i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 17
kayden's ruining my friendship

kayden: i have a present for you.

me: what is it?

kayden: close your eyes.

    me and kayden were at the pagoda hotel restaurant in front of the waterfall. we were just finishing dinner and heading out to go home. it was 7:13pm and i needed to be home by eight since i'm having a sleepover at my house. kayden's been acting weird ever since i got in his car and i think it was because of the gift. i'm a supper impatient person that i started peeking to see what he gave me.

kayden: don't peek or else i won't give it to you.

    once i heard those words, i shut my eyes super tight that it felt like my eye lids were stapled. i was super excited to see what it was since he was taking so long. i kept moving in my seat and he held me down to stop moving. my heart started beating faster because that was how vinny held me down when he tried to have sex with me. i wasn't raped by him or anything but after i told him off, he stayed away from me like i had a restraining order.

kayden: you can now open your eyes.

    when i did, in front my of face was a black jewelry box with a silver bow on it. my heart started pouding even more because all i could think about was one thing-IS HE GOING TO PROPOSE? he went on one knee and my mouth just dropped.

me: omg, kayden! don't!

    i pulled him up and shook him. he looked at me with the weirdest face ever. i knew he was confused.

kayden: what are you talking about?

me: huh?

    he went back on his knee and i just wanted to walk away but when i saw him tying his shoe lace, i felt so stupid. i hit my forehead and scolded myself. he got back up and started laughing.

kayden: are you okay?

me: yeah. i just had a stupid moment.

kayden: what? you thought i was gonna propose or something?

    i started laughing as he opened up the box and sitting inside was a sterling silver white topaz heart necklace. it was so pretty! my eyes lite up and a smile popped onto my face. he took the necklace and put it around my neck. he patted the necklace like he was trying to push it into my skin.

justin: it matches your outfit.

    i looked at what i was wearing. i saw that it was a plaid high-waisted halter dress that was on me. kayden had good taste in necklaces and clothes because he was right when he said he it matched. i gave him a big tight hug and kissed his cheek. he kept his arms around me as he tried to take off my other necklace.

justin: you don't need this anymore.

    i pushed his hands away when i saw that he was trying to take off my silver heart pendant necklace. i always wear that necklace; i never take it off. justin gave it to me before he moved to reno. even though it's fake and all rusty, i still have it. the necklace symbolizes my friendship with justin. since he gave me the necklace, i gave him jordan earrings that he always wears.

justin: it looks weird. the heart one is so fake and rusty and you always wear it. so ugly, gold and silver together. even you said that you like silver better.

    i was getting so tired of him being so controlling. i just wanted to tell him off like i did to vinny two years ago. vinny probably knows the story because kayden gave a big sigh.

kayden: okay, i'm sorry. let's go home.

me: mmkay.

kayden: you know that i DO love you. i'm not like vinny.

    the car ride home was dead-only hearing the radio, i was super bored. then everything turned the opposite when we pulled up into my drive way. i looked over to him and smiled.

me: bye.

kayden: wait!

    i stopped as i was opening the door to get out. i turned around and wondered if there was more. was he going to apologise of what happened or something? was he gonna ask for the necklace back-which btw, i was wearing WITH justin's one.

me: what?

    he smiled and leaned in for a kiss. i dodged it and when he noticed, he leaned back and smiled again. i smiled back as he leaned in for another kiss by this time, it was just my cheek. it started out as a peck but he kept kissing me and he started going lower and lower and lower and lower until he paused. i thought he was done when he gave me a nibble on my neck. my necklace is my weakness so i started giggling. he started giggling too so i gave him. i gave him a little peck on the lips before i got out of the car.

* * * * * * * * * *

    i grabbed the sunchips, doritos, oreos, and ice cream out from the kitchen counter along with four arizona green teas piling up in my arms. luckily, zaileen saved me. she was on her way to get some paper towels since they spilt the other can of green tea. zaileen was grabbed the sunchips from under my arms when we heard justin walking in.

justin: i got mcdonalds.

    zaileen threw the food onto the dining table and ran into the living room. i put the food back since mcdonalds sounded better than some chips and cookies. i headed into the living room and saw everyone digging into the the mcdonalds bag. i went to grab my number five but it was right there set up on my seat.

me: just what i was craving for.

justin: wha? you pregnant?

me: NO!

justin: okay.

    me, stacey, zaileen, steven and justin sat around the coffee table in the living room watching eurotrip stuffing our faces with mcdonalds. as usual, i had the number five-ranch blt, medium fries and a drink. steven got a quarter pounder with cheese, justin got a big mac, stacey had a mcchicken with a large fries and a mcflurry, and zaileen had a number nine-10 piece chicken nuggets with a medium fries. we were all in my house alone since my parents were at work and the twins were at our grandma's house three streets away.

justin: i love that song! scotty doesn't know that fiona and me do it in my van every sunday. she tells him she's in church, but she doesn't go so she's on her knees and scotty doesn't know-oh. scotty doesn't know!

    justin gets up and he starts dancing. he starts banging his head like rockstars and bounces all over the room while dancing. justin starts cracking up and does stupid stuff. since steven was still sitting down, justin decides to put his ass right in front of steven's face and starts grinding on him. steven pinches his ass like he's giving him a tity twister. justin starts screaming like a girl and we all start cracking up. when justin and steven finally looked sober, the table was kinda quiet but zaileen broke it.

zaileen: how was your guys' days?

me: mine was good.

justin: i bet it was.
me: huh?

justin: nothing nothing.

steven: huh? what? uh-OH!

me: huh?

    they all started giving me weird face at me like i had stuff in my teeth. i was started geting parnoid and made sure that it didn't.

justin: yeah, you gotta piece of chicken stuck in your teeth.

stacey: yeah, i can see it. it's right there.

steven: don't listen to them.

zaileen: yeah, they're just trying to trick you.

    i didn't know who to believe so i went to the bathroom to brush my whether i had or not. my mouth felt weird and thick. i took a leak first then brushed my teeth while the rest were cleaning up the coffee table. i was in front of the mirror after brushing my teeth. it was kinda hot so i took a scrunchy from the medicine cabinet on the wall. as i pulled up my hair, i noticed something purple red-ish on my neck but since that was the color of the tiles, i knew it was an allusion until i carefully looked at it.

me: omfg! kayden left a fxckin` hickey!

    i stormed out of the bathroom until i got into the living room. everyone was around the coffee table and had all the food that i was going to bring on top. those pigs can eat a lot but yet stay so skinny. i joined them and sat between steven and justin. they all looked at me with fake smiles.

me: okay, i know you guys saw the hickey!

justin: see what i told you about that guy.

me: justin, just shut up already.

    i looked at justin with a serious face and i knew he knows that i'm not joking around. the back of my neck started getting itchy so i scratched it. since it's a habit of mine, i checked my necklace to see if the pendant is touching the lock and both were. i moved the lock back where it's supposed to be and i guess my friends saw the new necklace kayden got me because they started staring at it getting so close to it.

stacey: that's so pretty. kayden got it for you?

me: yeah.

zaileen: omg, i wanted that. i saw it at kay while i was waiting for our table to be ready at farrells. wasn't that expensive?

me: i don't know.

justin: are you guys going out?

me: me and kayden?

justin: no genius, you and steven. who else?

me: no we're not going out.

justin: you guys should already since he's giving you expensve jewelry and hickeys.

me: what is your problem?

justin: nothing. i just want you to be with him-that's all.

me: he's leaving in two weeks, there's now point.

stacey: do you even like him?

me: i do.

justin: do you love him?

me: hawh, no.

stacey: do you want to be with him?

me: no:

justin: then fxck him!

me: huh?

justin: just forget about him. stop making him buy you things.

me: why?

justin: `cause i told you so.

me: why?

justin: i want you to.


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