i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 8
problems between with me and justin beginning

i turned on the radio as i started brushing my teeth. it was 9 pm and i was tired from the beach earlier today. plus, i had to wake up early in the morning to help with my parents at work. my relatives have this restaurant at pearlridge which they cater. we had to cook food for a funeral tomorrow. they were short with cooks since it's summer and people are moving away or busy with graduations so i volunteered to help.
    i spit out the toothpaste and started to gargle my mouth with water as i listened to the radio.
    <i>i know she's got it `cause she looking at me likes she want it. she drop it low, maybe wanna throw some d's on it.</i> i've been hearing that song every time i turn on the radio or tv so i switched to a different station. <i>lately, i've been thinking about you going crazy. can't go on without you in my life. it's true, what you wanna do? you can be my boyfriend and i can be your girlfriend....ope, this is sam da man and that was boyfriend girlfriend by c-side.</i> i was on 102.7 da bomb listening to the dj, sam da man.

sam da man: we got a special surprise for all you young teenage girls out there. this is his first time on our station...give it up for shiny!

    i choked on the water when i heard that name. i forgot he was gonna be on the radio today. he reminded me when they dropped me off but it slipped from my mind.

justin: sawp hawaii.

sam: how does it feel being probably the youngest famous singer right now?

justin: it feels good. i just hope i inspired younger guys to do the same.

    i took my radio into my room and set it by my bed as i crawled onto it. i closed my eyes as i listened to justin on the radio.

sam: that's cool, that's cool. how does it feel being back home?

justin: it feels so good. finally seeing and spending time with my friends. it's all fun.

sam: so, we noticed that you always make a special shout out to a "mailyn." she your chick?

justin: actually, no. she's just one of my best friends. before i left hawaii, she made me promise to give her a shout out every time i'm on tv and on the radio and in cds.

    despite what happened today with me and justin, i'm glad we made up before he went on the radio. he's been keeping his promise since day one.

sam: but is there something special going on with you guys?

justin: haha, no. she's just a friend.

sam: you hear that girls? shiny is single for you ladies.

justin: whoa whoa whoa. actually, i got a chick.

    i slapped my face as i opened my eyes making sure i wasn't dreaming. i looked at the radio beside me and i listened to it.

sam: ope, never mind ladies. justin's NOT single. so tell us who the lucky lady is.

justin: her name is heather.
    i didn't want to hear anymore. i shut off the radio and threw it onto my floor. good thing it's carpet or else my mom would kill me for breaking the $74 radio. i was getting tired of justin and these girls already. i swear, where does he find them?

* * * * * * * * * *

    <i>hold up, wait. look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane-no it's me `cause i'm fly!</i> i looked at my phone and it's ringing. i check the time and it's four in the morning. who would be calling me at this time? i answer the call with a hoarse voice.

me: hello?

kayden: mailyn, it's me.

me: kayden?

kayden: yeah. sorry for calling you this late.......or early or whatever.

me: okay.

kayden: wait, are you sick or something?

me: kayden, why are you calling me?

kayden: oh okay. i just wanted to ask you something. it's been bothering me for the past week.

me: okay?

kayden:do you like me?

me: that's the reason why you're calling me?

kayden: yeah.

me: can we talk about this tomorrow?

kayden: just answer me now. it's a simple yes or no.

    my heart started pounding. i started getting dizzy. i couldn't breathe. was he really asking me this? i didn't know what to say.

me: i don't know.

kayden: yes or no?

me: i don't know.

kayden: can you give me a yes or no?

    i wanted to say yes because i did but no because we've only known each other for 3 weeks. i didn't want to answer his question but an answer slipped out.

me: uhhh, yeeeeeeeeah.

kayden: a lot?

me: no. a little.

kayden: okay. why do you like me?

me: i don't know.

kayden: you can't just like someone without a reason.

me: i just do okay!

kayden: haha okay.

me: why? do YOU like ME?

kayden: i don't know.

me: fine then.

kayden: [5 minutes later out of no where] i like you too.

* * * * * * * * * *

    i woke up to knocking on the front door. i was too lazy to go downstairs but when the knocking went out for about six minutes, i went downstairs to answer it. i opened the door and it's justin with a bag of groceries. he walked inside and took out some soup and put it in the microwave. i looked at him the with the stupidest face ever. justin put his hand on my forehead.

justin: ooooh, you are hot.

me: what are you talking about?

justin: your mom called me this morning and told me to watch you.

me: why? i don't need a babysitter.

justin: well you're sick and you need someone to take of you.

    i felt my forehead and it WAS hot. when justin took out the soup from the micorwave, i looked at the time. it was 11. justin set the soup in front of me and got me a glass of orange juice.

justin: that's the chicken noodle soup i used to eat when i was sick.

    once i heard those words, i dove my soup inside. whenever justin was sick, i would always go over to his house just to eat some of the soup. it was the best soup ever. i stuck the spoon in my mouth and it bursted out with flavor! it was like an orgy in my mouth since it was so good.

justin: it sucks that you're sick. i know how much you love going to the kitchen to help.

me: yeah but if i'm sick, i'm sick. i don't wanna risk getting other sick.

justin: yeah.

me: how come my mom didn't wake me up?

justin: like i said, you sleep like a rock.

me: oh.

    he sat in front of me as he watched me eat the soup. i looked at him and he gave me a big fake creepy smile. i just gave him the "weirdo" face.

justin: soooo........

me: what?

justin: did you hear me on the radio last night?

me: mmmhmm.

justin: soooooo?......

me: what?

justin: you got nothing to say about that?

me: what else am i suppose to say? you want me to cheer that you found ANOTHER girlfriend?

justin: no but at least be happy about it.

me: why would i be happy that you found a girlfriend?

justin: mailyn, pleeeeeeease do NOT tell me you're jealous?

me: jealous? omg, why does everyone think i'm jealous?

justin: you used to like me.

    i just shook my head in disappointment. i can't believe he's gonna bring that up again. thanks a lot justin.

me: well i have nothing to be jealous about since i like kayden and he likes me.

    i looked straight into his eyes and smiled. his mouth dropped as i got up finishing my soup. i put the bowl away and left the kitchen with his mouth still dropped.

<font face=arial>read the results. --->

<font face=arial>i know it was short-sorry. it's just a filter because i've been getting writer's block and i decided to take a break. i just wanted to tell you guys `cause i don't want you guys checking if there's an update every single day so yeah. idk how long the break will take but i predict about 3-5 weeks. sorry so long. it's break and nothing's going on that i can write about.

btw, those who were reading "forbidden love....because he's my cousin!" i'm sorry about the ending. i'll probably finish that before i continue "i'm too scared to be with you."


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