, sandy-blond hair.

When we finally reached the small warehouse turned base I jumped out of the truck and walked inside.
"Well look who it is." One of the soldiers said. I didn't recognize him, but he didn't have his suit on and I have never seen the Bravo Team without their armor.
"I bet you don't recognize me." He smirked. He had long black hair and bright green eyes.
"No, I don't." I said, putting my helmet down on a table.
"It's Drake, number  268." He replied.
"Oh!" I smiled. Drake and I were good buddies. We had known each other since childhood. I couldn't believe I didn't recognize him. It had been so long since we had seen each other out of our armor though, if you could call Drake's suit armor...
"Hows the Military life treating you?" He asked, getting a glass of water from a large fridge and handing it to me. I quickly gulped it down.
"It's...exciting I suppose." I said, pulling a chair out and sitting down. "Hey, what's the big secret package we are retrieving?"
Drake looked over his shoulder, then back to me. "Come here, I'll show you." He said, walking towards the back of the room.
There was a large box covered by a dark green tarp.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Just wait." He smirked, pulling off the tarp.
The box was a bright silver. It had three locks to keep it from opening, and on the very top was a large "Bio Hazard" sign.
"Bio Hazard? What are we gonna do, nuke China?"
"No, no. It's supposed to be sent to some medical plant back over in New York or something. They say it's gonna prevent any sickness. Like the flu, strep-throat, it will even prevent cancer." Drake replied with a smile.
"Huh, sounds pretty cool." I smirked. "But it's not like we need it."
"Not even close." Drake chuckled, throwing the tarp back over the box. "Now let's keep it covered before we get cancer from radiation or something."

The beginning of the end...


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