i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 9
the black and white party

kayden: you know that the black and white party is tonight right?

me: i kinda am feeling better and i would go......but i doubt that my parents will let me go.

    the next morning, kayden called me after breakfast. this was the first time i've spoken to him ever since we told each other about our feelings. being in a house with justin all mad at each other was so hard so i slept the whole day. i think justin wanted to talk because he would peak into my room but i acted like i was sleeping. i hate fighting with him but at the same time, i have a reason to be mad at him.
    my mom walked into the room checking up on me and giving me the last of the soup justin gave me yesterday. he made me a whole bucket of it. i guess i'll ask her about the party while she watches me eat.

me: mom, can i go out tonight?

mom: why? you're still sick.

me: my friend is asking if i can go to a party.

mom: i said no.

me: but mom, i asked you the other day and you said i can go.

mom: yeah. that's because you weren't sick.

me: okay fine.

    i take a sip out of the soup and start talking to kayden. i told him i couldn't go. my mom headed out of the room but bumped into my dad on her way out. i knew my dad would let me go out tonight. this was the perfect chance. i called my dad in.

dad: yes?

me: can i go out tonight?

dad: where?

me: to the black and white party i asked mom if i can go to the other day.

dad: sure.

    with my mom being such a concerned mom, she came in and started wagging her finger at me and my dad.

mom: you should know she's sick. you can't let her out.

    my dad felt my forehead to check it if it was still hot. he nodded with a smile. bingo!

dad: she doesn't seem sick to me. her fever went away.

me: all thanks to the soup and your's and mom's love.

    i looked at my mom with a smile. she glared at me then at my dad. she shook her head and put her hands on her hips.

mom: fine, you can go BUT....don't be out too late. be home by midnight. if you get sick, i'm not taking care of you.

me: thanks mom.

    they leave the room with a big smile on my face. i started eating my soup as i heard voices. i started looking around. no one was around. of course no one was around. my parents just left the my room, byran went to the airport since his friend was leaving. the only people that walks right in the house is justin but we're not talking to each other; stacey but she's at work; zaileen but she's busy with her crush; and maria who is at school. i called for my parents to come back. in no time, my parents were at my door.

mom: what's wrong?

me: i hear voices.

mom: see, i told you that you shouldn't go out tonight.

    my mom started walking towards me. she feels my forehead to double check my fever. i rolled my eyes and they land on my phone. i forgot i was talking to kayden.

me: sorry.

kayden: i've been yelling your name for the past three minutes. i thought you died on the line.

me: oh, never mind mom. it was just my phone.

dad: she's fine. let's go

    they head out of the room and i finished my soup. after i brought the dishes downstairs, i crawled back into my bed and went back talking to kayden and he started singing.

kayden: you've been becoming a dream to me, fairytale fantasy. nothing can ever compare your image to my memory. girl i'm about to get you to be my queen. a vision on a magazine. something something something. i'm looking for the one with the glass slipper. maybe girl you can be my cinderella.

* * * * * * * * * *

    i was wearing a black and white plaid jumper with black leggings. my mom didn't like what i was wearing because she said "it was exposed to germs" so she told me to bring a jacket. as i finished brushing my teeth, i heard a knock at the door. it HAS to be kayden. unlike justin, kayden actually goes up to the front door. i went downstairs and i saw kayden sitting on the couch talking to my parents. kayden was weaing a white famous star shirt with a black "F" and also a famous star jacket.

kayden: hi lyn.

me: hi.

mom: don't forget, midnight okay?

kayden: don't worry. i got work at one anyways.

    we step outside and i see his honda civic on the driveway. i walked toward the passenger side when he started opening his driver's side door.

me: aren't you supposed to open the passenger's side door for the girl first?

kayden: that's what i'm doing. you wanna drive?

    a smile lite up on my face. i was gonna run and literally jump into the driver's seat. he opens the passenger side door and get in while i start the car. but as i started the car, i heard a woman's voice talking to me. <i>cool, his car is voice activated.</i>

me: [to the car] turn on.

    kayden starts cracking up as he was slapping his leg.

me: what's so funny?

kayden: why are you talking to my car?

me: i thought it was voice activated so yeah. i told it to turn on.

kayden: stupid, that's the radio.

    kayden turns off the radio still laughing. i started shaking my head as i started getting second thoughts about going. i looked at him and he starts staring at me. i think he read minds.

kayden: okay, i'm sorry. it was hilarious though.
    i tried to start the engine but it didn't work. i looked at kayden with a worried face thinking i broke it.

kayden: don't forget the clutch.

me: what? it's standard? idk how to drive standard. you drive.

    we trade seats and headed off to the o-lounge. after 45 minutes of nonstop talking, we finally get there where the party was. p. diddy was hosting the black and white party and all ages were welcome. since it was p.diddy, he always has to have the hottest celebs performing but no one knew who. p.diddy got onto stage and everyone went crazy.

p.diddy: aight, aight. how's it hawaii?

    the crowd goes wild. me and kayden just look at each other and start laughing. the first celeb was bow wow. he start singing "girlfriend" and omarion came out and joined him. they were on stage for a while as me and kayden started dancing and getting drinks since there were choke ass people at the party. i even found stacey, zaileen and her crush, chris.

zaileen: i didn't think you would come.

me: i know. i had to beg my mom.

stacey: can i hang out with you? i feel like a third wheel with zaileen and chris.

me: what makes you think it will be any different with my and kayden?

stacey: i know kayden; idk chris.

    i nodded my head yes. stacey turned around to tell zaileen that she'll be with us but she was gone with chris.

stacey: what a bxtch!

me: you have us.

    we head to a table since it was getting hot and we wanted to sit down from all the dancing. after drinking six cans of soda, i had to pee big time. it felt like my bladder was about to explode. when i was done and about to walk out, stacey stopped me.

stacey: do you like kayden?

me: [gasp] oh yeah. i didn't tell you what happened the other day.

stacey: he asked you out?

me: close enough. i told him that i like him and he likes me too.

stacey: ooooooooooh.
    we head back outside and sat by kayden. they started playing "everytime" by justin.

me: why'd they have to play justin's songs?

kayden: that's because he's on stage performing.

    kayden points onto stage. my eyes follow and i see justin with the microphone. on stage with him is an asian looking girl with red hair up to her ass fxckin` freaking with justin up on stage where half of the state is watching! i can't believe justin was with another girl like that. he might as well be the next hugh hefner. kayden knew that i was pretty uncomfortable.

kayden: you wanna leave?

me: no. it's okay. i can't run from justin forever.

    as i watched justin and heather freaking on stage, my anger started rising. finally, justin was done for the time period so he went to the back but as he walked off stage, he saw me in the corner of his eyes that he had to do a double take to make sure it was me. when he did, i eyed-out his girlfriend but with my fakest smile.
    we got some pizza and ate for a while. us three were laughing our asses off about my blonde moments since kayden told stacey what happened at my house. i was having fun and forgot about justin but ruined it when he and heather came by our table. justin went to stacey first and hugged her. she felt kinda awkward hugging justin in front of all of us. then justin shook kayden's hand. when it came to me, he smiled and sat by stacey and heather sat by me which was by me also.

justin: i didn't know you guys were gonna come.

kayden: it was kinda last minute.

justin: mailyn, i thought you were sick.

me: well i'm not anymore.

    kayden noticed that heather felt uncomfortable so he was the first to talk to her.

kayden: hi, i'm kayden. are you heather?

heather: yeah. hi.

    stacey also said hi to heather. i didn't want to but stacey gave me her face and i started acting nice so i said hi.

heather: so you're justin's best friend that he always talks about on tv and stuff?

    i just smiled and nodded my head slowing seeing justin in the corner of my eye. after i nodded, heather just stared at me and rolled her eyes like i was blind.

kayden: so how'd you guys meet?

justin: actually, i forgot.

    justin scratched his head with "fake" confusion. i can tell he was acting. he's such a bad actor. heather started laughing and grabbed his arm and hugged it.

heather: it was two nights ago. it was at the carnival and i accidently bumped into him.

    i just wanted to hit justin's face with a bat and rip heather's fake looking hair off. i can see stacey jaw dropped and her eyes widen. i look at justin and his head was down. he knows i would get pissed. he should've saved himself and heather by shutting her up but she kept going on how they met. i had my drink on the table and it was right by my hand. i wanted to "spill" it and ruin her outfit but p.diddy called for justin so they left. when they got on stage, the audience were asking justin about heather.

person #1: shiny! is that your girlfriend?

justin: yeah.

person #2: show us a kiss.

    justin looked at me from stage and leaned in for a kiss with heather. i couldn't take it. i grabbed kayden and went in for a kiss. it took a while since kayden was a pretty good kisser. we kept going on until stacey told us to stop since people were staring. i looked on stage and justin and heather were gone. i saw that kayden noticed so he pulled me outside to talk about it.

kayden: you don't like me. you're just using me to make justin jealous.

me: no i'm not.

kayden: yes you are. i can tell. tell me now so i won't waste my time on you. tell me you have feelings for justin and i'll leave so you can be with him.

me: i can't.

kayden: you can't because it's true and you don't want me to get pissed off.

me: i can't because it's NOT true. kayden, i just told you. i don't have feelings for justin; i told you the other day that i like you.

kayden: okay then. with that, will you be my girlfriend?

    my heart exploded. i didn't know  what to do. i sat down and started breathing heavily. i looked into kayden's eyes and i can tell he was getting hurt `cause i didn't give him an answer yet. without thinking, i ran off crying back into the party. behind me, kayden started yelling for me.

kayden: i knew it!

me: i'm sorry.

kayden: for what? not giving me an answer or having feelings for justin?

me: idk.


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