the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 77
Unanswered Prayer

Unanswered Prayer

There I place my heart again

I come back feeling weary

How could I endure this pain

This burden I must carry

It places despair in my heart

And I just don’t know

When I would fall apart

When I would let go

I waited for this moment

Days and nights

Waited for an unanswered prayer

In the lights

I thought someday

I would receive

The endless joy

That I perceive

But know I learn

That prayers I prayed

Always had answers

When I was dismayed

God said no

To all those wrong

God said wait

He heard my song

And every poem I wrote

Each line I compose

A song in itself

The words predispose

I wanted to know why

Why were these prayers so long

I wanted to know why

Why were these prayers so wrong

Look at yourself child

What do you ask for

What you pursue now

Open your heart’s door

Look at yourself child

The reflection so grey now

Open your heart’s door

Come in and bow

I had always asked for my desire

Now I know what’s wrong

If it’s not abided by God’s will

He won’t answer my song

My heart yearns so much

There’s so many things

My mind so distracted

My melody it sings

How long more must I wait

I pray every night

But when do my words mean

To follow His light

Then it just stays the same

No one will hear again

Until I know I’m wrong

And all for selfish gain

When I sing a song

Through poetry

It lasts so very long

It sets me free

The words just flow

When I’m afraid

Afraid of fear

Afraid of dead

Death will come my way

I have seen my loved one go

But as I dreamt of him

And now so much I know

Yet somehow every single dream

Each desire I cherish so deep

Would come true in some way

And make my heart leap


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