i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 12
justin's album signing

it was sunday morning, and me and stacey were walking to pacsun for work. hopefully, mr. munoz didn't find out what happened between me and kathleen; i might get fired. i haven't seen kathleen since the fight and i just wanted to see her and how she would react now that we got into that fight. stacey wasn't too happy about what happened. she's still mad that she wasn't there to see it. she saw it on justin's camera and yelled at me for not being there.

stacey: i wanted to at least give a hair pull, a tap in her face, a scratch-something!

me: sorry but yeah. it's not like i could've stopped her, made her wait, pick you up from work, take you to kapolei and continued where we left off.

stacey: i know. shxt.

    we walked inside pacsun and all eyes shot on me. nate was the first one to talk to me. he always had something to say no matter what.

nate: you finally kicked her ass. congrats.

    nate was kinda chubby so he lifted me up and spun me around. i was laughing `cause i'm very ticklish and he was holding me by my ribs. he put me down and everyone else started congratulating me like i won for president or something. then mr. munoz came outside and everyone shuted up about me and kathleen.

mr. munoz: uhh, you guys. can you find the now hiring sign and put it in the front?

    we started getting worried. i've been working here for five months and i didn't want to get fired. i was so close to everyone here and i didn't want to leave. we all start looking at each other with worried faces. i clenched my fist and got ready for the bad news he was going to beat me down with.

mr. munoz: kathleen quit so we're looking for another member.

    i couldn't breathe. i was so happy and i thought it was funny because kathleen can't show her face to me anymore. mr. munoz left and everyone started jumping. <i>were they really that happy i wasn't leaving?</i>

* * * * * * * * *

me: what am i supposed to do the whole time?

justin: idk. sit and look pretty?

me: me? pretty? are you crazy?

justin: you're so weird. you complain and get pissed off when kathleen calls you ugly.

me: how long are you gonna take?

justin: just an hour.

me: what am i supposed to do sitting at a table for an hour?

justin: go sleep!

me: but so shame! your fans are gonna be there.

justin: yeah...plus, there's gonna be cameras.

me: are you serious? man, i don't even know why your dragging me with you.

justin: `cause i'm taking you shopping remember?

me: oh yeah.

    me and justin were in the limo on our way to ala moana. justin's new album has been out for three months and sam goody heard that justin was down here so they wanted justin to do a cd signing at their store. only an hour ago, i finished work and justin was waiting outside for me like a stalker. he wanted me and stacey to go with him but stacey had to go home since it was her brother's birthday. i didn't want to go since i was tired and i didn't wanna deal with justin's fans with yelling and screaming but he said he would take me shopping right after. we got out in front of sam goody and there was a long ass line leading down blocking shoppers to get in other stores. the chauffer opened the door and i heard the screaming and yelling. justin first stepped out and the volume went up. when i stepped out, the noise was dead silence.

justin: they're just hating on you `cause they saw that front page of the magazine.

me: i know.

    justin took my hand and guided me through the crowd as we tried getting inside. we got inside and found a table with a life size cut out of justin by it. there were security guards around. they ushered me and justin to the table. they opened the doors and everyone went crazy. i thought i was gonna die! i hated being with justin whenever it came to times like this.
    there was this little girl who was with her parents. her name was lisa and she was so adorable. she was about six years old and she could rap to justin's song "every time."

justin: wow, you're so good. maybe one day, we can do a song together.

lisa: that would be so cool!

    lisa took a picture with justin and she hugged him right after. justin gave her a peck on the cheek and she started screaming. her parents thanked him and she started crying to stay with justin. me and justin looked at each other with a worried face but we ended up laughing about it.

me: you got six year olds falling for you.

justin: that's how cool i am.

me: so cool that one day, you'll make it snow here in hawaii.

justin: that was so gay.

me: i know.

    only 20 minutes passed and i was started to get bored. i started looking at the line and saw if there was anyone i knew. i looked over to justin and he was talking to this french/vietnamese looking girl with short medium aburm straight hair talking to justin. justin was staring at her as she told him her name for his autograph. her name was cindy.

justin: cool. you're pretty btw.

cindy: thanks.

    i watched justin's face as he talked to her. i knew that face and i knew that he was thinking; he wanted her. i kicked justin's leg underneath the table and he looked at me and just smiled. i saw cindy make a face and she said bye and practically ran out of here.

justin: look what you did.

me: you're a dumbass, you know that right?

    i didn't wanna deal with justin's shxt about girls so i decided to leave. idk why i was getting mad. i just left and headed down the sidewalk to grab some ice cream. i passed by dairy queen and started craving for a blizzard. i ordered a mint cookie cream blizzard and sat on one of the massaging chairs. i stuck in a dollar for a three minute massage. it felt so good. eating ice cream while getting a massage made me feel like i was in heaven. <br>
    after the three minute massage, i headed down to jeans warehouse. i found a lot of clothes that i wanted but i knew i couldn't get it. i started heading outside and saw a bench so i sat down. i was finishing my ice cream when i felt someone sit beside me. then i felt a hug and i got so scared that i jumped.

justin: sorry.

me: what do you want?

justin: i'm sorry.

me: for what?

justin: whatever i did.

me: do you even know what you did?

justin: no.

    he quickly grabbed my hand and spun me around pulling me onto his lap. i moved to sit next to him but he held me to stay on his lap.

me: why are you even saying sorry if you don't know why i'm mad?

justin: why are you even mad at me?

me: idk.

justin: you don't even know why you're mad at me?

me: no.

justin: do you have your period?

    me and justin were so close that we could talk about that kind stuff. i didn't have my period but i thought about it and it was almost my time of month.

me: maybe.

justin: i'm sorry then.

    he hugged me and just wanted to melt. i loved his hugs. it was always so warm and made me jumpy inside. i hugged him back and he sneezed on me. i forgot that his nose was sensitive to my perfume.

justin: sorry.

me: how'd you know i was here anyways?

justin: i went to dairy queen first then haagen dazs `cause i know you go straight to ice cream but when i didn't find you there, i knew you would be looking at clothes since that calms you down.

me: cool. that's how much you know me.

justin: and i was right.

    i didn't want the rest of the ice cream so i started feeding justin while i was still on his lap. i can tell people were staring.

justin: this is good. what is it?

me: mint cookie cream.

    he took the ice cream as i got off and slide next to him. it didn't take that long for him to finish the ice cream. he loves ice cream more than i do. he got up and told me that we were going. i was too tired to move so he pulled me up. i started heading to the limo but since he was holding my hand, i stopped and turned around.

justin: didn't you want to go shopping?...but hey, if you wanna go then we can go.

    my eyes lite up and a smile jumped onto my face. i hugged him and kissed his cheek.

me: you would still take me shopping after our fight?

justin: yeah. as long as we're okay.

me: we're more than okay.

    we headed into jeans warehouse and it didn't take me long to find what i wanted. i put everything on hold and since they held stuff for only a day, i was gonna go again later that night with my mom. i went to the counter and gave them my name. they took out a box and started scanning it. the price came out to be $145.54. justin busted out his credit card and they did the whole process with it.

cashier: hi shiny. i'm just a huge fan. when i saw the magazine, i didn't like you two together but seeing you guys in person and watched you guys outside, you guys look so adorable.

justin: uhh, thanks?

    i took all my clothes and started laughing. they both looked at me like i was stupid and crazy. i get that a lot from justin but i just wanted to smack the cashier's face. we headed outside and i gave justin another hug.

justin: you usually get $300 worth of clothes.

me: i know. we have other stores to go to.

justin: okay.

me: you know i've never gave a meaning thank you to you before. i've said thanks before but yeah. i don't think that's enough. i mean, you do so much for me justin. how am i supposed to pay you back with all this?

justin: by being such a great friend. you've been with me almost everyday while i was here; you've got into that fight with kathleen for me; mailyn, you're my best friend. what else can i ask for?

    we headed upstairs to pacsun since i needed new shoes. we got inside and justin started joking around about kathleen.

justin: what if she transfered here?

me: idk.

justin: what would your reaction be when you see her? will you want to attack her again or just smile and be nice?

me: idk, depends what HER reaction will be.

    we head to the back and sitting on the display was the love of my life. i was looking through pacsun.com and i saw these pair of DC shoes that i wanted so badly but our store was still waiting for the arrival. it was supposed to be here any day this week. i ran to the shoes and i tried them on. justin watched me the whole time and just wanted to laugh. he always does that whenever he takes me shopping. he laughs when i find something that makes me want to run. one time, i called him while he was recording just to tell him about these nike dunks i found online and he ordered them for me.

justin: those look good on you.

me: haha, i know.

    the shoes were white with gold and white plaid for the DC print. i have a pair of every color except gold. after i got the shoes, me and justin headed for hat zone since he wanted a new hat. we were so much alike since he as every color besides gold. we got inside and there was a hat that was white and gold that said "fresh" and justin went for it. he ran as fast as he could but he accidentally bumped into someone. it was cindy from the cd signing earlier.

cindy: done with your signing?

justin: yeah.

cindy: that's cool. you have a lot of fans. hard to believe you came from here.

justin: i got around a lot but seems like i didn't meet you.

    i was just watching them two talk to each other. it was disgusting me. i just wants to leave and drag justin out. i knew justin forgot i was with him so i cleared my throat loud enough for them to hear me.

justin: sorry, this is mailyn.

me: hi.

cindy: your girlfriend?

me: actually, we're just friends?

cindy: really? that must be hard on the kids.

justin: actually, those are not our kids. they're mailyn's brother and sister.

cindy: really?

me: yeah.

cindy: i was heading out to eat, wanna join me?

justin: sure.

    i rolled my eyes as we head to the food court. i felt like a third wheel. i didn't want to ask justin if i can go home by myself since i didn't want to be mean to his chauffer so i just stayed with them. we headed for panda express and cindy got mandarin chicken while justin got his usual, orange chicken. we usually share or if he was really hungry, he would get us separate plates. he got only one plate but he didn't share with me. i just sat there looking stupid trying to reach for my usual chopsticks as he used the fork but there wasn't chopsticks. i just wanted to leave since i knew that they both didn't want me there but i felt like listening to their conversation.

cindy: i love mandarin chicken. i would die for it.

justin: me too but orange chicken is my first choice.

    <i>what a liar. he HATES mandarin chicken. he won't even eat anything that touched it.</i>
    they started feeding which i thought was so yuck! they just met and know people were staring. they were probably wondering why shiny's girlfriend is watching him flirt with another girl. i saw a flash in the corner of my eye and i can tell this was gonna be out soon.

cindy: you know i didn't think i would ever meet you.

justin: now you did.

cindy: my boyfriend laugh at me when i broke up with him.

justin: how come?

cindy: i broke up with him because i have a celeb crush on you.

justin: really?

cindy: i know yeah, so shame but i felt like i had to tell you.

justin: why'd your boyfriend laugh?

cindy: he was thinking the same thing i was thinking. he didn't think i would ever meet you.

justin: but look who's laughing now. you were both wrong.

cindy: i know.

    i just wanted to laugh so i tried keeping it in. i kept replaying what happened in my mind and i couldn't hold it in and i bursted out laughing. they both looked at me and ignored me like nothing happened. the thing that pissed me off the most was that cindy gave me the same face that kathleen would give me. my adrenaline started rushing but i stopped myself; i didn't want another article about me. i just wanted to leave. i'll just take the bus.

me: justin, i'm gonna go.

    justin just nodded and wave without even looking at me. i shook my head as i walked away. cindy started smiling since i knew she was happy i was gone. i just kicked someone's ass this week, do i need to kick another?


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