the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 78
Subtlety of life

Each day passes with a grimace

When I cannot express

How much my rhyme would increase

When I feel depress

The smallest things of life

That make you feel the pain

The saddest little moments

Walking in the rain

What a beautiful sound

The birds that soar the air

But all I ever think of

My weariness of care

Each day passes fast

But slow when things drag

Yet soon it will be over

No matter how you lag

Each day without a poem

Each day without a rhyme

Feels rather meaningless, empty

Lost somewhere in time

Everyday must I be inspired

To live another day longer

And when all of it runs dry

I could never grow stronger

I love to hear the rhyme

So let me listen once more

The rhythm of a sincere piece

Would make my spirit soar

So stop feeling so sad

Stop your crazy sorrow

Indulge in your stories

Search deeper in your burrow

Stop feeling paranoid

So sad over the smallest offense

But live and know they don’t exist

Merely your pretence

And when all of it is over

Sit down for reflection

Listen to the sounds you make

Your passionate affection

And when all of that dies down

And silence prevails again

Time to say a prayer

Before in darkness faint

That is how a day passes

For those who have a passion

A passion that inspires

The youngest generation

Feel and find all around

The flickering movements of dancers

As they flip and twirl in delight

Taking all their chances

I used to draw as they dance

The curvature of each movement

Only to produce a piece

Meaningless improvement

Nothing more than scribbles

But connected by a smooth curve

Look on with disregard

For whatever that I love

It’s a ballerina I’d say

That long yet broken line

They shake their head and cannot see

An inspiration so fine


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