i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 15
reunited with chelsea

me: where are you gonna even apply for?

steven: factory brand shoes! no duh! hello, discount on shoes.

me: well sorry.

    i was in the passenger seat of justin's car with steven in the back. it was the morning after our camp out and we were heading to waikele premium outlets which is a shopping center. we were on the freeway exiting to get there. we entered the parking lot and me and steven were arguing about getting a job. me and justin were gonna buy swin suits for a party tomorrow but steven wanted to tag along to apply for a job. it was around 11:00 and we left camp around 9. at breakfast was kinda awkward because i knew everyone was curious about what's going on between kayden. kayden left at 7 since he had to go to work.

justin: can you guys shut up? gosh, it's like i have to take my kids shopping.

    i got out of the car first and waited for the two slow pokes as they tried to fix their shirts and pants and hair and hats. justin was wearing a black shirt with a ganster jollibee on it with a black hat and pants. steven was a wearing a white famous star shirt with a red "f" and a red hat. i thought it was kinda funny that we just came from camping and they were dressed like that. when you look at what i was wearing, i was just wearing khaki shorts and a brown shrit that says "boom i got your boyfriend."
    we headed to factory brand shoes first. i love coming here since they have shoes from phat farm to roxy and to converse. steven went to the front register and asked for an application as me and justin went off and look at shoes. i looked around and found these roxy slip ones but they were so expensive-i was here to buy clothes. i look over to justin and he's coming towards my way.

justin: i practically have all these shoes.

me: don't gotta rub it in.

justin: sorry, i was just saying.

    he noticed that i was holding this pair of shoes so he asked me if i wanted it.

me: no, it's okay. maybe next time.

justin: you sure?

me: yeah justin.

    we both look over to steven and he's heading into the back. he signals us to wait for him.

justin: we're gonna go to jamba juice then.

    steven nods his head as he heads into the office and me and justin head outside. waikele isn't a mall but it's a shopping center so there's two parts. the other part is across the street. the place we were in had the clothes and shoes stores. the other side had k-mart, the restaraunt, lowes and the sports stores. jamba juice was on the other side so we headed that way. i told justin to order for me as i went to the bathroom. when i got out, justin was sitting down talking to a girl. <i>justin scores another girl.</i> i went by him and he got up and smiled.

justin: do you remember chelsea?

me: from seventh grade? yeah!

justin: this is her.

    justin shows me the girl he was talking to. it WAS chelsea. chelsea was one of my best friends in seventh grade until she moved to a different school on the other side of the island and we lost touch every since. justin was her first friend when she moved to our school and justin introduced me to her. justin really liked her but he was super shy back then so he didn't get a chance with her. before she moved, he tried to tell her but he couldn't. a few weeks later, there were rumors that chelsea liked him back.
    she stood up and we both started screaming. we jumped up and down as we hugged each other so tight.

me: how'd justin find you?

chelsea: i work here.

me: thank you party.

chelsea: huh?

justin: we have a party to go to tomorrow so we're buying clothes. we got thirsty and me and mai are crazy for jamba so we came here.

me: oh em gee. how's your new school? i didn't even know what school you moved to.

chelsea: i went to sacred hearts academy.

    sacred hearts is a private school for only girls. us three went on and on about our lives, justin's career and reminisced about the memories. then steven called justin and told us that he was done with the interview and got the job.

justin: sorry chelsea, we gotta go.

chelsea: okay. nice to see you guys again.

justin: uhh, if you wanna talk again or go cruising with all of us, you can call me. like i said, we're all still friends-all steven and jeremy, stacey them.

chelsea: sure, how about you call me?

justin: sure. number?

chelsea: 7536476.

justin: i only got a little less than three weeks left here.

chelsea: i'll have a lot of time for you.

justin: thanks.

    i grab my jamba juice as i hugged her. i took a sip of it as i watched justin hug chelsea. i started smiling as i watched them hug. he didn't just give her any old hug-he gave her the special hug he gives me, stacey and his girlfriends. we headed outside and steven was waiting on the bench. justin gave us his keyes as he headed the other way for k-mart.

justin: drive the car here. i gotta pee.

    he starts walking as me and steven look at each other. we head back into jamba juice real fast so steven can talk to chelsea fast kind. we start heading to the other side for the car.

steven: chelsea got hotter.

me: that's what justin thought so too.

steven: how long do you think they'll last?

me: you actually want to bet on their relationship?

steven: i say they'll probably last four days.

me: justin really did like her back then and i don't what he'll do this time but i think about two weeks?

steven: 45 bucks on it?

me: it's a deal.

* * * * * * * * * *

    i was working on my finishing touches as i heard the doorbell ring from downstairs. it was friday morning and justin came to pick me up for maria's jello party. yesterday, it took me the longest time to find a good bathing suit. we spend three hours at waikele and i couldn't find anything. justin and steven got board shorts from local motion. when we got into the car after walking around three hours going store to store, steven told me just go to pacsun and use my discount. i slapped myself for not thinking that. i got a green bathing suit with white and black hearts on it. i headed downstairs and i saw justin on the couch with a big smile on his face.

me: what? you got laid?

justin: hawh, yeeeeah.

me: wtf? WITH WHO?

justin: i was just kidding. don't gotta be trippin`.

me: why are you all smiley?

justin: i was talking to chelsea last night and i asked her about the rumors from seventh grade. she told me they were true.

me: and then?

justin: she told me she had a HUGE MAJOR crush on me.

me: and then?

justin: she said she wanted to tell me but she was too shy and thought we liked each other.

me: and then?

justin: but she never totally got over me.

me: so what? you guys like each other and now going out?

justin: actually, no. i didn't ask her yet.

me: when are you?

justin: later.

me: you guys are gonna meet up?

justin: she going to the party. she's actually in the car.

me: who else is in the car?

justin: just her.

me: wtf justin. why didn't you tell me? she's been there lonely for already five minutes. you don't do that to girls.

    i grab my stuff as i rush and get outside to not keep chelsea waiting. before i got into the passenger seat of the hummer, justin told me that i had to ride in the back. i couldn't believe that chelsea was in my seat. i'm always in the passenger's seat whenever i'm in justin's car.

chelsea: hey mailyn.

me: hey chelsea. did you see maria or stacey them yet?

chelsea: no! omg, i can't wait until i see everyone. it's been like three, four years?

me: so justin told you to tag along?

chelsea: maria invited me.

me: oh.

    we picked up the others as we headed for maria's house. maria planned this jello party at her house. she had a big backyard with a pool and she decided to make a jello party. during the winter, i came up with that idea but never really knew where to have it but when maria moved into a different house and her mom married this guy that is manager of foodland, we got discount on jello and used the big refrigerator to made the jello. it was 9 o`clock but the party wouldn't start until 12:30. we were going early to help with everything. maria's house is right on the other side of the wall behind foodland so we had easy transportation to go back and forth with the jello. we got to maria's house and maria was on the porch sitting down like she didn't want to go inside her house.

me: maria, what's wrong?

    i started walking towards her but-boom! something hits my face. when i opened my eyes, my face is all covered in jello. maria got up and started throwing jello filled balloons at us until she ran out. we all ran into the back and jumped into the pool. after five minutes of swimming, we got out and got to work. we had to go back and forth to the store and back to the house to carry the boxes of jello. in some boxes, there were jello filled balloons and the others were just jello. maria emptied out the pool and we all started dumping out the jello inside. the pool was only four feet deep and it was about 10X20 feet big so it wouldn't be too big of a hassle to clean it later.

maria: i hope people come. when i told people about this, they were all like "so gay. wtf is a jello party?"

chelsea: if they don't come, they'll miss all the fun.

justin: eh, that rhymed.

me: you so stupid. point out the smallest things.

justin: so what? that can be useful in the future.

    maria's "prediction" was wrong `cause by 12, her whole backyard was packed. everyone were in their bathing suits but didn't want to go into the pool filled with jello. everyone was by the snack table but the mood changed when justin, jeremy and steven came out running with the balloons and started throwing it at everyone. the first target was everyone by the snack table. after those three got everyone loosen up, the main target they went for was me. i ran as fast as i could away from them. i also got some balloons and threw some at them. one of the balloons hit justin right smack dab in the middle of his face. they got tired and when they weren't looking, i went inside the pool and hid. when they found me, i took a big pile of jello and threw it at them. they fell onto the ground landing on their asses.

me: that's karma bxtches!

justin: watch later. we'll get you back.

me: i'd love to see that.

    chelsea was watching the whole time and she started laughing. when the guys left, i got out of the pool and threw some jello onto her and sat by her since she was by herself sitting on the ground.

me: why are you here by yourself?

chelsea: i don't know.

me: c`mon, you have to have some fun. isn't it boring in sacred hearts?

chelsea: yeah but i learned a lot.

me: don't tell me you're a goody two shoes that won't have any fun.

chelsea: of course not. i have fun once in a while.

me: okay.

chelsea: i don't know. i've thinking.

me: about what?

chelsea: about justin.

me: what about?

chelsea: did he tell you we like each other?

me: yeah.

chelsea: but i'm scared too be with him.

me: why?

chelsea: `cause when i moved, i didn't think i would ever see justin ever again...but when i found out that he was famous, i was super surprised and i wanted to find him. but i had doubts about it because he's famous, up in reno and it's been like two years-i didn't think he would remember me.

me: okay, so why are you scared?

chelsea: i can't handle that. what if he cheats on me?

me: justin isn't that stupid.

chelsea: plus, i noticed that you guys are really close.

me: what? you think there's something going on between us?

chelsea: yeah. you guys seem closer now than you did before.

me: chelsea, you funny. no way. me and justin are just friends.

chelsea: are you sure?

me: yeah.

chelsea: why does he always give you shout outs and mention you every time?

me: i made him promise me.

chelsea: oh.

me: chelsea, you guys like each other and this is your turn to be together.

    right on time, justin comes and takes chelsea away from me.

justin: i gotta talk to you.

chelsea: okay.

    justin takes her away by the swings and he started talking. she started smiling and she nodded. they hugged and chelsea looks at me and smiles even bigger. then justin picks her up and spins her around and when he sees me, he give me a thumbs up.


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