i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 7
day at the beach

<i>i was up in california with justin for vacation. his record company was throwing him a party because his new album went platinum in just two days! it felt kinda weird being up here staying in justin's mansion. i wasn't used to having a room that's big as my whole house! as i was getting ready, justin hired professional hair stylers and make up people for me. it was that day that you'll have a taste of the good life. it was so cool having a best friend that's super famous-justin got me a dress from paris which was custom made. it was a red silk dress with the hem up to my knees. it was strapless and had a ribbon going around it. it was so cool that he designed it himself. he had great taste in girl's dresses. when i was done, i looked into the mirror for the first time since they fixed me up and i looked amazing! i couldn't get over the fact that i looked so damn good. sadly justin had to ruin it.

justin: stop staring at yourself. you should be staring at me.

    i turned my head and see justin hot as hell. he had a black and white tux that he probably also got from paris. i should start staing at him.

justin: okay, you don't gotta drool now.

    there was a ring at the door and his bulter, philipe walked into the room.

philipe: master justin, your limo awaits you.

    we head outside and we find a stretched hummer limo waiting outside. we jump in and find jeremy and steven. jeremy had a black and white tux and steven had a black and blue tux.
    we get to fifty-fifty and there was a ton of people. i didn't think that much people would come for just one person. we head inside and there was a lot of people already inside. how were the others going to fit? everyone starts greeting justin and congratulating him. it was so cool since i got to meet a lot of celebrities like chris brown, b5 and j holiday. i even got to meet soulja boy but it was kinda funny how he acted around justin.

soulja boy: shiny my man. you got skills. aight, congrats to you. keep it up dawg.

    they shake hands and do that thing where they elbow each others chest or whatever. when soulja boy started walking away, i noticed he wasn't wearing his shades so i started watching him. he started talking to t pain and i couldn't help but to ease drop. they were talking pretty loud though.

soulja boy: we gotta come up with something to beat this 16 year old newbie.

    i couldn't help but laugh. it was pretty funny. i never really thought singers would get competitive with each other. justin noticed i was laughing but didn't know what i was laughing at so he looked at me like i was stupid. justin took me to a table in the front with his and my name on it. justin's producers started to make a toast and we began eating. after dinner, the dj started playing music. it was a slow song. i looked at him and he was just watching.

justin: c'mon, let's dance.

me: no.

justin: why not?

me: i don't wanna.

justin: please?

me: why?

justin: i feel like dancing. pleeeeeeease?

me: no.

justin: fine then.

me: fine.

justin: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

me: okay, fine.

    we get up and we end onto the dance floor.

me: you're retarded.

justin: shut up. you too.

    i just smiled and shook my head. typical justin. he's so weird.

justin: thanks for coming.

me: thanks for bringing me.

justin: who else would i take? kathleen?

me: yuck.

    during the whole time, me and justin kept criticizing the couples dancing. some looked weird together and we couldn't help but laugh. the slow songs started to finish and he pulled in closer. i put my head on his shoulders. i felt his face move and i can tell he was smiling. i feel his face moving and then i felt heat on my ear. he whispered into my ear.

justin: i like you. thanks for making this an unforgettable night.

me: okay and you're welcome.

    when the song finishes, i start running off the stage. i forgot i was wearing heels so i tripped on it and fell.</i>
    i twitched and my eyes shot open. <i>i was just a dream; thank god.</i> i rub my eyes to fix my eyes revealing stacey, justin, maria, and jeremy in my face. at first, i thought it was another dream until they all started jumping on my king size bed. i was confused of what was going on. i looked at my clock and it showed what it was still six in the morning! why the fxck are my friends here?

stacey: sorry for scaring you. your mom let us in.

justin: yeah, we're going to the beach. wanna go?

me: ALL you guys came over just to ask me if i wanna go to the beach?

jeremy: each of us called you like ten times but you didn't answer.

    i found my cell phone under my pillow. 53 calls? do they love me that much?

justin: you sleep like a fxckin` rock but you wake up in the weirdest ways.

stacey: just shut up already. lyn, are you coming or not?

    i looked at them like they were stupid. going to the beach at six in the morning? hawh, how can they even get up this early? especially when we just went to the carnival last night? <i>wow, great. the carnival. thanks a lot justin for ruining my day. what the hell-i'll go. what's the worst that could happen besides justin bringing those girls from last night. now the bathing suits would come in handy.</i>

me: sure, why not?

justin: shoots.

stacey: hurry up `cause we're leaving in 30 minutes. we're not gonna wait for you if you take long; we'll just leave you.

    i start getting up and they all headed for the door. i walked over to my closet but something poked my side. i spun around and see justin in my face.

justin: are you mad?

me: justin, wtf? you fxckin` scared me.

justin: sorry but are you mad?

    <i>i'm gonna test him. let's see how much he fxckin` knows me.</i>

me: why would i be mad?

justin: idk, my mailyn anger senses were tingling.

me: but tell me justin, why do you think i'm mad?

justin: idk. the whole thing with me ditching you last night.

    <i>eeeeeh! you lose justin delacruz. you get an F--- for the friendship test.</i>

me: i'm not mad because of that.

justin: are you sure?

me: yeah.

justin: sure?

me: yes!

justin: for sure for sure for sure?

me: no justin! i'm fxckin` pissed at you!

justin: why?

me: what you mean why? you should know why! justin, you're fxckin` acting like a bxtch you know that right? you ditch your friends to talk to shanky hoes at the carnival. they probably got in for just wearing those bathing suits!

justin: well sorry for making you jealous?

me: jealous? you think i'm jealous? why would i be?

    i just couldn't take it anymore. i pushed justin out of my room and ran into the bathroom crying. i didn't want to go anymore but i didn't want a stupid fight between me and justin to ruin people's day. <i>hawh, i'll just go already. i don't care anymore.</i>

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

we got to ala moana beach park and the whole ride here sucked big time. since i took long and i guess justin was in the downstairs bathroom hiding that he was pissed off, we had to sit next to each other. the whole car was dead silent and i hated it. that's why i hate having fights with justin. it ruins the whole day for everyone. we started unloading everything so i decided to set up the tent since it was already out. i had a pretty hard time standing it up since i'm kinda short. i'm the shortest out of all my friends but by only half an inch. i started to stand up the tent but i couldn't reach. i started jumping which didn't work and made me look stupid. then a blow of wind came and the tent was up all the way.

me: cool. it stood up by itself.

    behind me, i hear giggling so i turn around and it's justin. he just smiled at me and i ignored it. i don't even know why he was laughing. <i>what a bxtch.</i>

jeremy: [coming from behind] thanks lyn and justin.

    i look at jeremy with the stupidest face ever and i can tell it was hilarious because i could feel it. jeremy starts bursting out laughing but i start pouting. he looked at me and he can tell i was confused.

jeremy: you and justin setting up the tent.

    <i>oh.</i> i guess justin helped when that gust of wind blew. now i feel so stupid.
    when all the stuff were unloaded, jeremy and jusin started setting up the mini grill. it was kinda funny since they both didn't know what they were doing. the fire would start but die out in a minute. i couldn't help but laugh and shake my head. i guess justin noticed me.

justin: you wanna do it?

    i just smiled and sat on the opposite side of the grill from where justin was sitting down and see what they were doing wrong. i knew what it was. i grabbed old newspaper from the car and set it in the grill. i took the lighting fluid and drizzled it on top of it. i took jeremy's lighter and lite it. the flames of fire bursts out and died down a bit. they both started laughing but i just smiled back and signaled them to look onto the grill. there was still fire on it. i walked away as i helped steven with the table.

steven: what's up with you and justin?

me:  nothing.

steven: it didn't seem like nothing this morning. we heard you guys yelling. no one just didn't want to ask `cause it seemed rude but i'm curious.

me: it's nothing. i'm just mad of what happened last night. that's all.

steven: oh, those girls. [shakes head] don't tell me you're jealous.

me: i'm not jealous. i'm just pissed at him for ditching us and lying to us.

steven: well, okay. but it's justin. you know how he gets when it comes to girls.

me: yeah but i'm NOT jealous. idk why all you guys gotta think that.

    i look over at jeremy and justin who started barbequing the chicken already. they were kinda still tripping out over that fact that i started up the grill. with justin's periferal[sp?] vision, he knew i was staring him so he smiled.
    after a few minutes, the chicken was done. they set it with the rest of the food. they had rice. jeremy actually brought his rice cooker with him: so filipino. stacey brought pineapples, i brought spam musubi, maria brought chips, justin brought steak and steven brought the chicken. we dug in and it didn't take long for the food to go away. we were all hungry. after eating, we were letting it digest before we got into the water so we were just around the table while justin was getting us drinks. justin came back with cans of green. [if you don't know what that is then you're sad and young.] i started to shake my head in disappointment. next thing you know, i had ice going down my back. i turn around and it's justin cracking up. i just wanted to slap his face so badly that it bleeds.

justin: what? i know it tickles.

    <i>yeah it did. he knows me well.....until he didn't pass the test this morning. whatever.</i> he started laughing which pissed me off. he made like nothing was wrong. he acted like everything was fine. i hated when he did that. especially when he would bring up the past. everyone could tell that i was getting pissed. i was ready to smack him. good thing steven saved justin's life.

steven: let's go in!

    steven gets up and pulls me out from my seat. he carries me and takes me into the water. at first i was getting more pissed off but when steven started splashing the water in my face, it calmed me down. i was laughing and smiling. everyone else joined in and started swimming. steven brought in the bed thing and he laid it out for me. he helped me on it and i just laid on it for a while.

me: make sure i don't float away.

steven: don't worry. i won't let you get away.

    i closed my eyes as i started to relax. i almost fell asleep because i didn't get enough sleep. i was too pissed off the night before and couldn't go to sleep. after so many tries, i went to sleep around three o`clock but only had a three hour sleep since the beach. everything was so relaxed when i found myself flying in the air and landed in the water. i see justin under me tickling my leg so i start laughing. he jumps on me and starts pulling me underwater. when he got, we both started laughing but i stopped when i remembered that i was mad at him so i head over back to the rest but justin pulls me by the waist.

justin: please don't tell me you're still mad.

me: i'm not. you should know by now already.

    i push his hands away making him let go of my waist and just run out of the water and headed for the bathroom. i just decided to change already so i stay by our stuff.
    after a long 20 minutes, i head out and everyone else was still in the water. i watch them as they had a chicken fight. stacey was on justin's back and maria was on jeremy's. steven was the ref. it was hilarious because stacey was making fat comments about herself.

stacey: i no like play. i bet justin cannot even carry me.

justin: stacey, wtf! stop that already. you're NOT fat so stop saying that.

    i couldn't help but crack up. steven heard me so he pulled me into the sand to join them.

me: i don't want to get all dirty.

    he grabs his towel from his backpack and lays it on the sand. he sat on it and patted the spot next to him so i sat down next to him.

steven: btw, you look nice.

    i was wearing a gray top with white stars on it with white shorts. my hair was still wet which was down and messy since i didn't brush it yet.

me: thanks.

    everyone else was in the hour before they decided to go and change. usually, the girls would finish last making the guys wait but as i waited and saw that the girls were done already, i had a feeling that something was wrong.

me: you guys were fast.

stacey: yeah, we didn't wait for a stall to be open. we just changed outside.

    we waited for another ten minutes but steven and justin were the only one's coming back. they got to our spot laughing.

steven: jeremy's fxckin` dumb bra. he forgot extra boxers.

maria: so?

justin: what you mean so?

steven: it looks like he fxckin` peed in his pants!

me: you guys just left him there?

    they started cracking up even more. they even collasped on each other and almost started crying. i started giggling too. i admit-it was kinda funny.

maria: you guys so dickhead.

justin: i know but he told us to buy him some underwear from across the street.

    me and stacey decided to go and buy jeremy some underwear. across the street of ala moana beach park is ala moana shopping center so yeah. it was about a 20 minute walk. we already walked the first 10 minutes but behind us, he hear someone yelling our names. we turn around and we see justin running to catch up with us. great.

justin: i'll go with you guys.

    stacey looked at my face to see my reaction. it wasn't a good one. i didn't want him with us but i just let him. i know stacey hates saying no to him.

stacey: okay.

    i ignored justin as i kept stacey to myself. everytime justin would try and get into the conversation, i would just air him out. when we got inside the shopping center, justin wanted to buy jeremy's boxers from sears but i wanted to get the cheap ones and get it from longs. stacey didn't know whose side to choose so i pulled her with me into longs so justin just followed. we went around the whole stores but they ran out of boxers. justin started laughing.

justin: i told you we should've went sears.

    we head over to sears. he hurries up by the boxers and grabbed randomly and took it. me and stacey head over to the juniors section to look at clothes. she looked at the pants when i looked at the tops. i found this very sexy top but something went over my head and felt a hug from behind me. i took off what was on my head and it was the boxers justin got and saw that justin was holding onto me.

justin: i'm sorry.

me: sorry for what?

justin: ditching you guys last night. i know you guys saw me with those girls.

me: okay.

    i walked away so he can let go of me but he held on tight. he spun me around and looked straight into my eyes. idk why but i just wanted to cry but i held it in.

me: you know what i hate?

justin: what?

me: when we're fighting but you make like everything's okay between us. it's like we just forget about it and move on without talking about it.

justin: i only do that to prove to you that i'm not mad anymore and to calm you down.
    i didn't know what to say. i just looked up at him and smiled. he hugged me tighter and i just rested my head on his shoulder. he leaned in and started blowing into my ear which was my weak spot. i started giggling.

justin: so we're okay? please say yes.

me: okay. i'm sorry i got mad for such a stupid reason.

justin: c`mon. let's give these boxers to jeremy and go home. i'm fxckin` tired and i gotta go to the radio station tonight.

    he grabbed my hand and held it as he head into line. while waiting in line, he held me in his arms and kissed my cheek. i just wanted to melt and say in his arms forever but that was impossible. looks at the girls staring at us right now. they're ruining the moment.


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