i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 13
kayden's "i love you" can affect a lot

kayden: i'll be there in 20 minutes.

me: okay.
    yesterday, i had a pretty bad day with justin since he blew me off for a fan at ala moana from the cd signing. i just needed some rest and i got over it. i just didn't want to talk to him for a while. luckily, i had new clothes since kayden called me and asked me if i wanted to go to "school" to talk about what happened the other night on stickam. i didn't know what he was talking about when he said "school" so i was pretty nervous. it was 4:23 on a monday afternoon and i started getting ready to go out with kayden.

    i got out of the bathroom from taking a leak when i heard my mom calling from downstairs. i ended up wearing a white drapey top with black polka dots and black shorts with black flats. i ran downstairs and i saw kayden sitting talking to the twins. the image of the first day justin arrived popped into my head. kayden smiled and he looked so different. he cut his hair and i can tell his clothes were new. he was wearing a black and white stussy shirt and a jacket with black shorts. he hugged me and we started heading out. my mom was so shame. she said we matched when we were heading into his car.

me: sorry about my mom.

kayden: nah, your mom's cool.

    the whole car ride was pretty quiet. we hardly said anything besides when he asked me if i ate lunch. i skipped lunch earlier since i was taking a nap. i was getting dizzy so i rested for a while. we started pulling up to waipahu high school's parking lot. i go to campbell high school and these two school's hate each other. i was getting more nervous when he parked the car.

me: kayden, i'm not gonna get mobbed right?

kayden: what makes you think you're gonna get mobbed?

me: idk. it's just weird how we're here.

    i held on tight onto kayden's arm. i didn't know why i was so scared of being over here. there are a lot of girls here that don't like me but it's not like they would be here during the summer. we headed to the football field and we walked through the middle of the field. the sprinklers went off and we started running to prevent from getting wet. we climbed up the bleachers and headed inside the announcer's box. i hesitated to go inside because i wasn't sure if there was an alarm or anything.

kayden: don't worry. my uncle has the key to this thing and he let me borrow it.

me: okay.

    he took my hand and unlocked the door. inside was the microphone for the announcer and all the equipment from games and stuff. on the table was a picnic basket. we sat down on the floor where there were two bean bag chairs. he opened the basket and pulled out two containers of chicken alfredo pasta from pizza hut.

kayden: i wasn't sure what you liked so i got what i always order. you can try it and if you don't like-

me: kayden, shut up. i get this all the time.

kayden: you know i missed you.

me: really?

kayden: yeah. it sucks because i always start our stupid fights and run coming back to you. i just get so jealous when it comes to you and justin.

me: kayden, you should know that me and justin are just friends.

kayden: i know. btw, are you okay?

me: yeah, i got over our fight.

kayden: i wasn't talking about that. did you see the newspaper today?

me: no.

    he takes out part of the newspaper and there's a picture of me with justin and cindy from yesterday. i took the paper and read what it had to say about us.

me: <i>yesterday of june 30 2007, justin delacruz-also known as shiny, the singer from reno-was seen at the ala moana shopping center food court with supposively mother of his children or girlfriend, mailyn, flirting right in front of her with another girl.</i>

kayden: she one of his new girlfriends?

me: psssh, not yet. you know she broke up with her boyfriend `cause she had a celeb crush on justin.

    kayden's eyes widen when i said that. was he the boyfriend?

kayden: what was the girl's name?

me: cindy.

kayden: ha! that fxckin` trick.

me: you were the boyfriend?

kayden: fxck that! no way. it was my best friend. three years you know. three years they've been together. even though she did so much to hurt him, he still loved her. she fxcked everyone! she even got a fxckin` std.

me: are you serious?

kayden: yeah. you gotta fxckin' warn justin.

me: don't get mad but....are you actually telling me the truth? or are you just trying to get me mad at justin?

kayden: you don't believe me?

me: i do, i'm just asking.

kayden: i'm not lying to you.

me: okay then.

kayden: you should know that i'm not buying that.

me: i do believe you. gosh, you don't gotta be such an ass.

    i went back to eating my pasta and he got up. he looked pissed and he headed outside. i chased him because i didn't want him to be mad. i opened the door and he was outside smiling so he grabbed me and hugged me and gave me a kiss. i started giggling since he was spinning me around. it felt so good and it felt like we just got married or something. he put me down and dragged me onto the field. he took my hand and bowed down so i curtsied him and we started dancing like royalty. we stopped dancing and we started skipping down the field hand in hand. i tripped and landed on my back. he start laughing and i crossed my arms and pouted as i sat up. he started laughing again and he tackled me. he landed on me and he smiled. he gave me another kiss and started smiling.

kayden: i love you.

me: uhh, i love you too?

* * * * * * * * * *

    kayden leaned in to give me another kiss but this time, it was on my cheek. we were in my driveway dropping me off from our fun day. i was with him for three hours. i opened the door and stepped out and he told me he loves me. i just smiled and closed the door. he drove off and i turned around and i noticed a bmw in the garage. it's probably justin. i walked inside and i saw justin sleeping on our couch. since he always made fun of me sleeping, i wanted to get him back. i looked at him and i noticed that his hands were in his pants. i giggled but with no sound and i grabbed my camera. i took a picture of him and i forgot the flash was on. he woke up but with my ninja skills, i managed to hide the camera from him.

justin: where were you?

    he sat up and stretched his arms and legs. he yawned and pulled me next to him.

me: i was with kayden. why are you here?
justin: i need help with cindy..

    i wasn't sure what he needed help for so i started joking around with him. i was pretty happy so everything was funny to me.

me: you wanna ask her out or you found about the truth?

justin: yeah, i wanna ask her out but what truth?

    i slapped him face making it looked friendly but i wanted to slap him more. he started laughing and took a deep breath.
me: nothing.

justin: i really like her.

me: are you serious? you only met her yesterday.

justin: i know but she's really special. i want you to help me to ask her out.

me: why? just straight up ask her out like always.

justin: like i said, she's special and i want to do something special.

me: justin, this is stupid.

justin: how is it stupid?

me: only two days ago you were depressed about rachel and talked about how you wanted to kill yourself because she was with someone else.

justin: it's not my fault that i'm trying to move on.

me: justin! stop! listen to me. you make like girls are like paper towels. you use them and when they get ugly, you throw them away and get another one.

justin: i don't even know why i came to you for help. i just knew your jealousy would come.

me: gosh, what happened to the old justin?

justin: i'm the same person.

me: what do you even know about cindy?

justin: she goes to kalani high school as a junior and her birthday is on november 14.

me: those are the basic stuff. what do you know about her life?

justin: we talked about her ex-boyfriend.

me: did you find out the truth about him?

justin: what are you talking about?

me: she's a fxckin` whorebag! she cheated on her ex. she fxcked every guy she saw. she even has a fxckin` std! that's the fxckin` truth.

justin: are you fxckin` serous? you gotta lie about her to prevent me from being from her? how do you even know all this?

me: i don't think that's a good idea.

justin: see. you can't back up what you're saying. i knew you always had quite the imagination.

me: if you wanna die from an std, go ahead then. i don't care anymore.

    i hit him with the pillow and i ran upstairs. i hate this. i don't even know why he comes to me with these types of problems. i got to my room and slammed the door. my phone started ringing and i had a feeling that it was justin to yell at me some more so i took it out of my pocket and prepared to throw it. once i heard the ringtone, i managed to stop it 1/16 of a second after it left my hand. i answered the phone and it was stacey.

stacey: where are you?

me: at home, why?

stacey: can you pick me up from work?

me: uhh, why?

    i didn't want to sound mean but it was kinda random. she always catches the bus by herself when it's my day-off.

stacey: i missed the bus.

me: what were you doing? the bus comes right on time.

stacey: i know but i was talking to steven on the phone and the bus just passed me.

me: wait for the next bus.

stacey: you know how long that'll take?

me: okay, i'm coming. i gotta tell you something anyways.


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