i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 16
we meet jerome

i stepped onto the bus on a saturday afternoon after work. i sat down in an empty seat as i listened to my itouch. then i felt vibration on my ass thinking it was just from the bus, but when people starting staring at me, i realized that it was my phone. i looked at the screen reading kayden's name.

kayden: are you busy?

me: i gotta baby sit.

kayden: how long?

me: i don't know. my parents didn't really tell me how long.

kayden: oh okay.

me: you wanted to hang out?

kayden: yeah.

me: i'm sorry. i would let you come over but i haven't really talked to my parents about you.

kayden: okay, i'll just call you tonight.

me: sure.

kayden: i love you.

    i hung up and i leaned foward to put my phone back but it started ringing again. i was scared it was kayden again asking why i didn't tell him that i loved him. when i looked, it was justin.

justin: what you doing?

me: i'm going home. why?

justin: are you gonna be busy?

me: why?

justin: can you meet me up at the park?

me: eltagonde park by my house?

justin: yeah.

me: why?

justin: just do it please.

me: i can't stay out too late though. i gotta baby sit in an hour.

justin: that's fine.

me: okay then.

justin: bring stacey too.

    when i hung up, i called stacey up and told her about the last second plans. she was confused just as i was because justin doesn't make random plans like that.

* * * * * * * * * *

me: something must've came up. aww, what if he has to go home early?

stacey: i hope not.

me: fxck, me too.

    me and stacey were taking our time walking to the park. the park is five streets away from me house. it takes me about seven minutes just to walk that. since stacey lives further, she took ten minutes just to get to my house. we finally got to the parking lot. we got near the payphone which is next to the restroom and the payphone rings. me and stacey jumped but we knew who it was. justin came from the men's room and starting laughing.

me: you're so weird.

stacey: i was the one who taught you that.

me: anyways, why'd you bring us here?

justin: oh, yeah. i got bored.

me: that's it? why the park? i have to baby sit man!

justin: i didn't think my friend would go to a stranger's house.

me: huh?

    from behind justin coming out from the restroom came this light-brown skinned, black haired, 5'8-ish, hazel eyed guy. he was pretty cute but when i looked over to stacey, her mouth was dropped.

justin: mailyn, jerome; jerome, mailyn. stacey, jermone; jerome, stacey.

jerome: sawp.

me: hi.


jerome: i'm justin's friend from back in reno.

stacey: how long have you guy's known each other?

justin: like seven months.

stacey: oh, cool.

justin: yeah.

stacey: uhh, how'd you guys meet?

jerome: my uncle and tommy are best buds.

stacey: ohh.

    as i watched stacey, i started cracking up in my head. i knew what she was thinking. jerome and stacey started talking more and me and justin were watching them like they were our kids or something. whenever stacey meets or talks to a cute guy, she can never run out of things to say. she's so random but in a cool way. guys like how they can keep a conversation going with stacey and it's never boring.

justin: let's head up.

    we headed up the hill where there was a big field of grass. the park it connected to the ocean so people can go fishing. it's not not clean enough to go swimming in though. up the hill had piers about 30 feet long to go outer into the water. in the middle of the field, there's a playground in a huge sand box. me and justin started heading to the piers but when stacey and jerome raced towards the playground, we changed our minds and followed them instead.

me: that's stacey.

justin: and jerome.

    as they raced to the playground, jerome found a stick on the ground and picked it to throw it to stacey. it got stuck in her hair so she stopped to get it out. in no time, jerome was on the slide yelling at us to hurry.

justin: you know, jerome reminds me so much of stacey.

me: i can see that.

justin: the first time i met him, i accidently called him stacey.

me: so shame.

    as jerome and stacey acted like a toddler couple, me and justin just sat on the benches and looked at the view of the ocean. i sat close to him that it felt weird.

me: so how are you and chelsea?

justin: we're doing really good.

me: oh cool. where is she?

justin: at work. i gotta go after this.

me: did she meet jerome yet?

justin: yeah.

me: oh.

    i scooted away from justin since he had a girlfriend. whenever justin's single, me and him can do whatever we want but when he has a girlfriend, i know my limits. sitting in a park looking at the ocean having skin contact with his arms around me if too much and i knew i had to limit myself.

justin: you know what's cool? me and chelsea earned a second chance with each other. it's like God wants us to be together.

me: that should be a knew song.

justin: it su-

    he was interupted by both our cell phones ringing. justin is left handed and i'm right handed so my cell phone was in my right butt pocket and his was on his left. we leaned forward to grab our cell phones but we accidently bumped heads.

justin: dumbo.

me: are you trying to say i have a big head, big ears and a long nose?...and calling me FAT?

justin: just answer your phone.

    and i did. i looked at the screen and i read kayden's name. i answered it but it was too late. he hung up. i tried calling him back but he beat me to it.

kayden: so fast you answered.

me: you called because?

kayden: my schedule changed. instead of three more weeks with you, i only got one more. i'm leaving next week sunday.

me: that sucks.

kayden: can we spend time tomorrow then?

me: yeah. i promise.

kayden: i love you.

    what the hell is his problem? make like he's gonna die and his death wish is to spend every waking moment that he has left with me. talk about clingy.
    i look over to justin and he's finishing his conversation on the phone. i can tell in his eyes that he was pretty upset.

me: what's wrong?

justin: nothing to go emo about. chelsea just has to work over time and we can spend time together tomorrow.

me: aww, that sucks.

justin: yeah, i know but are you gonna be busy for the rest of the night?

me: i'm baby-sitting!

    we locked eyes and i can see that he needed me. i looked at me phone and i realized that i'm supposed to be home in nine minutes. i rolled my eyes and took a deep breath when i knew what would cheer justin up and something i always wanted to do...teach justin how to play guitar hero.

me: you wanna come over?

justin: really?

me: yeah. the twins wanted you to come over but yeah, i told them you couldn't.

justin: okay sure.

* * * * * * * * * *

me: no, yellow! green! yellow! red!

justin: i'm trying!

    stacey and jerome were in the kitchen cooking and eating and feeding the twins while me and justin were in the living room playing guitar hero. i looked over to see what we was doing wrong and i started cracking up when i saw what it was.

me: you gotta strum donkey!

justin: my bad.

    i looked over to the screen to see how he was doing. he only had 250 points a minute into the song. 

me: this is "this me with your best shot!" this is the fxckin` easiest song in the game!

    he stopped playing when the song stopped and the crowd was booing. he gave me the guitar as he stood up and grabbed his jacket next to me. he left the living room and i started yelling at him.

me: you're just gonna leave `cause you suck?

justin: no. gosh, i was just kidding. i wasn't gonna leave.

me: oh.

justin: you try play a song.

    i looked through the lists of songs and i decided to get justin jealous by playing a medium song. i chose cliffs of dover because you gotta move buttons a lot and my fingers cramp up. i was playing and i can see in the corner of my eye him watching me.

me: you're an idiot.

justin: sorry yeah i not one expert like you.

me: expert? i'm only on medium.

    as i finished the song, i can see that justin kept watching my fingers and the screen. when i was done, he grabbed the guitar from me.

justin: watch, i'm gonna school you.

    again, he went with hit me with your best shot on easy. as i song played the intro, i watched his face which cracked me up. it was like he was getting ready for a football game.

justin: red! blue! red! red! red!

    again, he got boo-ed and gave the guitar to me. he went into the kitchen and grabbed some food for us since we were getting hungry. while he was gone, i played the same song on easy and i got 100%. i was about to continue when he saw me score.

justin: hundred percent? tweaker!

me: not even.

justin: tweaker!

    he gave me a slice of chocolate haupia pie and omg, it tasted so good. i've been craving it for a week. i called my parents a week ago to ask them to buy and they thought i was pregnant. only now they went out and bought some. so while we ate, we paused the game and he kept bragging that by the time he leaves, he's gonna be on expert.

me: you so stupid. i don't know why you were pressing blue on easy. blue doesn't come until medium?

justin: for real? hawh, no wonder. i was wondering why blue and the orange never came. i was waiting for them to come just in case they came unexpectedly.

me: btw, with your anykind pressing, you did a cheat code.

justin: really?

    finally, stacey and jerome came with the twins into the living room. michelle sat on justin's lap as michael sat on jerome's lap. stacey played on a song and she was already on hard. justin was more impressed by her. he started tripping out about it. after so much times i offered jerome but he rejected it, he finally played and he was on medium. justin got mad as he gradded the guitar to play again.

justin: watch, watch, watch.

    the same EASIEST song that's been playing for the past 20 minutes started all over again. this time, he went further than he did before. even though he got booed again, he managed to get all the way to the "c'mon and break it down" part. he was kinda mad but i cheered him up.

me: c'mon, this is the farthest you went.

justin: i didn't finish the song though.

me: at least i thought you something.

justin: yeah, you teach me a lot of things. some that you don't even know that you taught me.

me: huh?

justin: nothing.


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